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Snowed Yesterday (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
Nov. 9 – 1943

Dear Daddy,

Yours of Nov. 2 came today – again I’ll repeat about letters last week – you didn’t put on Navy 133 and I addressed several letters like that so they may be returned. I just but Base Hosp. #4.

It is a cloudy, chilly day. It snowed yesterday & some during the night. The school children had enough snow to make snow balls but it nearly all gone now. John surprised me by wanting long underwear and in order to get them before he changed his mind I took him to town after school yesterday and outfitted him for winter. Underwear, sox, corduroy pants, sweater

[page 2] gloves and he had a wool cap he is wearing so that takes care of him pretty well. I think the cold snap yesterday brought most of the boys around to head gear of some sort. When we were in B. & B. store Rose said the change in weather had caused a rush in the store all day.

David just walked alone from the N.E. corner cupboard to me here at the desk (south wall of dining room). He was rattling something and I told him to get out – held out my hand and he made the journey without a tumble. He is in the drooley period again. Has seven teeth and another trying to come thru. I bought him a pr. of brown shoes (4 ½  – coupon 18) yesterday. The white no. 4’s were getting to short & since he walks around so much thought he should have more room for his feet. This is the first pr. I have had to give coupon for.

[page 3] The coffee rationing is over but it never did bother me. I still make slightly weak coffee in the old perculator. How I have wished I had let you get me the coffee maker that time in Sears when you wanted to, but that is nothing to cry about.

David has now journeyed to the kitchen and is throwing everything out of one of the stove drawers. I just looked his way and he has both drawers open, and taking out everything. Helen Salter said you would know more about D. by me writing about him all the time, than some men at home with their children. I do hope I have given you a good word picture all along.

I understand Dr. Van K. didn’t want to leave the Army but had to because of a blanket order retiring a number of older men. John said he talked at school this morning. I didn’t ask him the topic – I was very busy when he told me & didn’t go into detail about it.

[page 4] I had a letter from Ethel W. today. Wayne was gone when we went thru T.H. going to C.C. and we went back by Brazil. She said he hated so missing us. Mark W. is growing just like J. & M. I don’t think Mark has grown like John but J. certainly has shot up this last year. I got size 16 pants for him yesterday – because that was the only size left & they are just a wee bit large.

I had the radio going this a.m. (something unusual) and heard Churchill talk from London then heard Roosevelt speak about the U.N.R.A. (United Nation’s Relief) A conference is opening in Atlanta City and the President gave the introductory speech from Washington.

I must go see about D. He has drooled thru his bib, shirt, etc., and is still tossing pans around.

Love Mother

©2015 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
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