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Letter from Jim #3

December 17,1945 envelope

December 17,1945 envelope

Letter transcription:

December 17, 1945, p. 1

December 17, 1945, p. 1

17 Dec. 1945

Dear Sis & Co. –

Thanks for the quick answer. My shopping is almost completed now.

Our plans have been changed – Mayroses were planning spending Christmas in N.Y. with their son, providing they could get train reservations both ways, they did not know until last Friday. So now that they have them they want to have a Christmas with their two children for it has been a darn long time since the family has been together so now we are going to N.Y., leaving Saturday, we are to meet them at the Penn station and drive on out to Larchmont to spend Sunday, Monday and Tuesday – we will then start for Terre Haute at least not later than Thursday so we should arrive in Kentland on our way to Terre Haute – sometime late Wednesday night or Thursday morning or sometime late Thursday night or Friday morning all depending on when we leave N.Y. We will get word to you so you will know the day we get underway from N.Y.

December 17, 1945, p. 2

December 17, 1945, p. 2

[page 2] Thelma has 17 days and of course I have all the time I want, have three applications so should get some word from one of them soon. Thelma has another month to serve on her contract then she will return to Terre Haute to be with her mother for a season and of course I may have a job of some kind by that time.

After so long a time we get word from Glenn. Got a wire from Pauline says Glenn has left her with word that he is not returning. I left Erie last Friday and before I got to Washington Pauline called long distance from Lovelock to talk to me, Thelma answered the phone and tried to tell her I was out of town so she left word for me to call, then the next day (Friday) the wire came, it was waiting for me when I got home, I wired her to this time. “NO POINT IN PHONING SEND ME AN AIRMAIL LETTER OF YOUR PROBLEM” – So far I have not received any word, not time yet of course. When she talked with Thelma she insisted I call her as soon as I got in but that cost too damn much money and we would not have accomplished a darn thing. I am enclosing the wire from Pauline. Please save it, I want to try to impress upon her when I do see her how useless it all was so I want the wire to have when talking with her. I am going to try to get the boys, Thelma and I will take care of them. I told her once I would be glad to adopt them so anyway when some more news develops I will let you know.


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In Clay City (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Clay City, Ind.

Dear Daddy –

You will note from the heading I am in C.C. We went thru T.H. yesterday & left J. T. at Mayroses. We left Kent about 2 PM & started for C.C. about 5 – then I happened to think I wanted to see Ethel W. It was a good thing I did because Wayne was at Teachers Convention and Ethel was going to take Mark & go home today. I didn’t have time to visit long because all three boys were anxious to get going but at least I saw her a few minutes. We got almost here & had to detour past Dietz – they are oiling 59 and all the traffic has to come this way. Your mother certainly is getting the dust when the wind is from the south. She is hoping it will change so the people on the south side of the road will get part of it – or that she won’t get it all. She & Dad slept upstairs last nite. I had to sleep down because of the baby’s bed so she thought I wouldn’t rest well on the davenport. I slept pretty good until 3 a.m. then was awake off & on until time to get up. I still feel tired but I think I will for a while.

We are going to town this afternoon and do some visiting. Faye asked us down to dinner tomorrow – then the next day will be Sat. & Sun. we go back. Time soon flies. It was cloudy this a.m. early & we had a shower but it’s cleared off now and seems very pleasant out. John is with Dwane & Mark with Glendon. Glendon was going nut hunting and of course that suited Mark but not John. John got his report card yesterday. He had 3 – A+’s, 2- A’s, 1 – B+ and two S’s. S is for satisfactory and Phy. Ed & Citizenship have just two grades – satisfactory or D which is below passing. John, Angus, Ina M. Walkup

[page 2] and Evelyn Mingle in the 8th grade were on the honor roll.

David is taking a nap. He has been having a good time this morning. I brought the Taylor Tot along & he can get around in it. The pen is too big to fit in the back of the car & is a nuisance to take along – anyway he doesn’t like to stay in it so the Taylor Tot was the best to bring, then when we go to town we can put him in it while we shop. He can’t walk along & is too heavy to carry. Besides he doesn’t like to be carried – squirms down when he takes a notion he would rather walk.

J. & T. will start back Fri. for Norfolk. He may be there for a while yet or may be sent to another shipyard if he gets changed to Chief steam fitter.

Mom is mashing potatoes, so must go help.

Yegerlehner, John H. & Lovina - 1910s

John and Lovina Yegerlehner in front of their farmhouse (Clay City, Indiana) in the 1910s.

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Funeral Arrangements (Gladys)

1943-10-16 (GRY)Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – No letters today but two yesterday. I had to go to Hufty’s to complete arrangements & Bob showed me the death certificate. It gave carcinoma of Pancreas as cause. I haven’t rec’d the autopsy report yet. Will write you details when I get them. I looked up pancreas & after reading description can understand the case better. No doubt the thing was too far advanced for help when Dr. Cole started on the case. Your mother is here and plans to remain until next week then I want to take her home. J. & M. won’t have school after Wed. (Teacher’s convention). I don’t know who is coming. I wired everyone I thought should have the word. Jim is coming to Laf. tomorrow & Mayrose are going to meet J. & T. at the train & bring them on up here – I was thinking about what you said regarding the prescription I didn’t have filled for John – Well, I know what bromides are and to my way of thinking wouldn’t do John any good. The headaches are gone and the nervousness he displayed for Dr. V. is only under such circumstances – I really got a “kick” out of what you said. I read your recommendations to John about his face treatment & chocolateless diet – He didn’t care for either. His face is some better but don’t worry about squeezing anything on his face – you should know better.
Love Mother

Foster, Emma H. (Laughead) - Death, 1943

Indiana death certificate for Emma Foster, October 1943

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Mother comes to stay (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland, Ind
May 16, 1943.

Dear Daddy,

Sunday evening and just got the boys in. They were running around in circles – getting a sweat up and going a lot of damage to coupon 17 (shoes). It has been such a grand day they have been outside most of the time. Mayroses brought Mother up today and she came to stay this time. I got a chicken out of the locker and we had baked chicken for dinner. And I ground up the leftovers and made sandwiches for a supper. It is light so late now they weren’t in any hurry to start home so decided they could eat before starting out. Those chickens certainly are handy to have all ready to use,

[page 2] after all the rain yesterday, it came down in sheets & torrents last night. They started to come up on highway 63 but the water was so deep over the road they had to go back and cross over to 41, which made them a little late in arriving (12:30). Mark was about the only one to suffer – he thought he would starve before we could get dinner on. We sat out in the yard after dinner. Put David in his buggy so he got a good sunbath. John, Mark & the Zell girls decided to play croquet and Mr. Mayrose looked on.

Mark’s grades weren’t very good this last period and his exam grades were worse I going to try to get him to read a lot this summer and also work on arithmetic – He made C – on his arth. Exam. His Lennes pad [an arithmatic workbook] wasn’t nearly finished

[page 3] so I am going to get him to finish it. He can get his work if he takes time. I had him read to me last night and he does very well, but keeping him at it is what he needs. John is practicing on his recital piece. The recital is to be the 28th of May.

You remember the girl we went to see out on Ocean View last summer whose husband is a Navy officer? Well she is in Sheldon with her parents. She has a baby girl eight weeks old and she was several weeks getting word to her husband of the baby’s arrival. Her name was Sipe – married John Hamm. Miss Smith keeps me posted on them. I didn’t ask about his location, I suppose it is not to be known.

Link and I were working on the flower bed that divides our yards Fri evening and both intended to resume our work

[page 4] Sat. but the rain kept us from doing so but I noticed he was out this evening finishing his side. If it doesn’t rain tonight or in the morning I want to get out tomorrow and finish our side. This reminds me of the seeds I sent you. I looked up to see when I mailed them and it was Apr 13 so you should have them by now. Your Mother wrote that she sent you several packs, so if you get them all should be able to farm in a big way –

The competition I have now is almost too much. Mark is sitting by me reading & John is practicing – Mark is going thru the patent leather hair phase – keeps his hair soaked all the time and is trying to get a wave trained – and what’s worse he uses brilliantine on it. That is hard on the pillow slip – had to soak the last one I took off to get the oil out. Well I give up for this time and will try to finish tomorrow when I hope I can find it a little more quiet here.

Love – Mother

YEG1943-05 Gladys and David with Mayroses

Gladys holding David, with Mr. and Mrs. Mayrose

YEG1943-05 Emma and David with Mayroses

Emma, Mr. and Mrs. Mayrose, and David

[Editor’s note: Mr. and Mrs. Mayrose were the parents of Thelma Mayrose. Thelma was the wife of Gladys’ brother, Jim.]


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The Jackpot (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind

Dear Daddy –

As Mark would say – I hit the jackpot this a.m. – 4 letters Apr 16 – 19 & 2 dated the 20th – The box with the chicken bones – I sent those in the original tin box so they would be intact when you received them. You should get another box soon because I sent one a few days after sending the chicken bones. There is a 5 lb limit so had to divide the original box I packed.

Our weather has changed rather drastically. Wed. it was hot and windy, Thurs it began to cloud up then started to rain – rained most of Fri and today is still wet and raining and pretty cool, so it is just as well we haven’t taken the storm windows down yet. All three boys have colds, but I think it is due to weather conditions. John didn’t take measles after all, tho I had to keep him home from school Wed – Thurs & Fri. He didn’t go to take his music lesson today either.

[page 2] Some time later – heard a special radio weather broadcast – frost is predicted – as cool as it is now it wouldn’t surprise me. It seems to be clearing off now and if it does by night time I am sure it will be cold enough to freeze. Tomorrow is Mother’s Day – I got your letter mentioning it – came right when it should. I told J. & M. not to spend anything for me for Easter & Mother’s Day and I would just add that much to a set of dishes. Not expensive ones – but you know how dishes go around here and it’s about time for a new set. I sent your Mother a pr of hose & a hanky & card. I got myself a pr of shoes and after walking around in them decided they weren’t comfortable for walking (what I bought them for) so Mother tried them on and said she could wear them – I gave them to her so I told her that was her Mother’s Day gift.

In re-reading the letters that came today. The v-mail hasn’t come yet and I have been sending v-mail & air mail both – The past week I have alternated – The reason I stopped sending air mail

[page 3] when I did – I was told they wouldn’t go by air at all – but will try again and you can let me know which does the best. I’ll keep sending v-m every other day & air mail on the alternate day.

Mark is taking 4-H this summer – Gardening & baking – imagine our Mark wanting to bake – I helped him stir up a syrup cake this morning. He really enjoys it. What I think he likes most is licking the bowls and then eating the cake when it’s baked.

When I sent your Christmas box I didn’t have room to pack the box of chicken bones – and that was the reason I took them out the tin and wrapped them in a wax paper bag – I told Nick & Dorothy what happened to them – Nick was rather sarcastic about “leave it to a woman to do something like that” – So when I got your letter this morning in which you mentioned the bones I presumed they weren’t in the tin box I sent them in – so I called D. and told her to tell Nick his sarcasm was unnecessary.

Nick took one exam for a commission in the Navy but he didn’t go back for

[page 4] a final – and I doubt if he does. John got a letter from Dwane written on their way to see Kenneth at Camp Robinson in Ark. I suppose Mom wrote you that K. is in Medical Div.

I was to go to T.H. today to get Mother but thought maybe I had better call her to be ready – well when I called she said she thought she would stay another week then Mayroses would bring her up – so that saves me the trip down and I don’t care. I wasn’t anticipating the trip. I want to go to Laf. Wed. to the Hospital Day Ceremony honoring the Doctors in Service.

As I have told you in previous letters, I haven’t bought any bonds this year but have been waiting for the uniform money to come thru. By the time I got all the first of the year bills paid and bought the 6- 50 bonds I haven’t much of a balance – at present it will be under $100 when I get everything pd – Just wrote a ck for $44 for coal, etc. In spite of all the ceiling – the price of food is much higher and it costs just to keep the grocery bills paid. David is singing – about time for him to eat – and – he has a coming appetite today, in spite of a slight cold.

Love Mother

Yegerlehner home, E. Dunlop Street, Kentland, circa 1943

Yegerlehner home, E. Dunlop Street, Kentland, circa 1943

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Our street was a sheet of ice (Gladys)

1943-01-17Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – Sunday evening and the family in bed except me and waiting for D. to take his 10 PM before I turn in. Mayrose’s brought Mother up today. The weather was fair for the trip and it is snowing some this evening and when the boys came home from Youth Fellowship said was so slick they couldn’t stay on their feet. I noticed cars going very slow. Our street was a sheet of ice yesterday. The ice is so thick some children skate on it going to and from the pond. I hope it is better by morning as I need to go to town and I don’t want to walk. Since having this sinus trouble I try not to go out in the cold air any more than necessary. It is better this evening. Should clear up soon now. I hope it doesn’t continue indefinitely. John and Mark are both up and going again but John still has a little stiff neck. He was able to take care of the furnace today. Mark is as lively as ever. They have the electric train hooked up in our bedroom and have been playing with it this week-end. I suppose they will leave it there until I get tired walking around it. Mark has been trying to think up some of the things David will get into when he begins to get around. John says he isn’t going to worry about such things. Thanks for the letter about your trip and I might add, you do a good job telling things.


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