Forgot the pictures (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.

Dec 19 – 1942

Dear Daddy –

To begin with if you received the letter I sent yesterday you probably wonder what happened to the pictures I promised or rather said I enclosed – well I was in a hurry to get the letter ready to mail and forgot the pictures – so here they are. The weather today hasn’t done anything unusual but it looks like more snow will fall. This present snow is very dirty. After the slight thaw and freeze the snow has a crust that can be walked on.

I went to the class party at Hufty’s last night. My mystery Pal was Pauline Hiestand. Dorothy stayed with the children. The party didn’t hold so late so I didn’t have to keep Dorothy as long as I thought I might. Nick and Buddy came out after Nick closed the restaurant. I tried to go in the car but couldn’t get out of the drive way due to ice – I couldn’t get the car either way so I walked to the party. When Nick came he got the car out of the rut and put it in the garage. I haven’t had time to get it out today but have an idea it is still to slick to get out of the drive. We have had more continuous cold weather this Dec. than sometimes have all winter.

[page 2] Mrs. Washburn & Helen came up this morning to see me. I was getting ready to bathe the baby so they had a chance to see him awake. He was in a very good mood. Helen said how good he was. Since they have to travel when they can get train accommodations they can’t stay over Christmas, but leave Sun. I showed them the shells, necklace and moneys. Helen thought the necklace very pretty. I wore it to the party last night and everyone I showed it to thought it unique. I wore a while blouce so the necklace had a good background.

I had three letters from you this morning dated Dec 9-10-11. So glad you rec’d the pictures. After Christmas I am going to have Hubertz make some and maybe you can get a better idea of how David looks. He looks more like your baby picture every day – I think. I just gave him his bottle and he is feeling pretty good. He still doesn’t sleep thru at night without a bottle but he wakes up so hungry I don’t know what to do but feed him, so guess I’ll keep on until he can sleep through.

John is listening to the opera this afternoon. I was trying to write so sent him up to his room so I could concentrate better. He is to play for Sunday School – in the adult Dept. tomorrow. He was asked to play something so made a medley

[page 3] of Christmas carols. He didn’t go take a music lesson this morning due to having been in Thurs & Fri. He was glad of an excuse not to go because Miss Smith is using Bair’s piano and John says it is so badly out of turn he can’t endure the sound. Mr. Simons is in St. E. for observation so Miss Smith can’t go there now – I suppose Mrs. Simons has closed the house and is staying with her married daughter in Lafayette. I haven’t heard anything about what Mr. Simons trouble is.

Mark has gone to town to do some of his Christmas shopping and buy a few more greetings for me. I didn’t do much about greetings this year. I bought a few at the variety store and sent to friends & relatives we always send to. I sent 16 with pictures of David. I was going to send you one of those pictures but ran out before I was thru so thought I would have a better one made for you.

Had a letter from Ruth M. today. She said she would like for us to come over if possible. If it weren’t for this unusual weather we are having I would try to go over some time during Christmas vacation but with the baby so small I am in favor of staying home till warmer weather.

David received a Christmas greeting from Dr. & Mrs. Cole. Their greeting this

[page 4] year is a picture taken of their cocker spaniel out in front of their house by the sign post. You remember they have the sign post by the driveway. It has the outline of the horse & buggy with their name underneath. You mentioned taking the serum along when I take David for his shots – I had thought of that – because it is still good and will be then and it is the combined shots. I won’t take him for shots until March (6 mo old).

I told you in a previous letter the boys bought 5⁰⁰ each worth of stamps out of their 10⁰⁰ – I wrote to F & R about what a kick Mark got from the 10⁰⁰ – Floyd said he bet that 10⁰⁰ looked bigger to Mark than next year’s budget to Congress. I think John appreciated his just as much but he isn’t so much to demonstrate. You can appreciate that. After Christmas I am either going to buy a coat or put “my” money in a saving acc’t and also take out most of the bank acc’t and put on interest somewhere. We really don’t need enough in the checking acc’t only to meet the monthly needs and any allotment will take care of that I think.

I have the humidity up a little this afternoon due to towels, diapers, etc., on the radiators. The towels sour in the basement before they dry so bring them up here. You won’t get this until after Christmas so hope you rec’d some of the boxes –

Love Mother

©2013 copyright owned and written by Deborah Sweeney

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2 thoughts on “Forgot the pictures (Gladys)

  1. davidmadison1942

    “Pauline Hiestand” …probably the mother of my school friend Joe Bob Hiestand….I think that was his name.

    ” it is so badly out of turn he can’t endure the sound.” Yes, that sounds like John.


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