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Greetings (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.

Dear Daddy –

No letters today – but I believe there was no mail delivered due to this being the Marines Birthday. However I rec’d your “greetings” last night. Bess read it to me over the phone but I am going to get a copy of it today. The message really made me feel very good, tho it didn’t contain but the one word.

David is walking now, discovered yesterday he could go on his own power and has been having a grand time covering the house. Goes into the “powder room” and shuts the door, then I have to go carefully open it to keep from bumping him

[page 2] because he always stands right there waiting for me to come & open the door for him. I just put him in his bed for a nap but he is standing up looking out the window now. I was so proud of my success with him this a.m. – didn’t have a diaper all morning, but got him on the toidy – then he spoiled his record, but he can’t talk yet so can hardly expect much yet.

Mrs. Zell asked me to go with her to a Tea at Hiestands – It is a Christian Church affair. I see a few snow flakes falling but that shouldn’t keep us home. I like to get David out every day if possible. He has learned to go in the car and gets so excited about going. One day I backed the car out of the garage just to sweep out – he was in his Taylor Tot in the yard and when he saw me backing the car out without him he began to cry.

[page 3] J. & M. are so thrilled about his walking alone. He still does a lot of jabbering but few words. He certainly is determined about things he wants to do. Is a little difficult at meal times, sometimes, especially so if he is pretty tired, but on the whole not too spoiled. He will walk around and clap his hands. John wondered why he did that & I said because he was happy about walking. There is a photographer at the Arcade Hotel today, sponsored by the Democrat. I think I’ll take David down for a picture – if I get a good one will send you one for Christmas. I haven’t had a photographer’s picture taken since he was 9 mo. old & he is almost 14 now.

You may get Christmas greetings from some of the school children. Two different ones called me this a.m. for your address.

[page 4] Mrs. R. called me last nite just to chat & see if there was any news. I told her I might see her Thurs. Dorothy said she may go to Watseka & if so I could go along & visit Mrs. R. You can imagine her surprise when Ii told her you were wearing your blues. It’s a good thing you didn’t send your clothes back.

I can look out the dining room window & see the clothes Mrs. Zell hung out & it looks like they won’t get dry – the snow is coming down fast & the wind is blowing. Just a regular winter day.

Love Mother

©2015 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2015/06/03/greetings-gladys/