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13 v-mail letters (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

May 16, 1943
Lieut R.S. Yegerlehner USNR
Navy 60
F.P.O. San Fran.

Dear Mother –

Received 13 v-mail letters from you and 5 from other people. John & Mark – Ruth M, Sykes & Dave Burns. Got them late last night and had time to read only one before dark and luckily I picked your latest (Apr 22). The remainder I read before breakfast. Your garden must be getting on pretty well by now but you didn’t say if the suggestions I made about the yard were clear enough. However I guess if you get grass to grow that will be OK.

Really I’ll have to read the letters over to get the full benefit

[page 2] of all of them. I didn’t realize that Staton’s were trying to sell their house – Maybe they weren’t but other people thought they were.

You haven’t given me any figures on the bank account lately – not that I could do anything about it for I haven’t had a regular pay since the last of Jan. I was able to draw some for a few necessities but can’t even figure how much I have on the books. I sent the uniform money and if you need it use it rather than paying off the loan.

No garden seeds have arrived as yet but I suppose those things will be coming along in due time. It seems the boys are taking their music seriously.

[page 3] Glad to hear my letters are coming to you as well as they are and I sure wish mine would come as often. The latest I have now came in 23 days so you see yours go about twice as fast as mine. There is a reason for that however and I doubt if ours will ever be much better – but switch back to air mail with only an occasional v-mail as I told you before.

You said potatoes were high but eat them because you have no idea how good fresh ones are after eating dehydrated – I’ve only had a few to eat raw so don’t know how a good cooked one would taste. I’m not starving but have lost about 10 pounds since leaving

[page 4] Noumea, but that might not all be due to food.

This being Sun. I’ll have to write the folks but will probably do that later in the day. Its only 9:00 A.M. now. I can’t seem to write in the daytime as well as at night but there isn’t much to do about that.

It now looks up if we will have a new home for Chappie and we can revert back to our old ways again. However, I don’t think he has had much influence on the gang. Well must get going –

Love Daddy –

P.S. I haven’t heard from Joe Roberts since long before I left Noumea.

Russell Islands  Image by Kelisi at Wikipedia.com (Wikipedia Commons license)

Russell Islands
Image by Kelisi at Wikipedia.com (Wikipedia Commons license)

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Sorry to hear of the measles (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

Apr 1, 1943
Lieut R. S. Yegerlehner USNR
A.P.O. 43
% Postmaster, San Fran

Dear Mother,

Got more mail today – 6 v-mail letters from you one from Sykes, one from Schlegels and one from Mark. The last date was yours of Mar 3. Sorry to hear of the measles but guess one can’t escape those things always. The blood idea of Dr. M. is good and under the circumstances I think the thing to do. I would have however given Immune serum a preparation put out by Sharp & Dome I think but the blood idea is not bad

[page 2] and there isn’t any doubt in my mind that the boys probably all three have by now had the measles because they are very contagious. Hope they will get along swell with them.

On valentine day you told of it being so cold – I was on board a ship that day and was it hot I remember very well.

The tax figure of 200 sounds a little high and but of course that file has already been filed so that is the amount but I can’t be too certain because I did not have any figures. I mean deductible figures. Anyway

[page 3] we will have enough to pay them OK. And next year we won’t have to worry because the total taxable figure will be a little less than $2600⁰⁰ because as you know taxes are figured only on base pay and not what I sent to you. Except the victory tax which I don’t know much about yet. Anyway don’t worry about what I think because really at present I have other things to think of.

Well we are having a little April shower today which is the way Apr. should come in –

Lots of Love



Russell Islands
Image by Kelisi at Wikipedia.com (Wikipedia Commons license)

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The Motherlode (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

Mar 21, 1943
Lieut R. S. Yegerlehner MC USNR
A.P.O. 43
% P.M. San Fran. Calif.

Dear Mother,

Mail came this A.M. and we spent much time reading and re-reading. 18 letters, 4 papers and two packages. The letters were from: Statons, Allgood, Sykes, Mom, Boonie (2), Wayne W., C. J. Easley, Bob H., The Earl park Walkups, The packages from Dr. M. and Floyd. I snitched this paper from the office and will try to answer a few providing I can get some stamps and envelopes. Your letters were of the latter part of Jan and the first part of Feb. So the letter I got the other day dated Feb. 19 is still the latest. Our mail has to be

[page 2] re forwarded and that always takes time. Your Valentine missed St. Pat’s day 5 days so you weren’t far from wrong right.

My letters may have been interesting but anymore there is nothing to write about. Description is out – Traveling is not as extensive as the last place and activities not for publication are more numerous. So the letters to  in answer to those today will be short and not very “ready.”

The newspapers were all the Newton Co. E. so I was able to catch up on a few things. Jim sent a Norfolk paper dated Sept. 23, so that was pretty old reading. I hate not to write

[page 3] all those people but if I see I’m going to be caught short I’ll just skip them.

All writing has to be done in the daytime because each night there is a total blackout and even the lighting of a smoke has to be done under cover. So you see there isn’t as much time to write as before.

I’ve ceased worrying or even thinking of the taxes but and wish I could get some extra money home but that is impossible at present – Maybe later that can be arranged.

I’ll try a few letters to others now after writing the folks
So solong Love Daddy

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With Love Jeanette McDonald (Roscoe)

Jan 22, 1943

Dear Mother,

Noon chow over and Sick Call over – so now for a period or relaxation. I’ll repeat what I said about the taxes. Pay the last two installments of 1941 and forget about 1942. If there is money on hand buy bonds and those can be cashed in to pay the taxes, when the time comes. Just keep all figures. If you haven’t paid those two installments – do so with a note signed by Agnes M. that the lateness is due to my being out of the states. However, if it isn’t paid and they don’t charge interest for that – I mean 1941 – Just skip it also. Now I’m going to

[page 2] stop talking about taxes.

It’s clear today but we have a rather strong breeze and our tent flaps and bangs and sometimes we wonder if it’s going to stay or go – so far it has stayed.

I got the pictures of Funks OK. and wrote them thanking them for the same. Guess Arleen has told you about it by now. I found out about the Johnson baby several days sooner than about D. I knew about their baby on the 20. And it took at least one full month for D. arrival to be sent to me. Really seemed longer than that.

I still haven’t found out what I wanted to know about the first letter. When did you get mail from me first? The first letter you I wrote you said

Image courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

[page 3] arrived on Sept. 22. Now on what day did you first receive mail? It isn’t important only curious. Dr. P. got a package from home this A.M. with air mail envelopes, stationary a large candle, pictures and newspaper clippings. I got the C.C. news & Fred scored a blank. Dr. P. got letter pictures of his children of the boys’ girl friends and of his Dad and dog. And also one of Jeanette McDonal on which his wife had written – with Love from Jeanette McDonald. He got the joke but also swore a little too because I think he would rather have had his wife’s picture. It was in a folder with the rest. The folder was about like the one you sent me.

We have plenty of stationary etc so don’t try to send anymore. In fact I think you

[page 4] won’t be able to send anything unless I give you a written order signed by the commanding officer and since I don’t particularly want anything the order won’t be sent.

I’m going to try to write to the boys today. Answering John’s letter I don’t know if Mark wrote or not but I’ll write just the same – he may have written V-mail or his letter might have been waylaid as others have been coming this way.

Everything I’ve sent you you have received except the last package which was sent along the latter part of Dec. It was before Christmas probably you have that by now. If I can find a suitable box I’m going to send the next stuff tomorrow. I’ll describe those things in a later letter after I definitely mail them.

Last night’s show was Carolina Moon

Image courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

[page 5] not too good. Night before last Joe Penner in The Boys From Someplace. I can’t remember – It was pretty funny. Martha Ray was in it.

Later after the show – got a Christmas greeting from Fischers at Clay City. Your letter sent on from the Sisters and a V-mail letter from Sykes. Sykes letter was dated Dec. 30. So that V-mail is still not as fast as your air mail. I wish some of that Dec. mail would come in of around Christmas time and just before.

Well, it’s way past bed time so must hit the hay –
Lots of love
P.S. I’ve written both the boys so if one gets mail and the other doesn’t they will understand.

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Letters received (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

Dec. 21, 1942

Dear Mother,

Just back from the show, 52nd Street, A musical comedy. I really didn’t enjoy it very much because in the open air the sound doesn’t carry very well and the plot wasn’t good so it was about a total loss as far as I was concerned.

I received your letter today of around 17 and 18 of November. There was three in all and there are some things there I want to comment on. First, I don’t remember about the septic tank. That is I don’t remember you mentioning it. Anyway those shouldn’t be cleaned out yet and possibly will never have to be unless as you say Monroe connected

[page 2] the sink to the tank and even at that I don’t believe they are due to be cleaned out yet. I really believe there isn’t enough grease to cause those not to work. Anyway the worst thing that could happen would be for them to stop up and then they can be cleaned out without much more trouble than if they aren’t stopped up. There are two and I don’t believe they would both go out at the same time so you can use the other until someone can clean the stopped up one.

I’ll be glad to get John’s song for I believe I can get someone to play it. So if he hasn’t sent if have him do so.

I also received Floyd & Ruth’s

[page 3] box today. It was in very good condition. The peanuts really were swell. One can gone already but the only trouble is I’m about half “ga ga” since eating so many. I’ll save the other two cans a few days until I get over this can. Of course, I shared this can with 5 others so maybe I didn’t have too many.

I also received a letter from Wayne Watson – A V-mail but he had put an air mail special so it came thru just like it was. A V-mail also came from Sykes. So you see I have several letters to write but not tonight.

In your letter today you told me of the flash light batteries

[page 4] in the candy bar but I found them yesterday and wrote you about that. The shirt was in the box. Thanks. Wow I wish you had sent the whole of the laundry in Their box.

We all enjoyed the comic books haven’t started on the puzzle books yet nor have we played checkers. Probably won’t play any either.

I guess I told you but if I did or didn’t. I wrote Joe R. but haven’t heard from him yet. Our latest mail is still Nov. 27 so I’m really expecting mail now any day which will be later.

Well, I hope I’ve answered everything – So Solong
Lots of Love

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Well the lecture is now over (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

Dec. 6, 1942

Dear Mother,

Sun. P.M. and rainy – It hasn’t been a solid day of rain but fine and clear one minute and rain the next. The ground dries very rapidly but not fast enough for these showers. I’m wearing my brown oxfords inside of four buckles today and will continue – Taking the overshoes off at the door. Our deck needs swabbing but it’s no use for the time being. We’ll just scrape it off and shovel it out.

I wrote the folks already today just thought I’d get it off hand in case too much business came about. Which is not too likely. This is shortly after noonday chow, and it was a good had creamed turkey – peas – asparagus mashed potatoes, choc. Pie and soup really I think it was better than Thanksgiving day. Got another carton of cigarettes one cake of soap and ½ doz penny boxes of matches. That all

[page 2] goes in our regular monthly mess bill. All the tobacco I’ve bought was some when we first arrived the rest has been supplied.

As I told you yesterday I wrote Joe R. and I think it will go directly to him rather than all the way back to the States. I wonder if Mrs. R. knows where he is or did you get to tell her yet?

Let’s go back to that birthday money of yours – If you don’t feel like spending it now at least get it out of the bank account because we might want to buy something for the home or office when I get back and you are supposed to have that and please don’t buy a piano and put a big monthly payment business on the financial end of the family. There are other things more important than an expensive piano. I don’t object to a small model but also a small price. Hold on to the do re-me now because it’s going to be hard to get

[page 3] when this thing is over. Well the lecture is now over. Do as you think best for all concerned.

If you take David to Dr. C for the shots you had better offer to pay him for his material used or just offer to pay him – he might get tired of the whole business. I’d suggest you give him the diphtheria vaccine you have in the ice box but it’s been too long since it was used so you had better throw it out. He might not use that kind anyway.

Just stopped for a time to have a bottle of beer and a session – In the discussion the subject of washing machines came up. And I think I sold another Bendix. Hope ours is still working. The way that topic came up – we were discussing an electrician here. He reminds me very much of all those I’ve ever known – puts in one device and talks long enough to wire a house in between times. He is always talking about inventing something but it’s too much trouble

[page 4] to fix it up. I was comparing him to Bun S. and that’s the way the whole thing came about.

There has been no mail yet today but it isn’t time as yet. I’ll save space in order to let you know if any comes. I’m beginning to believe the Christmas packages were just a myth or did you send something. I guess those things will be along in time to come.

Fred is writing a letter now and Dr. Porterfield is sleeping. Just a typical Sunday P.M. in the summer time with the weather a little rainy.

Well I’ll drop you a little more later on in the evening but just in case I forgot So Solong

Love Daddy

P.S. got your letters of Oct. 28 and Nov. 14. Also one from Mom one from Sykes and one from Allgoods. I know what the bank balance is now for sure so you won’t need to repeat it unless it goes way up or down but take yours out as I’ve said. Get some interest

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October 30, 1942 (Roscoe)

I think this letter is about as sentimental as my grandfather would get. He actually mentioned the “L” word.

Letter transcription:

Oct. 30, 1942

Dear Mother,

Just wrote a letter to the Sykeses and I find that I’m practically out of paper. I’m going to write on both sides of this and hope none is cut out. In fact the censors are Drs. and don’t read each other’s mail only ask if there is anything that shouldn’t pass, and we are supposed to be smart enough not to put anything of a military nature in a letter.

We just bought a case of beer and are drinking it tropically warmed because the ice boxes are full of more essential things and it isn’t so bad. There is some coke around here but so far I haven’t seen any of it. I believe beer warm is better than Coke that hasn’t been cooled.

I just happened to think – you said Lucille was losing her girlish figure. Which Lucille – I must have missed part of your letters. With all those pregnant women I should be there but I’m not so there. That isn’t the reason I’d like to be there. My tent mate asked me the other day while I was writing a letter if I told you I loved you and I said “no” she knows that and really it isn’t necessary because you are well aware of that fact and know that it will always be that way. It’s not the beer that is affecting me because I’ve only had two bottles, and that won’t affect me that way. You know how much you are missed and I know that the same is true in this direction and that makes things easier, but when one goes to bed at night and thinks it really makes one yearn for home. And sooner or later will be there. So much for that.

No mail today so far – There are still wild rumors, but those can be false just like others we have had.

We got our news cast again last night as I told you and in about ½ hour it will be time again. I’m on duty and won’t be in my usual bunk tonite and am debating whether or not to take my mosquito netting along. Maybe I can cover up with the sheet. I hat those durn little dickens as you already know. My bed will be on springs tonight and that should be a treat at least something different – probably won’t be able to sleep at all.

Some of the boys from California claim that this weather here reminds them very much of theirs at home. Hot sun in the day time and cool at nights. There has only been one night to hot to sleep without a blanket, but this should compare to the last of May weather in the north.

[page 2] If I can get some more paper I’m going to write Ira D. again, but it’s very hard to write when one can’t give him news and views – Right now things in this locality, judging from filtering news, don’t seem so bad but things can change very rapidly.

Are you having any Halloween parties? I suppose (know) we won’t have much here. Hope no one pushes our back house over because we only have one. We can use coconuts for pumpkin faces. They might be a little harder to carve but more of a permanent nature. I’ve never been able to pick up one of those things but I have seen plenty of them growing – from the size of a pea to the regular size. I think they are gathered and the milk and inside used while green. There are supposed to be some bananas here some place but I haven’t seen them yet.

We had sauerkraut, wieners etc for evening chow and I asked for seconds and of course got them.

I’ll finish later maybe mail will crop up. No mail – got news in pretty good. Everything peace & quiet. Didn’t play bridge – just listened to news.

Well, I’ll try to get more paper and write better next time.


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