Well the lecture is now over (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

Dec. 6, 1942

Dear Mother,

Sun. P.M. and rainy – It hasn’t been a solid day of rain but fine and clear one minute and rain the next. The ground dries very rapidly but not fast enough for these showers. I’m wearing my brown oxfords inside of four buckles today and will continue – Taking the overshoes off at the door. Our deck needs swabbing but it’s no use for the time being. We’ll just scrape it off and shovel it out.

I wrote the folks already today just thought I’d get it off hand in case too much business came about. Which is not too likely. This is shortly after noonday chow, and it was a good had creamed turkey – peas – asparagus mashed potatoes, choc. Pie and soup really I think it was better than Thanksgiving day. Got another carton of cigarettes one cake of soap and ½ doz penny boxes of matches. That all

[page 2] goes in our regular monthly mess bill. All the tobacco I’ve bought was some when we first arrived the rest has been supplied.

As I told you yesterday I wrote Joe R. and I think it will go directly to him rather than all the way back to the States. I wonder if Mrs. R. knows where he is or did you get to tell her yet?

Let’s go back to that birthday money of yours – If you don’t feel like spending it now at least get it out of the bank account because we might want to buy something for the home or office when I get back and you are supposed to have that and please don’t buy a piano and put a big monthly payment business on the financial end of the family. There are other things more important than an expensive piano. I don’t object to a small model but also a small price. Hold on to the do re-me now because it’s going to be hard to get

[page 3] when this thing is over. Well the lecture is now over. Do as you think best for all concerned.

If you take David to Dr. C for the shots you had better offer to pay him for his material used or just offer to pay him – he might get tired of the whole business. I’d suggest you give him the diphtheria vaccine you have in the ice box but it’s been too long since it was used so you had better throw it out. He might not use that kind anyway.

Just stopped for a time to have a bottle of beer and a session – In the discussion the subject of washing machines came up. And I think I sold another Bendix. Hope ours is still working. The way that topic came up – we were discussing an electrician here. He reminds me very much of all those I’ve ever known – puts in one device and talks long enough to wire a house in between times. He is always talking about inventing something but it’s too much trouble

[page 4] to fix it up. I was comparing him to Bun S. and that’s the way the whole thing came about.

There has been no mail yet today but it isn’t time as yet. I’ll save space in order to let you know if any comes. I’m beginning to believe the Christmas packages were just a myth or did you send something. I guess those things will be along in time to come.

Fred is writing a letter now and Dr. Porterfield is sleeping. Just a typical Sunday P.M. in the summer time with the weather a little rainy.

Well I’ll drop you a little more later on in the evening but just in case I forgot So Solong

Love Daddy

P.S. got your letters of Oct. 28 and Nov. 14. Also one from Mom one from Sykes and one from Allgoods. I know what the bank balance is now for sure so you won’t need to repeat it unless it goes way up or down but take yours out as I’ve said. Get some interest

©2013 copyright owned and written by Deborah Sweeney

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2 thoughts on “Well the lecture is now over (Roscoe)

  1. davidmadison1942

    ” And I think I sold another Bendix.” LOL. I suppose washing machines still were somewhat of a novelty in the early 1940s.

    I liked his droll description of the electrician. 🙂


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