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An Emergency Leave (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
July 22 – 1943

DearDaddy –

If the weather takes a beating it’s because of the variety. It is too cool today to have the windows on the north open. Yesterday it was so sweltering hot after the rain we had in the a.m. then during the night this cold wind started blowing in from the north. I was tired from the trip to Laf. yesterday, besides cleaning the weeks out around the evergreens after supper, and thought I would go right to sleep, but heard Mother and went in to see about her. She was having gas pains so bad she couldn’t rest. I didn’t have anything for pain so gave her a nembulal – she quieted down and has slept most of the day from it – however she didn’t sleep any yesterday due to the heat and

[page 2] said she didn’t sleep between 3 & 4 this morning so that is one of the reasons she has slept so much today. I saw Dr. Cole and he changed one of her medicines. She took one does last night and while I was downstairs this morning after taking her breakfast up she tried to take a dose of medicine & dropped the bottle and broke it, so will have to get that prescription refilled. Jim wrote that if I thought he should come home to go to the Red Cross & get him an emergency leave. I called Bob Hufty this a.m. and he was going to talk to Ed M. – the Red Cross man in Goodland who takes care of those things – and get Him to come home. I hope I am doing the right thing, but Jim think he will get a leave after he gets a placement – but I am afraid it may not work out that way – and as frail as Mother is I think he should come home. If it were your Mother I think I would go thru the Red Cross and get an emergency leave for you.

Mark is out with D. giving him a sunning – David slept so long this afternoon I had to awaken him to give him his dinner. He has had only one bottle today. Drank his milk from a glass at 11 & 3.

[page 3] Mark picked beans again and we got 4 more qts canned today – by picking them and canning 4 qts at a time it won’t be such a task. We have 8 qt now and think there will be another picking Sat.

Tomorrow is David’s 10th month. I weighed him this a.m. but he hasn’t made much gain the past month. He eats good and takes a can of milk a day but he is so active I think he keeps streamlined. He doesn’t look thin but his Mother wanted to add another lb. to his chart on his 10th month – He is doing “O.K.” so that is all that’s necessary. He won’t sit on my lap – he climbs all over me if I try to hold him – he likes action. He climbs out of his play chair (you saw it in one picture). The other day he managed to get his chair pushed over to the stove and I watched him to see what he would do – He got hold of the oven door handle and pulled himself up to the stove and played on the burners – I stood right behind him so he wouldn’t fall to see how far he would go. He doesn’t like No! No! he gives them a dirty look.

[page 4] John is reading the new Colliers. He needs a new reed for the oboe & couldn’t get one so can’t go to band practice tonite. I have been promising the children a wiener roast in the back yard so will have that for them this evening. There is a lot of trash accumulated in the furnace I want to get burned. It’s hard to get marshmallows but John is a good buyer and has cornered several packages so they are going to have them in addition to wieners – Mrs. Zell said she would furnish ice cream & cookies.

Mary McGee Arnett went to Laf. with Arlene & I yesterday. She is Dr. Cole’s patient. Her baby is due in 5 wks. Her husband is in Texas and she thinks maybe he will have to leave U.S. before the baby is born (it’s been done before).

Kathryn Ade joined the Women’s Marine Corps. She is at present at Lake Geneva, Wis. awaiting call. I see by the paper that Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Lohr (Rose Carter – still owes us 12⁰⁰) have a baby boy. Also Bud Hancock is a father – baby girl – That’s about all the news I see & think will interest you.

Love Mother

1943 - David playing with lawn chair

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6 months old (Gladys)

1943-03-23Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – Two letters today – that makes 14 this week – The two today were earlier than some of yesterdays but I am always glad to get them. Today David is 6 mo – old (17 lbs) and quite an active little fellow. He doesn’t sit alone yet but has a good straight back and holds erect very good. He sits up good in his high chair and buggy. I must say he is a little more spoiled than either J. or M. but not bad. IT is nice out today so think I’ll get him out for a walk in the sunshine. He hasn’t shown any signs of measles but maybe he won’t having had Immune Globulin. The 7th grade is dropping out pretty fast now so I suppose John will get them now tho he didn’t take them from Mark. I am afraid he will get them about the time we want to go to C. C. Apr 2. I thought the epidemic was about over but there are new cases every day. I wrote to Uncle Wess and to Jewell & Bill today. I have told several people around town the reason you aren’t writing. After writing you about filing separate tax returns Agnes discovered she was wrong about that. Hope we get a rebate on the Gross. I saw in the paper all gross 1942 pd on salary rec’d in Service will be refunded. – Mary McGee (worked for Funks) went to Ari and was married last fall. Her husband was transferred to some place in the east. She is back working for Funks and staying with Bill & Arlene. She is going to have a baby but is going to work as long as she can. I have the picture of you you sent from N. C. on the desk – would like to have a new one in your new brief uniform you mentioned – or would I? We have had so much cold weather I will be glad to get into some lighter clothes. Had a card from Mrs. P. They are in St. P. Fla now. – Those flower pictures look good. I think she will write you from there. Dr. M. got a letter from Joe R. He had rec’d the box Dr. M. sent.

Love Mother

Yegerlehner, David with Mark - 1943-03-23

Mark holding David, March 1943

©2014 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
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