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Snowed Yesterday (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
Nov. 9 – 1943

Dear Daddy,

Yours of Nov. 2 came today – again I’ll repeat about letters last week – you didn’t put on Navy 133 and I addressed several letters like that so they may be returned. I just but Base Hosp. #4.

It is a cloudy, chilly day. It snowed yesterday & some during the night. The school children had enough snow to make snow balls but it nearly all gone now. John surprised me by wanting long underwear and in order to get them before he changed his mind I took him to town after school yesterday and outfitted him for winter. Underwear, sox, corduroy pants, sweater

[page 2] gloves and he had a wool cap he is wearing so that takes care of him pretty well. I think the cold snap yesterday brought most of the boys around to head gear of some sort. When we were in B. & B. store Rose said the change in weather had caused a rush in the store all day.

David just walked alone from the N.E. corner cupboard to me here at the desk (south wall of dining room). He was rattling something and I told him to get out – held out my hand and he made the journey without a tumble. He is in the drooley period again. Has seven teeth and another trying to come thru. I bought him a pr. of brown shoes (4 ½  – coupon 18) yesterday. The white no. 4’s were getting to short & since he walks around so much thought he should have more room for his feet. This is the first pr. I have had to give coupon for.

[page 3] The coffee rationing is over but it never did bother me. I still make slightly weak coffee in the old perculator. How I have wished I had let you get me the coffee maker that time in Sears when you wanted to, but that is nothing to cry about.

David has now journeyed to the kitchen and is throwing everything out of one of the stove drawers. I just looked his way and he has both drawers open, and taking out everything. Helen Salter said you would know more about D. by me writing about him all the time, than some men at home with their children. I do hope I have given you a good word picture all along.

I understand Dr. Van K. didn’t want to leave the Army but had to because of a blanket order retiring a number of older men. John said he talked at school this morning. I didn’t ask him the topic – I was very busy when he told me & didn’t go into detail about it.

[page 4] I had a letter from Ethel W. today. Wayne was gone when we went thru T.H. going to C.C. and we went back by Brazil. She said he hated so missing us. Mark W. is growing just like J. & M. I don’t think Mark has grown like John but J. certainly has shot up this last year. I got size 16 pants for him yesterday – because that was the only size left & they are just a wee bit large.

I had the radio going this a.m. (something unusual) and heard Churchill talk from London then heard Roosevelt speak about the U.N.R.A. (United Nation’s Relief) A conference is opening in Atlanta City and the President gave the introductory speech from Washington.

I must go see about D. He has drooled thru his bib, shirt, etc., and is still tossing pans around.

Love Mother

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In Clay City (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Clay City, Ind.

Dear Daddy –

You will note from the heading I am in C.C. We went thru T.H. yesterday & left J. T. at Mayroses. We left Kent about 2 PM & started for C.C. about 5 – then I happened to think I wanted to see Ethel W. It was a good thing I did because Wayne was at Teachers Convention and Ethel was going to take Mark & go home today. I didn’t have time to visit long because all three boys were anxious to get going but at least I saw her a few minutes. We got almost here & had to detour past Dietz – they are oiling 59 and all the traffic has to come this way. Your mother certainly is getting the dust when the wind is from the south. She is hoping it will change so the people on the south side of the road will get part of it – or that she won’t get it all. She & Dad slept upstairs last nite. I had to sleep down because of the baby’s bed so she thought I wouldn’t rest well on the davenport. I slept pretty good until 3 a.m. then was awake off & on until time to get up. I still feel tired but I think I will for a while.

We are going to town this afternoon and do some visiting. Faye asked us down to dinner tomorrow – then the next day will be Sat. & Sun. we go back. Time soon flies. It was cloudy this a.m. early & we had a shower but it’s cleared off now and seems very pleasant out. John is with Dwane & Mark with Glendon. Glendon was going nut hunting and of course that suited Mark but not John. John got his report card yesterday. He had 3 – A+’s, 2- A’s, 1 – B+ and two S’s. S is for satisfactory and Phy. Ed & Citizenship have just two grades – satisfactory or D which is below passing. John, Angus, Ina M. Walkup

[page 2] and Evelyn Mingle in the 8th grade were on the honor roll.

David is taking a nap. He has been having a good time this morning. I brought the Taylor Tot along & he can get around in it. The pen is too big to fit in the back of the car & is a nuisance to take along – anyway he doesn’t like to stay in it so the Taylor Tot was the best to bring, then when we go to town we can put him in it while we shop. He can’t walk along & is too heavy to carry. Besides he doesn’t like to be carried – squirms down when he takes a notion he would rather walk.

J. & T. will start back Fri. for Norfolk. He may be there for a while yet or may be sent to another shipyard if he gets changed to Chief steam fitter.

Mom is mashing potatoes, so must go help.

Yegerlehner, John H. & Lovina - 1910s

John and Lovina Yegerlehner in front of their farmhouse (Clay City, Indiana) in the 1910s.

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Oboes and trumpets (Gladys)

1943-04-21Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – No letters so far this week but had several last week. After all the wind rain & snow of yesterday it is sunny today and not much wind. I have a line of clothes soaking up some vitamins (I hope). Hadn’t hung anything out so far this week – due to cloudy and rainy weather. I looked over our garden this morning and we have some radish lettuce & onions peeking through. I have more potatoes to plant when the ground dries enough. The neighbor children are out playing – we have quite an assortment now. Bobby has on his overshoes. He always manages to get in the mud puddles. He is as cute & clever as ever. I intend to go to T. H. one day this week or next to get Mother. She is coming up to stay. I am going to find someone to go with me. I don’t want to drive that far alone. Servies go down quite often and I am going to see if they want to go. I will see Watsons when I go. John is to play an oboe in the band. Carol Josserand had it and decided it was too hard to play so gave it up and Mr. Webster wants John to take it. I had to buy a reed for it – (1.50) I told John that was pretty high but he doesn’t spend much on shows, tec. Mark is to play a trumpet solo Thurs nite at the Jr. Band concert. I am going to either have his horn rebuilt or get him a better one. I can take some pictures of David today – Have 3 more of this roll to take. He is about to go to sleep – after his bath & vegetables – he takes them instead of cereal at 10 – and potatoe at 12. – then cereal at 6 P.M. 18 lbs now will be 7 mo Fri (23).

Love – Mother

Yegerlehner home, E. Dunlop Street, Kentland, circa 1943

Yegerlehner home, E. Dunlop Street, Kentland, circa 1943

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The groundhog’s shadow (Gladys)

1943-02-03Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – If there is anything to the ground hop seeing his shadow we are realizing it today. It was clear all day yesterday (Feb. 2) and just like spring – but today it is typical of what we have had all winter – instead of now it is raining & blowing – Just finished with D. – bath, pablum, etc. He has gone to sleep with his left thumb in his mouth. 14 lbs 9 oz this a.m. The telephone rung about 8:30 and frightened him – he was asleep – I said that wouldn’t have happened if you had been home – he would be used to the telephone any and all times. Arlene and I planned to go see Lucile this P.M. and take our babies but I am sure we won’t walk if this weather continues. I mailed a valentine to you but you probably won’t get it on time. I remember last valentine day – I was a little on the nausea order. Had the flu, etc. This little fellow is worth all the discomforts. You will say so when you come home. Will get our pictures today and send out. I am getting the den floor finished – moving out the piano and making a real nursery. I am sure I can dispose of the piano if I get another one. Will inform you if and when we get one. The uniform money hasn’t come. Had a letter from Watsons – Ethel told me Mark Wayne’s grades so I’ll have to write her about J & M. Mark’s A+ in band and spelling was all he thought necessary. They got your letter and will answer with valentines. The two I got yesterday were dated Jan 26 & 27 – good time. Bank bal at present is around 300⁰⁰ but will have to pay boys ins this month. I didn’t get a Jan. bond so will have to get two this month – Haven’t a safety dep. box yet. Haven’t figured the 42 tax yet.

Love Mother

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