Canning Peas (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
June 23, 1943

Dear Daddy –

David is nine months old today and balances the scale at 20 lbs. I traced his weight course on a chart given in a baby manual and he done a little better than average baby should do. He isn’t gaining so fast now – but he is so active he works his fat off. Of course 20 lbs at 9 months is plenty. He has a good appetite – takes a can of milk & egg yolk a day besides cereal, vegetables & fruit. It has been so hot today he has only his diaper & shoes

[page 2] on. I wouldn’t put shoes on him but he stands up so much & walks around his pen or bed and his shoes help him keep his feet steady.

Mark has gone to take a piano lesson & John is practicing. John used up the accumulated egg whites from David’s formula and made an Angel Food cake this A.M. He is going to be an expert if he keeps up.

Arlene came up yesterday about 5:30 P.M. to borrow the pressure cooker – had a bu. of peas to can. I asked her if she knew how to use it and she didn’t – I told her I couldn’t tell her how to use it, I would have to show her – so I was to

[page 3] go at 7 P.M. and we were to start – well as it usually happens when one wants to get started – bill was late for supper and we didn’t get started so soon. I had to stay until one cooker was finished – also stayed to get the second one on – It was 9:45 P.. when she started to time the second batch – and had two more cookings to do. I came home at 10 – and was so tired – Had been canning peas with Mrs. Zell in the afternoon – so after a shower I got to bed – had to feed David at 6 this A.M. then went back to bed and slept till the mail came and there was a letter from you dated June 9 – had

[page 4] one yesterday of June 10. I feel fine now that I got caught up on my rest. It is hot & sultry today. Of course not as bad as where you are but it is pretty much for this climate. Mother hasn’t felt well since this intense heat started. It has rained almost every day for so long – I can’t remember how long – then between rains the sun is so hot. One day the humidifier was as high as it will go – 80⁰. So much for the weather. Back to the peas – It was 3 A.M. this morning when Arlene finished the peas and in addition to everything – Donnie was sick in the night and she had to give him a enema – I told her I remembered once when she stayed up till 3 A.M. to decorate for a Christmas party.

I am enclosing a greeting from the Ind. State Med. Assn –
Love Mother

YEG1942-06-18 David

©2014 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
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1 thought on “Canning Peas (Gladys)

  1. davidmadison1942

    “he is so active he works his fat off.” Wish that still happened.

    Very cool: “John used up the accumulated egg whites from David’s formula and made an Angel Food cake ”

    So funny to hear about my mother canning peas. She’d given up on that by the time I could remember. Maybe she gave up after that marathon pea-canning day!

    And Alene was canning peas until 3:00? Oy.


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