The Jackpot (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind

Dear Daddy –

As Mark would say – I hit the jackpot this a.m. – 4 letters Apr 16 – 19 & 2 dated the 20th – The box with the chicken bones – I sent those in the original tin box so they would be intact when you received them. You should get another box soon because I sent one a few days after sending the chicken bones. There is a 5 lb limit so had to divide the original box I packed.

Our weather has changed rather drastically. Wed. it was hot and windy, Thurs it began to cloud up then started to rain – rained most of Fri and today is still wet and raining and pretty cool, so it is just as well we haven’t taken the storm windows down yet. All three boys have colds, but I think it is due to weather conditions. John didn’t take measles after all, tho I had to keep him home from school Wed – Thurs & Fri. He didn’t go to take his music lesson today either.

[page 2] Some time later – heard a special radio weather broadcast – frost is predicted – as cool as it is now it wouldn’t surprise me. It seems to be clearing off now and if it does by night time I am sure it will be cold enough to freeze. Tomorrow is Mother’s Day – I got your letter mentioning it – came right when it should. I told J. & M. not to spend anything for me for Easter & Mother’s Day and I would just add that much to a set of dishes. Not expensive ones – but you know how dishes go around here and it’s about time for a new set. I sent your Mother a pr of hose & a hanky & card. I got myself a pr of shoes and after walking around in them decided they weren’t comfortable for walking (what I bought them for) so Mother tried them on and said she could wear them – I gave them to her so I told her that was her Mother’s Day gift.

In re-reading the letters that came today. The v-mail hasn’t come yet and I have been sending v-mail & air mail both – The past week I have alternated – The reason I stopped sending air mail

[page 3] when I did – I was told they wouldn’t go by air at all – but will try again and you can let me know which does the best. I’ll keep sending v-m every other day & air mail on the alternate day.

Mark is taking 4-H this summer – Gardening & baking – imagine our Mark wanting to bake – I helped him stir up a syrup cake this morning. He really enjoys it. What I think he likes most is licking the bowls and then eating the cake when it’s baked.

When I sent your Christmas box I didn’t have room to pack the box of chicken bones – and that was the reason I took them out the tin and wrapped them in a wax paper bag – I told Nick & Dorothy what happened to them – Nick was rather sarcastic about “leave it to a woman to do something like that” – So when I got your letter this morning in which you mentioned the bones I presumed they weren’t in the tin box I sent them in – so I called D. and told her to tell Nick his sarcasm was unnecessary.

Nick took one exam for a commission in the Navy but he didn’t go back for

[page 4] a final – and I doubt if he does. John got a letter from Dwane written on their way to see Kenneth at Camp Robinson in Ark. I suppose Mom wrote you that K. is in Medical Div.

I was to go to T.H. today to get Mother but thought maybe I had better call her to be ready – well when I called she said she thought she would stay another week then Mayroses would bring her up – so that saves me the trip down and I don’t care. I wasn’t anticipating the trip. I want to go to Laf. Wed. to the Hospital Day Ceremony honoring the Doctors in Service.

As I have told you in previous letters, I haven’t bought any bonds this year but have been waiting for the uniform money to come thru. By the time I got all the first of the year bills paid and bought the 6- 50 bonds I haven’t much of a balance – at present it will be under $100 when I get everything pd – Just wrote a ck for $44 for coal, etc. In spite of all the ceiling – the price of food is much higher and it costs just to keep the grocery bills paid. David is singing – about time for him to eat – and – he has a coming appetite today, in spite of a slight cold.

Love Mother

Yegerlehner home, E. Dunlop Street, Kentland, circa 1943

Yegerlehner home, E. Dunlop Street, Kentland, circa 1943

©2014 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
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4 thoughts on “The Jackpot (Gladys)

  1. davidmadison1942

    Again with those damn chicken bones! LOL: ” so I called D. and told her to tell Nick his sarcasm was unnecessary.”

    Hey, someone had predicted frost on May 15th!

    DUH, Yes: “What I think he likes most is licking the bowls and then eating the cake when it’s baked.”

    “David is singing – about time for him to eat ” See–I had her well trained. 🙂

  2. thegenealogygirl

    I’m still pretty mystified by the chicken bones. So, I googled it, looks like chicken bones was a popular candy at this time. I wonder if that is what they are referring to.


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