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I feel better (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
Jan 8 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

Another day to Laf- and that means not much done at home. Dr. Ade said my nose & throat looked better and they feel better so maybe I will be thru with treatments now – might have to go back once. I feel better so maybe I can get over this thing. It seems to drag out but it would since I have to go so far for treatments. I am glad I have been going to Dr. A. because if I had been going to M. I probably would have gotten discouraged and changed anyway (psychology). I have been to Laf. every other day since last Sat. Dorothy was going with me today and when I called her this morning she said the roads weren’t safe, but I knew the other day when we went (Mrs. Zell & I) the

[page 2] snow plows were working both sides of the pavement and I didn’t see how they could get bad no more snow than we have had. I knew she didn’t want to go, so I called her back and told her I was going to leave before she could get away from the restaurant. I decided I would try it and if it wasn’t safe I would come back but Mr. Zell had to do to Laf. to get some things for the office so John & I went with him and Mrs. Zell kept David. When we got to 41 it was dry and all cleaned off – as clean as in the middle of summer. So I got a trip to the Dr. on the County Agent’s gasoline. I still have 24 gal to use by Jan 21 and this is the 8th. Dorothy called me about 6 P.M. to find out how I made the trip. I don’t know where she got her information but she was so sure the roads were slick. Now don’t worry about me driving when the roads aren’t safe. If I had

[page 3]taken our car and the pavement had been slick I wouldn’t have tried to drive. So much for that. I got the Johnson baby a gift today, but didn’t have time to get it wrapped and ready for Ed to take to the hospital this evening. I have been “dripping” along with this nose & throat condition so haven’t visited Lucile at the hospital. I probably won’t get to see her until she gets home.

While in Loebs today I saw Alice & Stilly Berry – they stopped and talked but didn’t mention the balance of their account. They showed me the picture of their baby. They wanted Algood’s address.

Mead’s sent us a 50 cc bottle of Oleum Percomorphum. I talked to Byrnes over the phone about writing to the Co. and I thought he understood I wanted Dextri-Maltose, Pablum & Oleum but he just asked for the Oleum. If I had known

[page 4] that I would have written the letter myself but this 50 cc bottle will last a long time.

Monday when I was in Dr. Cole’s office & his nurse made a blood count the Hemoglobin percent was 81 red count 4,160,000 – and I had a shot of Liver & Vit B so I should be in pretty good shape. Mrs. Cole came in with Dr. Cole’s lunch while I was there. I think she does that every day. He asks about you every time I go in. I think I mentioned all this in other letters but maybe you missed them.

The uniform money hasn’t come yet. The bank bal. without the Ins. & taxes, etc., paid is around 500⁰⁰. I told you in a previous letter I got a new coat – $108⁰⁰. Last week I bought 6 bonds (37⁵⁰) – In yesterday’s letter I asked you about getting a piano I have a chance to get for $100⁰⁰. It is a small one like Ruth Mutchler’s. Let me have an opinion.

Mrs. Roberts called me last night. She hadn’t had a letter for over a week and was wondering why. I haven’t had one since Wed but probably will get two or three or tomorrow.

Love Mother

Your first letter came Sept. 22

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