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Hospital Day Part II (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.

Dear Daddy –

Yours of Apr 28-29 & 30 came today – That brings letters pretty well to date – Yesterday I went to Laf. and was crowded for time when I got back so dashed off a v-mail – but will try today to go into detail about events. Hospital day ceremony was to begin at 12 o’clock. We left here, (John Arlene & I) about 10 a.m. when we got as far as Dr. Cole’s home we stopped – I wanted to see if Mrs. Cole was going – and if so go with her – also I called Dr. Ade from there to get an appointment for John – the day before I called his office and the girl said she couldn’t give us an appointment for an eye exam until May 21 – but when I talked to Dr. Ade he said to bring him right in so we hurried over to town and went directly up to Ade’s office. He was busy but

[page 2] gave John the once over – He said he couldn’t possibly do a refraction on him but looked at his nose & throat and sprayed –(if you could call it that) – his nose & throat, but frankly he didn’t get too close – and I need not explain why – I said to Dr. Ade “There is at least one in every family “ – so he prescribed sufadiazine treatment to clear up any possible infection. We have an appointment for a refraction next week. John hasn’t been doing any reading the least three days and hasn’t had headaches. He didn’t have to go to school after Mon. because he was exempted from all examd. John doesn’t seem to have any cold and feels fine, but Dr. Ade said his throat was red. He is taking sulfa today and going to take it tomorrow.

As soon as Dr. Ade finished with us I dashed out to St. E. – There ceremony was in progress but I located Mrs. Ash and sat by her & Mrs. Rommel. After the ceremony I saw Mrs. Cole then Dr. Cole

[page 3] joined us and we went into the college auditorium for a lunch that was prepared for invited guests. I met several doctors, but can’t remember their names, met Mrs. McKinney – her husband is across but can’t remember just where. Dr. Rommel is in Calif. Mrs. Ash seemed worried when I told her you had been sent away from New Caledonia. I think she is afraid Dr. A. may be sent on too. Dr. Holliday spoke at the ceremony – The comments you wrote about him seem to be the general opinion around Lafayette. Mrs. Peyton also spoke. Dr. P. is in N. Africa and was with Gen. McNair when he was wounded. They gave a list of all the Doctors from St. E. in service and their locations but I can’t remember all of them. Mrs. Ash said Dr. Loop is back in Laf. on leave. She wanted to know if I had seen him – of course I hadn’t – didn’t know he was back. After the luncheon Mrs. Rommel & I went back to town. I had some shopping

[page 4] to do and meet John & Arlene. It has been raining so much but it was such a grand day yesterday – just made to order for the ceremony to be held on the campus, but about 4:30 it began clouding up and today the sun isn’t shining and it has sprinkled some.

I took David down for his second shot this morning. He didn’t take it as good as the first one but didn’t cry long. Dr. Matthews got such an electric shock yesterday it knocked him out. He touched something when he had his head band on and out he went. D. had to work with him to bring him around. He said this morning he was just beginning to limber up.

We haven’t been keeping a scrap book, due to the fact I have had so much to do I hardly see the paper some days, but decided we had better – so I saved back over a week’s supply of newspapers & John went through

[page 5] them today for items and pictures. Any items or pictures about activities in the South West Pacific of course are our chief concern and in May 8th paper was a picture showing supplies being landed on Russel Island. Another picture of three soldiers at a Pacific base and their gun “Dorothy.” I should show that picture to D. K. There are several other pictures but from other areas. I found a picture the other day of some men on Guadacanal having some fresh fish they had caught – They were frying it camp style – over an open fire. I will try now to clip any pictures out about the S. W. Pacific and might find one some time you can identify. I keep watching pictures hoping to see you in one sometime. Valley Wright declares she saw you in a news reel. Said she stayed thru two shows to be sure it was you. Do you remember a movie camera being around any time when you were working? Said news reel was seen in Hammond. Valley is

[page 6] in Kentland now, working at the factory – living with Wrights. Gob is in the Army.

David is cross this afternoon but I think it is due to his shot this a.m. Mark has to go to the library so is going to mail this. John has been baking – made a white cake – Mark was helping him but quit & went outside – when Mark came back in I asked him why he left – he said, “all I got to do was sift flour.” I told them if they wanted to bake to go ahead but I wasn’t going to help any – I didn’t do much but help clear up the mess a little. John got his prize last night at commencement for the essay he wrote (1.50) – I didn’t go – I was too tired and didn’t want to leave the baby after being away most of the day. I have about run out of things to write about and feel like I have had a go session so better quit and rest a while. I am knitting a suit for D. and want to get a few stitches put on it. You mentioned sardines & shrimp – There is another box on its way to you with several cans of sardines & crackers.

Love – Mother –


[Editor’s Note: This is an undated clipping so it may or may not be referring to the actual events in May 1943.]

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Hospital Day (Gladys)

1943-05-12Letter transcription:



Dear Daddy – Two letters came this a.m. Posted Apr. 18 & 19. Took John to see Dr. Ade then went out to  St. E. to Hospital day ceremony. Dr. Holliday was there and gave a talk – Mrs. Ash sat by me and said he was discharged because of nervous instability. Mrs. Payton talked – Dr. P. is in N. Africa. I saw Dr. & Mrs. Cole. Mrs. C. was having a club meeting at home and left so Dr. C. & I ate lunch along with Mrs. Ash & Mrs. Rommel – Lunch was served in the auditorium at the college. Dr. Cole is going to see Don – Don is in the air corps, stationed in Oklahoma & Dr. C. has plane reservations – if they aren’t cancelled when he gets ready to go – Dr Ade looked John over and gave him a little spraying – said his throat looked a little red – I am to take him back next week for refraction – I am to give him sulfadiozine, two days – said his headaches may be from his cold condition – I think it’s his eyes – because his cold is hardly noticeable and when he reads he gets headache. We’ll find out next week. I hope. This was Mark’s last day in school – Clara M. came and stayed with David, got dinner & ironed, so I feel like I accomplished a lot even tho I was gone most of the day. Mother is coming Sunday so next week won’t have to get anyone to keep David. Clara said he was the “best” baby. Said he didn’t cry all day. He is good most of the time.

Love Mother –

St. Elizabeth's Hospital

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I feel better (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
Jan 8 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

Another day to Laf- and that means not much done at home. Dr. Ade said my nose & throat looked better and they feel better so maybe I will be thru with treatments now – might have to go back once. I feel better so maybe I can get over this thing. It seems to drag out but it would since I have to go so far for treatments. I am glad I have been going to Dr. A. because if I had been going to M. I probably would have gotten discouraged and changed anyway (psychology). I have been to Laf. every other day since last Sat. Dorothy was going with me today and when I called her this morning she said the roads weren’t safe, but I knew the other day when we went (Mrs. Zell & I) the

[page 2] snow plows were working both sides of the pavement and I didn’t see how they could get bad no more snow than we have had. I knew she didn’t want to go, so I called her back and told her I was going to leave before she could get away from the restaurant. I decided I would try it and if it wasn’t safe I would come back but Mr. Zell had to do to Laf. to get some things for the office so John & I went with him and Mrs. Zell kept David. When we got to 41 it was dry and all cleaned off – as clean as in the middle of summer. So I got a trip to the Dr. on the County Agent’s gasoline. I still have 24 gal to use by Jan 21 and this is the 8th. Dorothy called me about 6 P.M. to find out how I made the trip. I don’t know where she got her information but she was so sure the roads were slick. Now don’t worry about me driving when the roads aren’t safe. If I had

[page 3]taken our car and the pavement had been slick I wouldn’t have tried to drive. So much for that. I got the Johnson baby a gift today, but didn’t have time to get it wrapped and ready for Ed to take to the hospital this evening. I have been “dripping” along with this nose & throat condition so haven’t visited Lucile at the hospital. I probably won’t get to see her until she gets home.

While in Loebs today I saw Alice & Stilly Berry – they stopped and talked but didn’t mention the balance of their account. They showed me the picture of their baby. They wanted Algood’s address.

Mead’s sent us a 50 cc bottle of Oleum Percomorphum. I talked to Byrnes over the phone about writing to the Co. and I thought he understood I wanted Dextri-Maltose, Pablum & Oleum but he just asked for the Oleum. If I had known

[page 4] that I would have written the letter myself but this 50 cc bottle will last a long time.

Monday when I was in Dr. Cole’s office & his nurse made a blood count the Hemoglobin percent was 81 red count 4,160,000 – and I had a shot of Liver & Vit B so I should be in pretty good shape. Mrs. Cole came in with Dr. Cole’s lunch while I was there. I think she does that every day. He asks about you every time I go in. I think I mentioned all this in other letters but maybe you missed them.

The uniform money hasn’t come yet. The bank bal. without the Ins. & taxes, etc., paid is around 500⁰⁰. I told you in a previous letter I got a new coat – $108⁰⁰. Last week I bought 6 bonds (37⁵⁰) – In yesterday’s letter I asked you about getting a piano I have a chance to get for $100⁰⁰. It is a small one like Ruth Mutchler’s. Let me have an opinion.

Mrs. Roberts called me last night. She hadn’t had a letter for over a week and was wondering why. I haven’t had one since Wed but probably will get two or three or tomorrow.

Love Mother

Your first letter came Sept. 22

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Forgot the pictures (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.

Dec 19 – 1942

Dear Daddy –

To begin with if you received the letter I sent yesterday you probably wonder what happened to the pictures I promised or rather said I enclosed – well I was in a hurry to get the letter ready to mail and forgot the pictures – so here they are. The weather today hasn’t done anything unusual but it looks like more snow will fall. This present snow is very dirty. After the slight thaw and freeze the snow has a crust that can be walked on.

I went to the class party at Hufty’s last night. My mystery Pal was Pauline Hiestand. Dorothy stayed with the children. The party didn’t hold so late so I didn’t have to keep Dorothy as long as I thought I might. Nick and Buddy came out after Nick closed the restaurant. I tried to go in the car but couldn’t get out of the drive way due to ice – I couldn’t get the car either way so I walked to the party. When Nick came he got the car out of the rut and put it in the garage. I haven’t had time to get it out today but have an idea it is still to slick to get out of the drive. We have had more continuous cold weather this Dec. than sometimes have all winter.

[page 2] Mrs. Washburn & Helen came up this morning to see me. I was getting ready to bathe the baby so they had a chance to see him awake. He was in a very good mood. Helen said how good he was. Since they have to travel when they can get train accommodations they can’t stay over Christmas, but leave Sun. I showed them the shells, necklace and moneys. Helen thought the necklace very pretty. I wore it to the party last night and everyone I showed it to thought it unique. I wore a while blouce so the necklace had a good background.

I had three letters from you this morning dated Dec 9-10-11. So glad you rec’d the pictures. After Christmas I am going to have Hubertz make some and maybe you can get a better idea of how David looks. He looks more like your baby picture every day – I think. I just gave him his bottle and he is feeling pretty good. He still doesn’t sleep thru at night without a bottle but he wakes up so hungry I don’t know what to do but feed him, so guess I’ll keep on until he can sleep through.

John is listening to the opera this afternoon. I was trying to write so sent him up to his room so I could concentrate better. He is to play for Sunday School – in the adult Dept. tomorrow. He was asked to play something so made a medley

[page 3] of Christmas carols. He didn’t go take a music lesson this morning due to having been in Thurs & Fri. He was glad of an excuse not to go because Miss Smith is using Bair’s piano and John says it is so badly out of turn he can’t endure the sound. Mr. Simons is in St. E. for observation so Miss Smith can’t go there now – I suppose Mrs. Simons has closed the house and is staying with her married daughter in Lafayette. I haven’t heard anything about what Mr. Simons trouble is.

Mark has gone to town to do some of his Christmas shopping and buy a few more greetings for me. I didn’t do much about greetings this year. I bought a few at the variety store and sent to friends & relatives we always send to. I sent 16 with pictures of David. I was going to send you one of those pictures but ran out before I was thru so thought I would have a better one made for you.

Had a letter from Ruth M. today. She said she would like for us to come over if possible. If it weren’t for this unusual weather we are having I would try to go over some time during Christmas vacation but with the baby so small I am in favor of staying home till warmer weather.

David received a Christmas greeting from Dr. & Mrs. Cole. Their greeting this

[page 4] year is a picture taken of their cocker spaniel out in front of their house by the sign post. You remember they have the sign post by the driveway. It has the outline of the horse & buggy with their name underneath. You mentioned taking the serum along when I take David for his shots – I had thought of that – because it is still good and will be then and it is the combined shots. I won’t take him for shots until March (6 mo old).

I told you in a previous letter the boys bought 5⁰⁰ each worth of stamps out of their 10⁰⁰ – I wrote to F & R about what a kick Mark got from the 10⁰⁰ – Floyd said he bet that 10⁰⁰ looked bigger to Mark than next year’s budget to Congress. I think John appreciated his just as much but he isn’t so much to demonstrate. You can appreciate that. After Christmas I am either going to buy a coat or put “my” money in a saving acc’t and also take out most of the bank acc’t and put on interest somewhere. We really don’t need enough in the checking acc’t only to meet the monthly needs and any allotment will take care of that I think.

I have the humidity up a little this afternoon due to towels, diapers, etc., on the radiators. The towels sour in the basement before they dry so bring them up here. You won’t get this until after Christmas so hope you rec’d some of the boxes –

Love Mother

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Doctor Check-ups (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
Nov 27 – 1942

Dear Daddy –

Went to Laf. today and had the final check for John’s eyes. Had to get new lenses (8⁰⁰). I didn’t see Dr. Ade because I took David out to Dr. Cole so don’t know just what was the matter but he told John something but John couldn’t remember what he said. On Dr. Cole’s scale David weighed 9 lbs 13 oz – and one ago he weighed 7 lbs 9 oz down there. So he is gaining fast enough now. He is taking 5 oz at a feeding and the formula is now 12 oz carnation 18 oz water. I had Dr. C. give me an authine [?] for feedings including egg, cereal, fruit etc. as it is time – because it is too much of a job to take the baby down in this kind of weather and the size he is now. I will have to take him when he is old enough for shots but that won’t be till spring. Mark went along with us today. He went to a 10¢ store and got a model airplane and is studing it now.

[page 2] I bought the chest of drawers today from Sears that I mentioned before. I am going to get two sections of book shelves to match, for the den. The chest for the baby clothes.

Dr. Cole was so busy today. I was there about 12:30 and was about to see him when he had to rush over to the Home hospital and do a section – Mrs. Cole had brought his lunch to him and he did take time out to eat before doing the operation – but we went back to town because he couldn’t see any patients until after 2 P.M. I went back out about 3:15 and waited until about 4 or maybe a little sooner. However we were home by 6 P.M. Dr. C. said Dr. A. had written to some Dr. in Laf. and he had told Dr. C. he was about 1 mi & ½ from your camp.

I have to take this to town to mail at the hotel because I didn’t get it written in time to send via P.O. I didn’t have time to write this A.M. and we left about 11 A.M. – hence missing the regular mail.

I will apologize for this letter because there isn’t much to it but promise to do better next time. (Haven’t rec’d the money letters yet)

Love – Mother

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