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Letters received (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

Dec. 21, 1942

Dear Mother,

Just back from the show, 52nd Street, A musical comedy. I really didn’t enjoy it very much because in the open air the sound doesn’t carry very well and the plot wasn’t good so it was about a total loss as far as I was concerned.

I received your letter today of around 17 and 18 of November. There was three in all and there are some things there I want to comment on. First, I don’t remember about the septic tank. That is I don’t remember you mentioning it. Anyway those shouldn’t be cleaned out yet and possibly will never have to be unless as you say Monroe connected

[page 2] the sink to the tank and even at that I don’t believe they are due to be cleaned out yet. I really believe there isn’t enough grease to cause those not to work. Anyway the worst thing that could happen would be for them to stop up and then they can be cleaned out without much more trouble than if they aren’t stopped up. There are two and I don’t believe they would both go out at the same time so you can use the other until someone can clean the stopped up one.

I’ll be glad to get John’s song for I believe I can get someone to play it. So if he hasn’t sent if have him do so.

I also received Floyd & Ruth’s

[page 3] box today. It was in very good condition. The peanuts really were swell. One can gone already but the only trouble is I’m about half “ga ga” since eating so many. I’ll save the other two cans a few days until I get over this can. Of course, I shared this can with 5 others so maybe I didn’t have too many.

I also received a letter from Wayne Watson – A V-mail but he had put an air mail special so it came thru just like it was. A V-mail also came from Sykes. So you see I have several letters to write but not tonight.

In your letter today you told me of the flash light batteries

[page 4] in the candy bar but I found them yesterday and wrote you about that. The shirt was in the box. Thanks. Wow I wish you had sent the whole of the laundry in Their box.

We all enjoyed the comic books haven’t started on the puzzle books yet nor have we played checkers. Probably won’t play any either.

I guess I told you but if I did or didn’t. I wrote Joe R. but haven’t heard from him yet. Our latest mail is still Nov. 27 so I’m really expecting mail now any day which will be later.

Well, I hope I’ve answered everything – So Solong
Lots of Love

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