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Greetings (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.

Dear Daddy –

No letters today – but I believe there was no mail delivered due to this being the Marines Birthday. However I rec’d your “greetings” last night. Bess read it to me over the phone but I am going to get a copy of it today. The message really made me feel very good, tho it didn’t contain but the one word.

David is walking now, discovered yesterday he could go on his own power and has been having a grand time covering the house. Goes into the “powder room” and shuts the door, then I have to go carefully open it to keep from bumping him

[page 2] because he always stands right there waiting for me to come & open the door for him. I just put him in his bed for a nap but he is standing up looking out the window now. I was so proud of my success with him this a.m. – didn’t have a diaper all morning, but got him on the toidy – then he spoiled his record, but he can’t talk yet so can hardly expect much yet.

Mrs. Zell asked me to go with her to a Tea at Hiestands – It is a Christian Church affair. I see a few snow flakes falling but that shouldn’t keep us home. I like to get David out every day if possible. He has learned to go in the car and gets so excited about going. One day I backed the car out of the garage just to sweep out – he was in his Taylor Tot in the yard and when he saw me backing the car out without him he began to cry.

[page 3] J. & M. are so thrilled about his walking alone. He still does a lot of jabbering but few words. He certainly is determined about things he wants to do. Is a little difficult at meal times, sometimes, especially so if he is pretty tired, but on the whole not too spoiled. He will walk around and clap his hands. John wondered why he did that & I said because he was happy about walking. There is a photographer at the Arcade Hotel today, sponsored by the Democrat. I think I’ll take David down for a picture – if I get a good one will send you one for Christmas. I haven’t had a photographer’s picture taken since he was 9 mo. old & he is almost 14 now.

You may get Christmas greetings from some of the school children. Two different ones called me this a.m. for your address.

[page 4] Mrs. R. called me last nite just to chat & see if there was any news. I told her I might see her Thurs. Dorothy said she may go to Watseka & if so I could go along & visit Mrs. R. You can imagine her surprise when Ii told her you were wearing your blues. It’s a good thing you didn’t send your clothes back.

I can look out the dining room window & see the clothes Mrs. Zell hung out & it looks like they won’t get dry – the snow is coming down fast & the wind is blowing. Just a regular winter day.

Love Mother

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Those Two Neighbors (Gladys)

1943-08-12 (GRY)Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – Yours of Aug. 3-4-5-6 came today and John’s birthday letter & $2⁰⁰. He has written you. Mark wrote you a v-mail Apr. 13 & addressed it wrong & it was returned today – will put it in John’s letter. It is hot today – was cool & cloudy today but now the sun is shining and we are all feeling sticky – all, but D. I don’t believe he minds it much. He just had his 3 P.M. meal & is in good mood. John is practicing the oboe & Mark is out pulling weeds along the driveway. Dr. Cole said he would come today or Sun. but so far he hasn’t come today. Mother is feeling a little better I think – Dr. C. told me to give her Vit. B. shots and I started Tues. If he comes today will have him give the next one. This hot weather makes her feel worse. Dr. Cole said he didn’t think she had carcinoma. He didn’t have x-ray done due to her frail condition but had the lab analysis of her stool. A week from Sat. Dr. Cole said he would take the cast off of David’s leg. He has been good as could be all along. It seemed a shame to put such an extensive cast on for just a crack but I can see it was the right thing to do. Arlene came up and brought Mother flowers this a.m. She has been so good to come & see Mother all along. Zells have been solicitous too – I am glad for those two neighbors – they certainly have been good to us. Mrs. Z. helps out so much when I have to go to Laf. for medicine or take David to the Dr.

Love Mother

YEG1943-07-26 - David with broken leg

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Weiner Roast (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
July 23 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

No letters today but will probably get one or more tomorrow. The latest I have is of July 11. It came the 20th. I told you before I got Jim a leave thru the Red Cross. He called said he would be home Sunday. He & Thelma are going to T. H. then drive up in their car. I really feel it is necessary for him to come home. Mother doesn’t seem to improve much. As I said before, if your Mother were in the condition Mother is in I would go thru the Red Cross to get you a leave. Margaret asked me to go give Bud his 2:30 shot. Then I went to a meeting at Mrs. Ade’s home – I was put in as Vice-President of Cosmopolitan and we had to make out the years program. I just came home. John was to feed D. at 3 but when I came home he said D. wouldn’t eat. I had left pudding and asparagus for his dinner. He will probably he hungry at 7 – his bed time

[page 2] We had the weiner roast last nite and Zells all came over. Mrs. Z. brought ice cream, cookies & baked beans. I furnished wieners, buns, pickles, mustard, cheese and ice tea. They said next time they would furnish the meat. I had Bobby & Jimmy come too. After eating the children played croquet & worked down the food so no one was sick during the night. Bob & Clarice came out while we were still sitting around the furnace talking. Bob had taken care of the call to Jim for me. I gave David his bottle out there then when he began to act sleepy took him upstairs to bed. Bob & Clarice think he is “O.K.” 10 months old today. He hasn’t gained much the last month but I think that is due to his activeness.

The children are out playing croquet now & noisy too so think I’ll have to go out & quiet them.

I have to get to town & buy some meat for our coming company.
Love Mother

YEG1943-07 David with a Zell girl

David with one of the Zell girls, July 1943


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An Emergency Leave (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
July 22 – 1943

DearDaddy –

If the weather takes a beating it’s because of the variety. It is too cool today to have the windows on the north open. Yesterday it was so sweltering hot after the rain we had in the a.m. then during the night this cold wind started blowing in from the north. I was tired from the trip to Laf. yesterday, besides cleaning the weeks out around the evergreens after supper, and thought I would go right to sleep, but heard Mother and went in to see about her. She was having gas pains so bad she couldn’t rest. I didn’t have anything for pain so gave her a nembulal – she quieted down and has slept most of the day from it – however she didn’t sleep any yesterday due to the heat and

[page 2] said she didn’t sleep between 3 & 4 this morning so that is one of the reasons she has slept so much today. I saw Dr. Cole and he changed one of her medicines. She took one does last night and while I was downstairs this morning after taking her breakfast up she tried to take a dose of medicine & dropped the bottle and broke it, so will have to get that prescription refilled. Jim wrote that if I thought he should come home to go to the Red Cross & get him an emergency leave. I called Bob Hufty this a.m. and he was going to talk to Ed M. – the Red Cross man in Goodland who takes care of those things – and get Him to come home. I hope I am doing the right thing, but Jim think he will get a leave after he gets a placement – but I am afraid it may not work out that way – and as frail as Mother is I think he should come home. If it were your Mother I think I would go thru the Red Cross and get an emergency leave for you.

Mark is out with D. giving him a sunning – David slept so long this afternoon I had to awaken him to give him his dinner. He has had only one bottle today. Drank his milk from a glass at 11 & 3.

[page 3] Mark picked beans again and we got 4 more qts canned today – by picking them and canning 4 qts at a time it won’t be such a task. We have 8 qt now and think there will be another picking Sat.

Tomorrow is David’s 10th month. I weighed him this a.m. but he hasn’t made much gain the past month. He eats good and takes a can of milk a day but he is so active I think he keeps streamlined. He doesn’t look thin but his Mother wanted to add another lb. to his chart on his 10th month – He is doing “O.K.” so that is all that’s necessary. He won’t sit on my lap – he climbs all over me if I try to hold him – he likes action. He climbs out of his play chair (you saw it in one picture). The other day he managed to get his chair pushed over to the stove and I watched him to see what he would do – He got hold of the oven door handle and pulled himself up to the stove and played on the burners – I stood right behind him so he wouldn’t fall to see how far he would go. He doesn’t like No! No! he gives them a dirty look.

[page 4] John is reading the new Colliers. He needs a new reed for the oboe & couldn’t get one so can’t go to band practice tonite. I have been promising the children a wiener roast in the back yard so will have that for them this evening. There is a lot of trash accumulated in the furnace I want to get burned. It’s hard to get marshmallows but John is a good buyer and has cornered several packages so they are going to have them in addition to wieners – Mrs. Zell said she would furnish ice cream & cookies.

Mary McGee Arnett went to Laf. with Arlene & I yesterday. She is Dr. Cole’s patient. Her baby is due in 5 wks. Her husband is in Texas and she thinks maybe he will have to leave U.S. before the baby is born (it’s been done before).

Kathryn Ade joined the Women’s Marine Corps. She is at present at Lake Geneva, Wis. awaiting call. I see by the paper that Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Lohr (Rose Carter – still owes us 12⁰⁰) have a baby boy. Also Bud Hancock is a father – baby girl – That’s about all the news I see & think will interest you.

Love Mother

1943 - David playing with lawn chair

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Canning Peas (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
June 23, 1943

Dear Daddy –

David is nine months old today and balances the scale at 20 lbs. I traced his weight course on a chart given in a baby manual and he done a little better than average baby should do. He isn’t gaining so fast now – but he is so active he works his fat off. Of course 20 lbs at 9 months is plenty. He has a good appetite – takes a can of milk & egg yolk a day besides cereal, vegetables & fruit. It has been so hot today he has only his diaper & shoes

[page 2] on. I wouldn’t put shoes on him but he stands up so much & walks around his pen or bed and his shoes help him keep his feet steady.

Mark has gone to take a piano lesson & John is practicing. John used up the accumulated egg whites from David’s formula and made an Angel Food cake this A.M. He is going to be an expert if he keeps up.

Arlene came up yesterday about 5:30 P.M. to borrow the pressure cooker – had a bu. of peas to can. I asked her if she knew how to use it and she didn’t – I told her I couldn’t tell her how to use it, I would have to show her – so I was to

[page 3] go at 7 P.M. and we were to start – well as it usually happens when one wants to get started – bill was late for supper and we didn’t get started so soon. I had to stay until one cooker was finished – also stayed to get the second one on – It was 9:45 P.. when she started to time the second batch – and had two more cookings to do. I came home at 10 – and was so tired – Had been canning peas with Mrs. Zell in the afternoon – so after a shower I got to bed – had to feed David at 6 this A.M. then went back to bed and slept till the mail came and there was a letter from you dated June 9 – had

[page 4] one yesterday of June 10. I feel fine now that I got caught up on my rest. It is hot & sultry today. Of course not as bad as where you are but it is pretty much for this climate. Mother hasn’t felt well since this intense heat started. It has rained almost every day for so long – I can’t remember how long – then between rains the sun is so hot. One day the humidifier was as high as it will go – 80⁰. So much for the weather. Back to the peas – It was 3 A.M. this morning when Arlene finished the peas and in addition to everything – Donnie was sick in the night and she had to give him a enema – I told her I remembered once when she stayed up till 3 A.M. to decorate for a Christmas party.

I am enclosing a greeting from the Ind. State Med. Assn –
Love Mother

YEG1942-06-18 David

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Went to Lafayette (Gladys)

1943-02-05Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy- Your letter of Jan 16 came today after all up to the 26th – was so glad to get it because you mentioned several things you hadn’t in other letters. I took my checks to the bank (I get two each month – 170 & 30) and asked about a safety deposit box but they haven’t any for rent so that settles that. Went to Lafayette today – Took Arlene & Donnie – she wanted to get his shots started. Mrs. Zell & Martha went along – also Mother & David. It was just like spring – warm and sunny. Tried to get a buggy but there were only a few for sale and they were 25⁰⁰ and up – thought that was too much, so will look for a used one someplace but they are scarce too. Mrs. Shirk is going to loan me a play pen. It won’t be long until we will need one. Had to get material to recover the studio couch. It was worn thru all along the edge. Saw Helen Heindle in Loebs and her husband is somewhere in the South West Pacific, You might see him sometime. You might also see Hickey too. Have you ever written to him or heard from him? Jimmy Staton has been sick – thought he would have pneumonia but he was better yesterday. Mr. Marvin died this week. They had taken him to the hospital for observation. John is working on an essay – I told him I wouldn’t help him & he said he didn’t want any help. Mark is reading the paper and listening to Joey Brewster. David is tucked in and I am going to turn in soon. I am a little tired after the trip. I sent you a registered letter yesterday with our pictures – also sent you a valentine. Will send you a box next week. Have some more sardines.

Love Mother

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I feel better (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
Jan 8 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

Another day to Laf- and that means not much done at home. Dr. Ade said my nose & throat looked better and they feel better so maybe I will be thru with treatments now – might have to go back once. I feel better so maybe I can get over this thing. It seems to drag out but it would since I have to go so far for treatments. I am glad I have been going to Dr. A. because if I had been going to M. I probably would have gotten discouraged and changed anyway (psychology). I have been to Laf. every other day since last Sat. Dorothy was going with me today and when I called her this morning she said the roads weren’t safe, but I knew the other day when we went (Mrs. Zell & I) the

[page 2] snow plows were working both sides of the pavement and I didn’t see how they could get bad no more snow than we have had. I knew she didn’t want to go, so I called her back and told her I was going to leave before she could get away from the restaurant. I decided I would try it and if it wasn’t safe I would come back but Mr. Zell had to do to Laf. to get some things for the office so John & I went with him and Mrs. Zell kept David. When we got to 41 it was dry and all cleaned off – as clean as in the middle of summer. So I got a trip to the Dr. on the County Agent’s gasoline. I still have 24 gal to use by Jan 21 and this is the 8th. Dorothy called me about 6 P.M. to find out how I made the trip. I don’t know where she got her information but she was so sure the roads were slick. Now don’t worry about me driving when the roads aren’t safe. If I had

[page 3]taken our car and the pavement had been slick I wouldn’t have tried to drive. So much for that. I got the Johnson baby a gift today, but didn’t have time to get it wrapped and ready for Ed to take to the hospital this evening. I have been “dripping” along with this nose & throat condition so haven’t visited Lucile at the hospital. I probably won’t get to see her until she gets home.

While in Loebs today I saw Alice & Stilly Berry – they stopped and talked but didn’t mention the balance of their account. They showed me the picture of their baby. They wanted Algood’s address.

Mead’s sent us a 50 cc bottle of Oleum Percomorphum. I talked to Byrnes over the phone about writing to the Co. and I thought he understood I wanted Dextri-Maltose, Pablum & Oleum but he just asked for the Oleum. If I had known

[page 4] that I would have written the letter myself but this 50 cc bottle will last a long time.

Monday when I was in Dr. Cole’s office & his nurse made a blood count the Hemoglobin percent was 81 red count 4,160,000 – and I had a shot of Liver & Vit B so I should be in pretty good shape. Mrs. Cole came in with Dr. Cole’s lunch while I was there. I think she does that every day. He asks about you every time I go in. I think I mentioned all this in other letters but maybe you missed them.

The uniform money hasn’t come yet. The bank bal. without the Ins. & taxes, etc., paid is around 500⁰⁰. I told you in a previous letter I got a new coat – $108⁰⁰. Last week I bought 6 bonds (37⁵⁰) – In yesterday’s letter I asked you about getting a piano I have a chance to get for $100⁰⁰. It is a small one like Ruth Mutchler’s. Let me have an opinion.

Mrs. Roberts called me last night. She hadn’t had a letter for over a week and was wondering why. I haven’t had one since Wed but probably will get two or three or tomorrow.

Love Mother

Your first letter came Sept. 22

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