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I feel better (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
Jan 8 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

Another day to Laf- and that means not much done at home. Dr. Ade said my nose & throat looked better and they feel better so maybe I will be thru with treatments now – might have to go back once. I feel better so maybe I can get over this thing. It seems to drag out but it would since I have to go so far for treatments. I am glad I have been going to Dr. A. because if I had been going to M. I probably would have gotten discouraged and changed anyway (psychology). I have been to Laf. every other day since last Sat. Dorothy was going with me today and when I called her this morning she said the roads weren’t safe, but I knew the other day when we went (Mrs. Zell & I) the

[page 2] snow plows were working both sides of the pavement and I didn’t see how they could get bad no more snow than we have had. I knew she didn’t want to go, so I called her back and told her I was going to leave before she could get away from the restaurant. I decided I would try it and if it wasn’t safe I would come back but Mr. Zell had to do to Laf. to get some things for the office so John & I went with him and Mrs. Zell kept David. When we got to 41 it was dry and all cleaned off – as clean as in the middle of summer. So I got a trip to the Dr. on the County Agent’s gasoline. I still have 24 gal to use by Jan 21 and this is the 8th. Dorothy called me about 6 P.M. to find out how I made the trip. I don’t know where she got her information but she was so sure the roads were slick. Now don’t worry about me driving when the roads aren’t safe. If I had

[page 3]taken our car and the pavement had been slick I wouldn’t have tried to drive. So much for that. I got the Johnson baby a gift today, but didn’t have time to get it wrapped and ready for Ed to take to the hospital this evening. I have been “dripping” along with this nose & throat condition so haven’t visited Lucile at the hospital. I probably won’t get to see her until she gets home.

While in Loebs today I saw Alice & Stilly Berry – they stopped and talked but didn’t mention the balance of their account. They showed me the picture of their baby. They wanted Algood’s address.

Mead’s sent us a 50 cc bottle of Oleum Percomorphum. I talked to Byrnes over the phone about writing to the Co. and I thought he understood I wanted Dextri-Maltose, Pablum & Oleum but he just asked for the Oleum. If I had known

[page 4] that I would have written the letter myself but this 50 cc bottle will last a long time.

Monday when I was in Dr. Cole’s office & his nurse made a blood count the Hemoglobin percent was 81 red count 4,160,000 – and I had a shot of Liver & Vit B so I should be in pretty good shape. Mrs. Cole came in with Dr. Cole’s lunch while I was there. I think she does that every day. He asks about you every time I go in. I think I mentioned all this in other letters but maybe you missed them.

The uniform money hasn’t come yet. The bank bal. without the Ins. & taxes, etc., paid is around 500⁰⁰. I told you in a previous letter I got a new coat – $108⁰⁰. Last week I bought 6 bonds (37⁵⁰) – In yesterday’s letter I asked you about getting a piano I have a chance to get for $100⁰⁰. It is a small one like Ruth Mutchler’s. Let me have an opinion.

Mrs. Roberts called me last night. She hadn’t had a letter for over a week and was wondering why. I haven’t had one since Wed but probably will get two or three or tomorrow.

Love Mother

Your first letter came Sept. 22

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Black Seal Coat (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
Jan 4 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

Will dash off a line and try to get it off on the night mail. This has been a busy day. Went to Laf. this morning – Had an appointment with Dr. Cole at 11:45 and Dr. Ade 3 P.M. and was to go to the Rotary meeting tonight. Dr. Ade didn’t get to me until quite a while past 3 and it was 6 PM when we got home. Clarice came to get me and I was giving the baby his bottle, so she took the job while I cleaned up a little. After making the baby comfortable (burp & dry pants) I went with Clarice to the dinner. Dr. Phillips or maybe it is Prof.

[page 2] from Purdue gave a talk on the geography of the War. He had some hugs maps and it was a very interesting talk. Ira said he was glad I could attend the meeting and wanted me to tell you they are still going strong. The banquet room was about full, of course that was due to Rotary Anns being present, but the meeting was well attended. Mr. Byrnes, Homberg (Nu Joy manager) & Mr. Zell were taken into Rotary. Bob was looking around for Ed Johnson and when he couldn’t find him wondered if he was by any chance in Watseka – D. White was also a guest tonight, so Bob asked her and she said Ed was probably in Watseka, that Dr. M. was called down to Johnsons about 5 P.M.

[page 3] Maybe in my next letter I can give you a report.

After I saw Dr. Cole I had to park the baby some place until after I could see Dr. Ade so went to Algoods and left him there. They were getting a V-mail ready to send to you when I was there. Showed me the greeting you sent them. Myron Keith looks like he did when they were here last summer. I took him a little suit. I didn’t get my Christmas shopping all done and didn’t send them any greetings so got the suit for Keith today.

Since school was dismissed before Christmas the children didn’t get to have their gift exchange until today. Jimmy Sammons had Mark’s name and gave him a sailor pin.

Gladys modeling the black seal coat & new hat - January 1943

Gladys in new coat & hat

[page 4] I almost forgot – I at least got me a coat – I had time between Doctors to do a little shopping. It is black seal – I am afraid you won’t like it but after looking over everything I decided it was what I liked better than anything else for what I wanted to spend – (110⁰⁰) And a new hat – It is rose colored and hard to describe as hats are but it will last thru till spring so I won’t have to worry about a hat later on.

Gladys & David - January 1943

Gladys holding David

It is about time to feed David & I had had such a rushing day will be glad to get to bed and get a little relaxation. I’ll have a picture taken with my new things and send you one so you can get a fair idea what they look like. Will try to write better tomorrow.


P.S. Your first letter came Sept 22 – However I had rec’d 6 before it came.

©2013 copyright owned and written by Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found at:https://genealogylady.net/2013/10/07/black-seal-coat-gladys/