November 15, 1942 (Gladys)

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Things in Washington were not always too serious as President Roosevelt occasionally provided some light hearted humor. The president apparently became a bit flummoxed and mixed his metaphors during a press conference. As usual, the press corps were merciless.

On a more serious note, November 15th was the day that Roosevelt made a speech concerning the Philippines.  The speech commemorated the 7th anniversary of the Philippines becoming a commonwealth. Gladys might have heard this speech on the radio:
Roosevelt Speech regarding the Philippines 11-15-1942

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
Nov 15 – 1942

Dear Daddy –

Sunday evening and just finished giving David his oleum & orange juice. He got a little off schedule this morning and missed getting it at the regular time. He slept thru his 2 a.m. feeing but woke at 4 instead. This afternoon we drove over to Watseka to see Mrs. R [Leila Roberts] but she wasn’t home. On our way back John wanted to stop & see Miss Smith so we did. Her sister-in-law was there with her baby – 5 mo. old. She thought David looked so small but then she said she had almost forgotten her baby had been so small. We also stopped at Krull’s – Dorothy had a headache and is going down to see Dr. Ade Thursday. Since they are closed on Thurs that is the best time for her to go. Nick has a dishwasher and Dorothy operates it and he cooks. They haven’t any other kitchen help. I must get John to Dr. A this fall. He went to see him in Aug. but Dr. A said then his glasses would do him until about Christmas. The band is going to Purdue to broadcast Sat. and I may arrange to have him go then.

[page 2] Wish you could hear the broadcast – of course you wouldn’t be able to discern John’s blowing from the rest but maybe it would help to hear it. John is practicing now & Mark is washing the dishes. They went to the Youth fellowship meeting and we didn’t eat supper until they came home. On the advice of Mr. Zell and much to the boys delight we are going to leave the leaves on the grass except where they have bunched up and are causing the grass to die. There is quite a pile on the terrace so it will have to be raked but that is about all. We have had so much wind recently that it wouldn’t do much good to rake. Mrs. Zell says this wind is something they aren’t used to – they used to live close to Cincinatti and of course they wouldn’t have so much there. Seems to me it has been unusually windy this fall – but maybe that is like the Californians say about their weather. I didn’t get a letter Sat so will be looking for two or more Mon. They came every day last week until Sat. I sent your Mother an enlargement of the picture you sent. I told you that before but repeat just in case. The bank bal. is around 700 – that includes the birthday gift. I am afraid you are going to get tired of this but I decided after the last two letters I had better repeat certain things in every letter. Allotment comes every month. Notice of your insurance policy came too – policy to follow. That came some time ago.

[page 3] I sent Lentz pictures & films in your birthday box – hope you get it. It is getting late so must finish this & get it to the P.O. so it will go out early in the morning,

Love Mother

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1 thought on “November 15, 1942 (Gladys)

  1. davidmadison1942

    Things I never knew department: that John went with the band to Purdue for a broadcast; that Mr. Zell recommended leaving the leaves on the grass; that the Zells had come from Ohio.


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