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So you got your laundry (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
Jan 5 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

Yours of Dec 26, 27 & 28 rec’d. Also John and Mark each received theirs today. Thanks a lot for the picture. Altho I recognized only one face I was glad to get the group picture. That will be something to keep and for you to look at after you are home – You can tell us then all about everything and everybody. So you got your laundry and cokes. I had written that I had a surprise in the box & that was it. I was afraid those cokes would stop off before sailing. The pictures for Lentz was in a box I mailed for your birthday but is was sent before the laundry box so it may be last. In that box I put a camera & two roll of films also various other things. I do hope you get it and all the letters I have written the last two months.

I am trying to rest a little and write at the same time. Clara M. came today to help and I couldn’t relax very well while she was here, but she just left. She is good help and I am having her come once a week now. After having

[page 2] taken so much sulfa I was afraid my blood count would be down but while in Cole’s office yesterday his nurse made a count and it wasn’t bad, but I had my liver & B along so he gave me a shot. He examined David and found he had a sore throat. He had been running a temp again since I had my last “round,” so I am giving the baby neopronticil. What a mess, but his temp is going down – was just 99 2/10 at 2 P.M. The strange thing about it you (I) would never know he had anything wrong if I hadn’t taken his temp. Well he did sound a little nasal and that was why I took his temp. He eats regularily – and takes all his bottle every time besides pablum every morning. I was afraid he would be hard to get along this week because the boys talked to him so much last week but he has been fine. Has found his hands and plays with them so much. He chews his fingers sometimes like he might be getting ready to cut teeth, but there isn’t any sign of teeth. Sucks left thumb. Weighed 12 – 9 oz.

I called Dorothy this morning and she said the Johnson’s have a 8-11 boy.

[page 3] I wanted to tell Dorothy you got the cokes. She knew when I sent them. We were afraid they wouldn’t get to you. John and I decided then we should have sent you some dry ice so you could have them cold – might do that sometime.

I saw Dr. Ade again yesterday and he treated my throat and I am to go again Fri. It feels good but he says he want to see me again. In case you haven’t some of my previous letters I had a throat infection. It would come & go – I thought I was all over it after I tool sulfathiaziole but it came back and I had a sinus infection too – so I went to see Dr. A. and he treated me and now I feel much better. After looking at my throat and treating it he said the baby had good resistance to get by as he did – with only a slight temp & sore throat. Now please don’t worry about us, we are all better and hope to stay well. After this at the first sign of a sore throat I am going to Dr. A. and have a treatment. He and his wife are in the same office now and he has rooms & rooms. The waiting room is very large so they can have several waiting and it doesn’t seem like they are so rushed. However I think he is as busy as ever. I think he said a Dr. Holliday or maybe Halloway is back. He has been

[page 4]abroad and is I suppose home on leave. I mentioned in last night’s letter that I got a new coat. It is just plain black seal but what I liked and it was on sale for $108.95. I looked at several different kinds but this suited me so bought it. Also got a silly hat that will do for spring. You would like it – it is “red.”

Mrs. Zell went with me and did some shopping for their 3 girls. She bought snow suits for each and her total bill was over $40⁰⁰ – but wraps are being made with poorer material all the time and she was afraid to wait until next fall to buy. I should get Mark a new coat now too. He needs one – is wearing John’s old coat now.

I bought a new innersprings mattress for David’s bed (the one Mary Parttens loaned me) and Mark has wanted a new mattress for a long time. He didn’t say much because it was for David but I think he would like one too. I told him I wouldn’t get one for him until he quit jumping on his bed. John doesn’t say much.

David has been good all afternoon and seems to want some attention now. John is practicing on the sax – Mark did practice on the cornet but is now eating candy – about all the Christmas candy is gone —


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