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Cooking Utensils (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.

Dear Daddy –

Yours of Nov. 4 came yesterday but none today. I had a little throat bug, so in order to nip it as soon as possible went down to Dr. M. He swabbed my throat & told me to take sulfadiazine. I am allergic to sulfa at times but decided I could itch a little in order to get my throat well. So far I have taken 5 tablets & no reaction. My throat is better today but still feels scratchy. I have been lying down this afternoon because of taking the sulfa. I feel pretty good but know one should go slow when taking any kind of sulfa. This morning John stirred up a choc. Cake, a batch of oatmeal cookies and I made two pumpkin pies. I sent

[page 2] one pie to Zells. I used their cookie sheet & baking pan. The cookie sheet I have makes things burn and there is such a scarcity of cooking utensils now doubt if I could find a new cookie sheet.

Mark has gone over to Zells now to help Mr. Z. load trash on his trailer. He is going to haul for both of us. Bun Walkup was supposed to come weeks ago & haul clinkers and they have piled up now to the place we have to have them hauled. I haven’t started putting them in the furnace yet – there are so many by spring I hate to start that so soon.

Had a letter from your Mother. She had rec’d yours and told me your new address & was hoping you would see Herschel. I had written her two days ago telling her about receiving your message and she no doubt rec’d it about the time I rec’d hers. She said Carolyn had a bad throat & that Clarence was going

[page 3] to have her tonsils out in the spring. I knew when we were down there she needed something done – she has such a nasal tone.

John is listening to Notre Dame & North Western foot ball game. He understands it. He & Mark talk foot ball a lot. That being the big game here they are interested.

David is in his bed playing with his toy kitten. Trys to say kitty – does pretty good job too. The way he drools, he keeps his front wet if he doesn’t have a bib. Now he is throwing everything out of his bed. Betty Zell came over and he waved bye-bye to her. He does that sometimes. I got some Libby baby food – a combination of vegetables – pumpkin, tomatoe & green bean – believe me it doesn’t taste bad – any way he eats it. Mark took him out for a while after his dinner. It is nice & sunny, cut pretty crisp. Mark hung some things out on the line & they froze so it has to be below freezing for that.

[page 4] Mark has been planning our Thanksgiving dinner – (on your birthday). Wants us to bake a chicken and pumpkin pie. Other than that I don’t know what he has on his mind. So many people now say David looks like Mark. Mrs. Zell says he looks just like “David.” I think so too however at times I can see he looks like John, the Mark – but mostly like you.

John’s class made up a box of gifts to send to Ina May Walkup. She just returned from a hospital in Chicago where she had surgery done on her neck. Her head was drawn to one side.

I understand Bill Zimmerman had to take his physical Oct. 1 – he is still in the store – I don’t know whether he was rejected – but haven’t the “nerve” to ask them – I have an idea he was – don’t you? Bob Schurrter (ag teacher) was to have joined to Navy but he is still teaching.

I think David needs dry clothes both top & bottom so will take care of our young son.
Love Mother

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In Clay City (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Clay City, Ind.

Dear Daddy –

You will note from the heading I am in C.C. We went thru T.H. yesterday & left J. T. at Mayroses. We left Kent about 2 PM & started for C.C. about 5 – then I happened to think I wanted to see Ethel W. It was a good thing I did because Wayne was at Teachers Convention and Ethel was going to take Mark & go home today. I didn’t have time to visit long because all three boys were anxious to get going but at least I saw her a few minutes. We got almost here & had to detour past Dietz – they are oiling 59 and all the traffic has to come this way. Your mother certainly is getting the dust when the wind is from the south. She is hoping it will change so the people on the south side of the road will get part of it – or that she won’t get it all. She & Dad slept upstairs last nite. I had to sleep down because of the baby’s bed so she thought I wouldn’t rest well on the davenport. I slept pretty good until 3 a.m. then was awake off & on until time to get up. I still feel tired but I think I will for a while.

We are going to town this afternoon and do some visiting. Faye asked us down to dinner tomorrow – then the next day will be Sat. & Sun. we go back. Time soon flies. It was cloudy this a.m. early & we had a shower but it’s cleared off now and seems very pleasant out. John is with Dwane & Mark with Glendon. Glendon was going nut hunting and of course that suited Mark but not John. John got his report card yesterday. He had 3 – A+’s, 2- A’s, 1 – B+ and two S’s. S is for satisfactory and Phy. Ed & Citizenship have just two grades – satisfactory or D which is below passing. John, Angus, Ina M. Walkup

[page 2] and Evelyn Mingle in the 8th grade were on the honor roll.

David is taking a nap. He has been having a good time this morning. I brought the Taylor Tot along & he can get around in it. The pen is too big to fit in the back of the car & is a nuisance to take along – anyway he doesn’t like to stay in it so the Taylor Tot was the best to bring, then when we go to town we can put him in it while we shop. He can’t walk along & is too heavy to carry. Besides he doesn’t like to be carried – squirms down when he takes a notion he would rather walk.

J. & T. will start back Fri. for Norfolk. He may be there for a while yet or may be sent to another shipyard if he gets changed to Chief steam fitter.

Mom is mashing potatoes, so must go help.

Yegerlehner, John H. & Lovina - 1910s

John and Lovina Yegerlehner in front of their farmhouse (Clay City, Indiana) in the 1910s.

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Cotton Shortage (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.
Oct. 7 – 1943

Dear Daddy,

Yours of Sept. 28 & 29 came today. Also this letter from Mead Johnson & Co. Thought you might like to see it. I will write them & thank them and if you want any vitamins you can write too. I went to town this a.m. – the stores still close Thurs. P.M. and I needed a few things. I heard that Doris Wilson is going to have another baby – There last is just younger than David. Did I mention that the Bob Hufty’s are also looking for the bird again? I believe some time after the first of the year. It seems this wave of babies is still riding high. The Herb Richcreeks’ have a baby boy several weeks old. I told you before that Louise Krull is expecting again. I saw Mary Thompson Tues. and she looks like she is ready to go to the hospital anytime – and Oct. is her month.

I am planning to go to the hospital again tomorrow and intend to bring Dora Diedam home for the week-end. She is a grad. now & works in O.B. She was on 3rd north just around the corner from Mother’s room but she was changed to 4th . Alice is in training now and Dora told her if she intended to smoke and do things Dora hadn’t done while in training she couldn’t come down there. There are three Kentland girls there in the new class: Mary Tuberty, Alice D. and Joan Hall. The hospital is so short of help they are going to put the new class on the floors as soon as they can get their uniforms. The maids have to help with patients sometimes now. Mentioning the uniforms makes me think of the cotton goods shortage on the market now. I tried to buy shirts for John and Loeb’s only had rayon at $2.50 ea. I got two shirts, at B. & B. and they fit except for the arms (sleeves) & John’s arms are so long. I am

[page 2] going to try & get a size larger if they have any. Mark has plenty of shirts – he gets what John outgrows.

I hid Mark’s bike and he thinks it has been stolen. I am going to let him walk to school a few times then maybe he will be more careful – or will he?

Ina May Walkup is going to have an operation on her neck – do you remember her – in John’s class and her head is drawn to one side. The class is having a party for her this evening after school and J. has to take jello & 5¢. John was talking about football today and I discovered he has to play every day in physical ed. I asked him about his glasses & he says he just leaves them on. His hay fever is much better and he hasn’t complained of a headache lately. David’s cold or allergy (I couldn’t tell which it was) has cleared up too. His vaccination is getting along fine. There is a scab forming now.

My throat trouble seems to have cleared up. I told John I was allergic to our company because after they left I didn’t have sore throat – and I hope it doesn’t come back. If it does I’ll go see Dr. Ade again. I was glad to have Glen & Pauline here but I believe I was nervous with someone else around all the time & that contributed a lot to my throat condition. It seemed I was in the kitchen cooking or washing dishes most of the time. Pauline did a lot of work for me – the house cleaning, but there was more or less confusion all the time with two babies to feed & bathe, put out of doors, etc.

Lucile Ortner Jones has been in Manitowac with Ken but is back and is going to work for Nick – I think she is going to cook. – Doris Green is married & Van Scoycks’ daughter Margaret is going to marry a Dr. Klemsmith, a chemist – John Sullivan has the auto license office now & Dorothy Nugent is going to be clerk. – Bill Nugent won first at Hazeldon’s golf tournament. I scanned over the paper and collected these items – almost forgot Joe Fletcher is going to work for the Power Co.

Love – Mother

Diedam, Alice - Nursing Cadet card

World War II Cadet Nursing Corps Card for Alice Diedam (Image courtesy of Ancestry.com)

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The 7th day of the New Year (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland, Ind
Jan 7 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

On the 7th day of the new year and I wonder what I have done with this first week – nothing much it seems. This afternoon is a little on the gloomy side. It has been snowing and it is foggy. Not so cold but not the kind of weather to get out in after a throat infection. I am going to welcome spring with open arms. I believe I am getting tired of winter and Jan & Feb yet to go. I feel pretty good toady. My throat feels better but I am going to be careful about going out for a while – Will see Dr. Ade again tomorrow. Maybe another treatment will clear things up.

John is working on the music I told you about some time ago. He forgot to copy it off and so did I but he is doing it now and will mail it – his version of Star Spangled Banner. I don’t know whether his vacation from exams is going him much good. He had to wash dishes and take care of two washes of clothes for David. He is going with us to Laf. tomorrow so maybe that will make up for his work today. He doesn’t seem to mind. Mark decided he wanted some oysters so he went to town & got a pint. I didn’t know how

[page 2] much they were and when he told me I almost swooned (.55¢). John doesn’t care for them so Mark & I will do the pint justice. I feel like I should make several meals out of them at that price. The last time I priced creamery butter it was about .60¢ lb so I just stick to G.L. I don’t know what meat costs in the stores but know it is very high. Oranges are 45¢ dz and sometimes more. So much for the high cost of eating.

Mark tried to skate yesterday but he didn’t have his shoes laced tight enough and he couldn’t do much. Some of the children made fun of him and he was in a bad mood but I explained to him that he would have to lace his shoes very tight so he thinks maybe he will do better this evening. It is cold enough that the pond is well frozen over. Now that exams are going the children who are exempted are skating – some of them. John wrote you that Angus Washburn, Ina May Walkup & he were the only ones entirely free from exams – Betty Lou & Carol Josserand were here on their way to the pond. Betty L. had to take all but Arith. I must change the subject or you will think I am being a proud mama.

I started adding egg yoke to David’s formula today. 1/8 tsp a day until he gets a whole yolk a day. I see he has his

[page 3] covers kicked off. He has found his hands and spends much of his time looking at them. –

As usual no local paper today (Thurs) so can’t scan over for local news, which probably wouldn’t be much anyway. I worked on the bank statement last night, I mean I checked with my balance and with no taxes or ins. (except mine) paid we have a bal. of around 500⁰⁰ – I bought 6 37⁵⁰ bonds last week – but after I decided to get a coat thought I had better go slow on further investments until after Ins & taxes, car license, etc are all paid. I have a chance to buy a piano for $100⁰⁰. It is a studio, about the size of Ruth M’s. What do you think about getting it? It is about 3 yrs old and is a Wirrletzer. It isn’t a first rate brand but about the same kind as we have, only it is practically new and would be much better for John to practice on. Let me have your opinion if you get this letter.

I think I told you about Amal Taylor giving me a check for $9⁰⁰ and that it “bounced” – I just took it back to the bank and left it in case he deposited any money, so on this month’s statement – I mean Dec. statement it came thru. That is $9⁰⁰ I didn’t have much hope of getting.

[page 4]The uniform money has not come. I think I told you your policy came but it hasn’t yet – there was a slip advising me it would come but as yet it hasn’t. This slip is to take the place of the policy until it is written or sent out. I would think it would be issued by this time. I am enclosing a calendar for Jan. I cut it off a blotter. If you get Geo Tilton’s letter you will get a full year’s calendar – also if you get one of the boxes I sent you will get one (Rexall).

I have given you Jim’s address several times but here it is again – Ship’s company Camp Bradford, Norfolk, Va – James L. Foster S.K.C. Thelma got a release from her job in T. H. and is working for the Army in Norfolk.

David has had a nap and is now awake and John seems to think he needs his mother’s attention, so will have to see if dry pants are needed. The boys have tried to do that for him but are a little awkward and I am afraid they might hurt him. When he gets a little older they will learn to handle him but they seem to think he will break if they try to pick him up.


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