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Death of Roosevelt

April 16, 1945 envelope

April 16, 1945 envelope

Letter Transcription:

April 16, 1945, p. 1

April 16, 1945, p. 1

April 16, 45

Dear “Junior” – It is about time you wrote, wondered what was wrong, whether you were transferred, or had another son.

No news from anyone except I see John Willard occasionally, and talk to him about some of officer patients. He is still SOQ. He did get orders to Key West, Fla., but the C.O. went to Wash., D.C., and had them cancelled because John is the only Dr. who knows how to go gastroscopies there. Wally Reese, if you remember, our cribbage partner, is still in Phila. Naval, but doesn’t like it, too many superior Regulars. Had a letter from MacClatchie who is in Brazil – C.O. of Dispensary 150 beds. A letter from Bob O’Donnell, too, but he owes me one from way back. Has Cat Fever Ward – about 20 admissions daily, etc. On every 4th night also.

April 16, 1945, p. 2

April 16, 1945, p. 2

[page 2] Haven’t heard any more from anyone. All are poor writers – but never did expect one from Ralph (Help me) Criss. No news about poor Paul Beard. Heard Buster Hyman was at Portsmouth. One [of] the Marines here was at Bonika.

Had a change of corpsmen – past 4 months, now another [?] picked for X Ray course, 5 mos., he is a chiropractor – big boy 230 lbs and I give him all my colored backaches, pounds hell out of them and they don’t come back. A couple officers – one Hebrew gets it, too. I have a good staff and that makes work more pleasant.

Just finished my ¼ San. Report, and the history of med. activities since war started – Comm. 4 Directive Na Sec Nov. Did you have to do that for your D.M.O.?

April 16, 1945, p. 3

April 16, 1945, p. 3

[page 3] Soon will be a year since you reported for duty – isn’t it? Mine will be Aug. 1. I wonder where we go next. Have a good notion to go to Wash., D.C., visit my sister and get some dope about billets. Our C.O. of Colored Ordnance Batt. left today for Ad. Base (Colored Personnel) today, goes to Guam, I suppose, understand the officer pool is there instead of Pearl Harbor.

Heard from my bro-in-law – Kunming, China; and my nephew, you met him in Norfolk, has been in Burma since last July – he made paratrooper, was injured, now is in Air Cargo something.

Am happy to hear your family is getting along fine and I am sure you are very proud of them all. You know David is my favorite name, and intended to have one someday.

April 16, 1945, p. 4

April 16, 1945, p. 4

[page 4] We had a little bad luck in January, otherwise there would have been one this coming June.

Have been golfing several times, the weather was unusually good. Today it is raining, foggy and miserable, have the heat turned on.

Well, a good man was buried yesterday in spite of the political differences. Comes a time for all of us to be laid away – whether king, middleman or pauper.

Let me hear from you soon, even if a short line.
Regards to Mrs. Y. and family,

My Buick is going fine (32,000 miles).

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Snowed Yesterday (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
Nov. 9 – 1943

Dear Daddy,

Yours of Nov. 2 came today – again I’ll repeat about letters last week – you didn’t put on Navy 133 and I addressed several letters like that so they may be returned. I just but Base Hosp. #4.

It is a cloudy, chilly day. It snowed yesterday & some during the night. The school children had enough snow to make snow balls but it nearly all gone now. John surprised me by wanting long underwear and in order to get them before he changed his mind I took him to town after school yesterday and outfitted him for winter. Underwear, sox, corduroy pants, sweater

[page 2] gloves and he had a wool cap he is wearing so that takes care of him pretty well. I think the cold snap yesterday brought most of the boys around to head gear of some sort. When we were in B. & B. store Rose said the change in weather had caused a rush in the store all day.

David just walked alone from the N.E. corner cupboard to me here at the desk (south wall of dining room). He was rattling something and I told him to get out – held out my hand and he made the journey without a tumble. He is in the drooley period again. Has seven teeth and another trying to come thru. I bought him a pr. of brown shoes (4 ½  – coupon 18) yesterday. The white no. 4’s were getting to short & since he walks around so much thought he should have more room for his feet. This is the first pr. I have had to give coupon for.

[page 3] The coffee rationing is over but it never did bother me. I still make slightly weak coffee in the old perculator. How I have wished I had let you get me the coffee maker that time in Sears when you wanted to, but that is nothing to cry about.

David has now journeyed to the kitchen and is throwing everything out of one of the stove drawers. I just looked his way and he has both drawers open, and taking out everything. Helen Salter said you would know more about D. by me writing about him all the time, than some men at home with their children. I do hope I have given you a good word picture all along.

I understand Dr. Van K. didn’t want to leave the Army but had to because of a blanket order retiring a number of older men. John said he talked at school this morning. I didn’t ask him the topic – I was very busy when he told me & didn’t go into detail about it.

[page 4] I had a letter from Ethel W. today. Wayne was gone when we went thru T.H. going to C.C. and we went back by Brazil. She said he hated so missing us. Mark W. is growing just like J. & M. I don’t think Mark has grown like John but J. certainly has shot up this last year. I got size 16 pants for him yesterday – because that was the only size left & they are just a wee bit large.

I had the radio going this a.m. (something unusual) and heard Churchill talk from London then heard Roosevelt speak about the U.N.R.A. (United Nation’s Relief) A conference is opening in Atlanta City and the President gave the introductory speech from Washington.

I must go see about D. He has drooled thru his bib, shirt, etc., and is still tossing pans around.

Love Mother

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X-Rays (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.
Sept. 8 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

Yours of Aug. 25 rec’d today. If you remember you were discussing personalities and of course the last one was the best. Went to Laf. today to see Mother – also had a little shopping to do. I went with Mrs. Zell and didn’t try to go see Dr. Cole – I just called him from the hospital and he said they got an x-ray – in fact two – and says she has a bunch of gall stones besides an obstruction in the colon. Finally got barium to stay down – couldn’t give an enema – she couldn’t retain it long enough to get an x-ray. She was very tired from all the x-rays today – had one Mon. & another today. I intend to go back Fri. Juanita will be here and she can go along. I can’t go alone with David and now that school is in session can’t leave him with the boys. I took the taylor tot along today and didn’t have any trouble shopping. While in Loebs baby dept. saw Helen H. and her two. She said to tell you hello – she hears from Dan but he isn’t very hopeful about getting home soon. I think she is still living with Gertrude & Forrest.

[page 2] I saw Marie Steinbaugh in the hospital. She has to go and stay for x-ray treatments. She went yesterday and is coming home Sun. she looks fine. I wonder if the treatments are getting results. You know if you rec’d all my letters she had to have one breast removed in the spring or early summer and goes back every few days or weeks (not certain about the time) for treatments.

It is 9:30 – Just sent Mark up to bed. John is doing homework. We were listening to a bond drive program. The President talked & we wanted to hear him – after he finished John turned the radio off so he could study. We got home from Laf. just in time to feed David & put him to bed. I got him a new suit today. It is light blue, made in sailor fashion. It is very “cute” and has a cord with a whistle around the neck. That’s my birthday present for him. Also got a little gift for Mary McGee Arnott’s baby girl. I think about her and how much I appreciated things last year when David came. I think I rec’d more than 30 cards from friends & lots of your patients when I was in the hospital, besides all the gifts.

Mother rec’d a card from Ruth M. today with a dollar for flowers or anything needed. I took some flowers from my astors, etc., & Mrs. James sent her a potted plant. Mrs. Zell ordered flowers sent out in the morning – so I just put the dollar in Mother’s purse until some later date.

Love – Mother

P.S. my hands are better

Emma Foster, circa 1940s

Emma Foster, circa 1940s

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Sunday Afternoon (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
May 2 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

Sunday afternoon (3:30) I have been doing some figuring and with bills all paid we have a balance of 100⁰⁰ in the bank – however I haven’t bought any bonds this year so far I have been waiting for that uniform & travel money to come, but I suppose I should get busy and start buying the regular $18.75 per month like we did all last year. There is much talk about people buying bonds – H. Foulkes told Mr. Zell the “Little People” weren’t buying like they are expected to. We are in that group and I feel we should buy all we can manage but I feel I should keep an emergency fund on hand – Not, that I anticipate using it but it is best not to be close. Do you think a bal. of $100⁰⁰ is too much to carry. Of course something may turn up during the month to take that down, but can’t think of anything now.

Mark is out of doors – It has cleared off – rained and blew this morning more like a fall day than spring – It stays so cool – we haven’t had many very warm days yet – the trees and shrubs

[page 2] are rather slow. The yellow forsythia that is usually in bloom in Mar or Apr is just about over now. Our grass is in a bad shape but all the lawns around here are except for Mr. Zell – as I mentioned before – they raise frys and keep them in a brooder house all the time – They clean the floor 3 times a week and have their own fertilizer – He spread that all over his lawn early in the spring and it helped a lot. I tried to get Vigario but it isn’t to be had. Link is out working around on his yard today. I haven’t seen Bill out today – he must have gone to meet Arlene – she has been in Green Bay for a week or more. Her brother’s baby had to have an eye operation – The mother took the baby to Madison and Arlene went to stay with her brother during his wife’s absence.

Eddie Roy Wilson fell out a tree at McGraw’s and sustained a broken arm & brain concussion. They have him at the Presp. Hospital in Chicago. He has been in a coma. I haven’t heard many of the details. Those things always are magnified – and I don’t know if this is as bad as I have heard. I just hope it isn’t.

(8:30) Mark and I took David for a walk – The sun came out so nicely – David is getting such a healthy tan. He is doing so many little things now and the boys talk to him so much he seems to understand more than a 7 mo old should (proud parent). I had started to feed him cereal and put his bottle down in hot water and the bottle broke and the

[page 3] milk all spilled – so I had to hurry to mix the next formula – which meant boiling water, bottles, etc. He was good for a few minutes after he finished the cereal then he began to remonstrate over the delay – I tried to talk him out of crying but he was hungry and finally when I had the bottle ready he gulped it down so fast he nearly choked – then when he finished was very happy – then to bed – We just put him to bed and leave him to go to sleep. Sometimes he plays a while but usually goes to sleep right away. When I take him up at 6 a.m. to feed him I put him in bed with me and sometimes he will go back to sleep and let me have another nap but not often. John & Mark usually hear him and come in and play with him. they are so very fond of him – yet John insists we must make him mind when he gets old enough to correct – He says we don’t want “a mean little kid” – He certainly has been that today about his cereal. Very hard to feed. That is something new because J. & M. ate anything I gave them but he seems to have some pretty definite dislikes already. He doesn’t like Pablum but Gerber cereal is about the same and he eats it OK. Still have to give him Vit C. tablets. Orange juice won’t stay down. He eats canned fruits, apple sauce, apricot, peaches, etc. and takes prune juice, weighs a little over 18 lbs at 7 mo & 1 week measure 28 ½ inches.

[page 4] John went with the band to North Manchester to a contest yesterday. I thought I would have to take a load but they had enough cars without ours. I was glad not to go. Mark & I washed and it was such a nice day got things dry. The ground was too wet to work in but after looking over the garden this evening Mark will have to do some weeding, if it doesn’t rain tomorrow. There are a lot of wild parsnips in our garden – and I wouldn’t care for them if they weren’t wild. John will write you about his trip – He said he really enjoyed it. Mark is uncertain about whether he wants to keep the cornet or try something else. He says he wants to take piano lessons this summer so think I’ll try him again. Won’t hurt anything for him to try. He is out in the kitchen now frying him an egg – this being Sun. evening you know how our suppers go here – everyone for himself. I believe Mark’s appetite is better and he is getting a tan – as he always does. I hope to be able to devote more time to Mark this summer. Fix up a work shop for his model airplanes. He clutters up their room too much. I haven’t figured yet where I’ll arrange a work shop for him but we’ll get some good place for him. The room over the garage gets too hot in summer and I don’t like the idea of him being in the basement, but I’ll find some place for him.

[page 5] I may have to go to T. H. this week to get Mother but she is going to come to stay so will have more things to bring than she can carry – and will need the car. I asked Servies if they would like to go – I don’t want to make the trip along so Rev. is to go along. If I had known what I know now would have brought Mother back with us when we came back from C.C. but she said she wanted to visit a while – and she has been sick and didn’t go any place. We are to go to Wilmington after the 15th to take sweet potatoe plants to Mutch. He & a friend have a garden out in the country about 5 miles.

Ruth & Floyd have moved to Bluffton so we won’t see much of them this summer, as that is across the state. Geo Burnham is at Flora now.

Tonight President R. is going to give a talk – the miners (as you probably have heard) are out and there is a lot of discussion about them going back to work or not etc. – of course by the time you get this it will be settled (I hope) for the good of all. So we are watching the clock, to be sure & get the President’s message – John is practicing and the radio is turned off, since we haven’t anything we care to listen to after 8 P.M. on Sun Eve. – I’ll be glad to hear the radio as John’s practicing isn’t too soothing (this particular piece)

[page 6] It was so chilly this morning then all of a sudden the clouds cleared away and it was warm – so the furnace went out – as it does in such weather, so J. & M. had to start a new fire. The first of May and still need a good fire most of the time.

Mon. Morn – Four letters came this a.m. of Apr 10-13-14 & 15 so I feel well up on news now. Still a few missing but maybe they will trail in later. You had mine of Mar 24 and mentioned measles. Well up to now no more cases here and just hope we don’t get any delayed action on them. About the ins. Dividends – I have it fixed so they will take the dividends of the prem. each Dec so we won’t have to go thru all that writing each time. And about the septic tank again – There must be something “screwy” about the set up for that to need cleaning so soon – but just hope it doesn’t stop up again for a long while. The mound where he dug to get the lid off is about down level again – I am going to transfer some sod so it will look right again – as soon as it quite raining & I can work in the yard again – Looks like rain this morning but none yet –

I told you before Jim is going to be a C.P.O. in a few weeks – then he doesn’t know where he will go. He is in school at Camp Peary – Williamsburg Va.

Have some errands to do so must stop the “gab” and get going.

Love – Mother

Yegerlehner home, E. Dunlop Street, Kentland, circa 1943

Yegerlehner home, E. Dunlop Street, Kentland, circa 1943

Additional Information:

Roosevelt’s May 2, 1943 speech titled “On the Coal Crisis” can be found here.

An audio recording of the speech can be found here.

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November 15, 1942 (Gladys)

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

Things in Washington were not always too serious as President Roosevelt occasionally provided some light hearted humor. The president apparently became a bit flummoxed and mixed his metaphors during a press conference. As usual, the press corps were merciless.

On a more serious note, November 15th was the day that Roosevelt made a speech concerning the Philippines.  The speech commemorated the 7th anniversary of the Philippines becoming a commonwealth. Gladys might have heard this speech on the radio:
Roosevelt Speech regarding the Philippines 11-15-1942

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
Nov 15 – 1942

Dear Daddy –

Sunday evening and just finished giving David his oleum & orange juice. He got a little off schedule this morning and missed getting it at the regular time. He slept thru his 2 a.m. feeing but woke at 4 instead. This afternoon we drove over to Watseka to see Mrs. R [Leila Roberts] but she wasn’t home. On our way back John wanted to stop & see Miss Smith so we did. Her sister-in-law was there with her baby – 5 mo. old. She thought David looked so small but then she said she had almost forgotten her baby had been so small. We also stopped at Krull’s – Dorothy had a headache and is going down to see Dr. Ade Thursday. Since they are closed on Thurs that is the best time for her to go. Nick has a dishwasher and Dorothy operates it and he cooks. They haven’t any other kitchen help. I must get John to Dr. A this fall. He went to see him in Aug. but Dr. A said then his glasses would do him until about Christmas. The band is going to Purdue to broadcast Sat. and I may arrange to have him go then.

[page 2] Wish you could hear the broadcast – of course you wouldn’t be able to discern John’s blowing from the rest but maybe it would help to hear it. John is practicing now & Mark is washing the dishes. They went to the Youth fellowship meeting and we didn’t eat supper until they came home. On the advice of Mr. Zell and much to the boys delight we are going to leave the leaves on the grass except where they have bunched up and are causing the grass to die. There is quite a pile on the terrace so it will have to be raked but that is about all. We have had so much wind recently that it wouldn’t do much good to rake. Mrs. Zell says this wind is something they aren’t used to – they used to live close to Cincinatti and of course they wouldn’t have so much there. Seems to me it has been unusually windy this fall – but maybe that is like the Californians say about their weather. I didn’t get a letter Sat so will be looking for two or more Mon. They came every day last week until Sat. I sent your Mother an enlargement of the picture you sent. I told you that before but repeat just in case. The bank bal. is around 700 – that includes the birthday gift. I am afraid you are going to get tired of this but I decided after the last two letters I had better repeat certain things in every letter. Allotment comes every month. Notice of your insurance policy came too – policy to follow. That came some time ago.

[page 3] I sent Lentz pictures & films in your birthday box – hope you get it. It is getting late so must finish this & get it to the P.O. so it will go out early in the morning,

Love Mother

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November 12, 1942 (Roscoe)

I have been going through some of FDR’s speeches and World War II government films to add some more World War II historical context to the blog. Since the television was not an appliance found in American homes during this time, people went to the cinema to see their motion picture entertainment. Or perhaps such films were shown to children during the school day. The following film was one made by the Department of Defense in 1942 as part of a series. Titled “War Comes to America,” it is quite the masterpiece of American propaganda.

Part way through this letter Roscoe mentions President Roosevelt’s speech that he made from Arlington National Cemetery on Armistice Day. I was unable to find an audio recording of the speech. However, if you follow the hyperlink in the letter, you will find yourself at the FDR library’s website and the digital images of Roosevelt’s typewritten copies of the speech he made that day.

Letter transcription:

Nov. 12, 1942

Dear Mother,

Got two letters today one a V-mail dated Sept 25 and one an ordinary letter dated Sept. 9. Both were rather stale and why couldn’t I have gotten the Sept 25 before the Oct. 6. The first that I knew about David. Anyway that’s the way they came and still the latest news is Oct 27 which came several days ago. Maybe things will happen tomorrow. We always keep thinking that. And once in a while it really hits.

WPA Censorship Poster

WPA Censorship Poster

I’ve been officially appointed on the censor board. I’ve censored lots before but not officially. It’s a job that isn’t very desirable but still has to be done. I’ve heard some of the enlisted men say they just put things in to see if the censor will catch them. So you see why it has to be done.

I started just a little late to finish this by daylight. So I may have

[page 2] to stop any time now. Due to the fact that I had night duty and didn’t have a flashlight I was given one of Navy issue today. So if you have granted my desire I’ll have two which won’t be too many because one never knows when one will go bad.

Our mosquitoes are truly viscous at night if we aren’t in the hall. We have to be under our nets as they really carry on. Even bite thru shirt & pants, but we can really thumb our noses at them when inside the net.

I’ll have to stop – have been listening to news broadcast from both sides and strange as it may seem both sides think they are going to win. Things do look pretty good. We heard the president’s speech as it was rebroadcast. We heard it at about 4:00 AM this morning.

At 8:00 tonite
This is my night off so I hope I can go to bed and not be disturbed by mosquitoes also if you could get some of the ointment that

[page 3] that we had when we were in Wis. last year I think that would help. It would keep them off while we got undressed for bed.

Had very good chow this P.M. – Hamburger balls, a cabbage pineapple salad and peach cobbler that’s all I can remember but it was good. Our chow is much better now than it was a few weeks ago. We don’t seem to be rationed on anything but love & kisses and we just don’t have those at all only in our dreams – which don’t help much.

You had better buy all the gas you can and preserve the supply so if you have to make any trip to Lafayette you’ll have enough to make the trip.

I started this letter about 6:00 PM and it is now about 9:20 PM almost bed time and soon time for taps when all lights have to be out.

Well, I’m all run down So Solong

-Lots of Love


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