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So Excited (Gladys)

September 10, 1945 envelope

September 10, 1945 envelope

Letter transcription:

September 10, 1945, p. 1

September 10, 1945, p. 1


Dear Daddy –

Yours of Sept. 6, 7, & almost the 8th came this a.m. I am so excited over the prospects of your trip to Chicago. If you do get to come, I think I’ll have Dorothy drive me up and stay with her mother until I am ready to come back. However, I’ll plan when the time comes. (I mean for her to stay at her mother’s).

I was downtown this a.m. and saw Ed Barce. He said to tell you he has another office and will get out as soon as you come back. I saw Betty & Jack Yost. Jack has been discharged.

We hear that Mr. R. is going to put the Nu-Joy out here – that is if this new road goes thru. It’s very early to get any definite predictions on the situation so I am not taking that as “whole cloth.” After having one old trap of a building burn, I would think no one would want to put a business like the restaurant in that old Kent house.

I put some corn in the locker this morning and that winds up my food preparation. I want to save the space for the beef in Oct. We heard over the radio this a.m. that meat rationing will be off Oct. 1 so we won’t have to worry about points for our beef.

It’s 2:15 and since noon I have cleaned the stove and little bathroom. Geo. Tilton

September 10, 1945, p. 2

September 10, 1945, p. 2

[page 2] promised to get someone to fix our linoleums, but I am not going to get excited about how soon he fulfills his promise. I think if I went in and gave him an order for some new furniture he might send someone out, but I don’t believe he is in much of a hurry as it is. If he doesn’t act soon I am going to try and get someone myself. The bathroom should be fixed soon.

When I talked to Ed Barce I thought he might have some information but he seemed to know nothing. I wonder if he could find out anything – Nothing has been said that we have heard over the radio or in the papers about Navy Drs. However, the Army has announced that a number of Drs. are to be let out soon.

If you do get to go to Chicago you won’t get this until after I see you.

I hurried to town and hurried home this a.m. so didn’t hear any news.

Will be anxious for a letter tomorrow –
Love Mother

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Haircuts (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.

Dear Daddy –

Rec’d five letters Mon. but none yesterday or today. It always helps to write the daily when mail had been rec’d. I am sitting on the couch and so is David – He likes to tease me by getting close to the edge. I’ll say, “David, you will fall” – and he just looks at me and grins. I talked to Lucile and she is going to bring Jimmy Ed out after his nap and I am going to cut his hair. She went with Ed to Monticello Monday to visit a few days but came back home. There are a few typhoid cases there and quite an epidemic in Peru and surrounding country. As close as Reynolds there is eight cases and has been one death. If it gets closer I am going to talk to Dr. M. about taking shots. I think Mrs. Roberts said they there were

[page 2] taking shots, so it must be around there too – I suppose if it gets worse or closer the school will take some action.

I didn’t know how cold it is out of doors until I started out with D. The wind was so sharp I came back in. He didn’t seem to mind. He usually is glad to ride but I think the wind took his breath a time or two. At present he is throwing things on the floor. Something just hit my poor leg. I don’t know how I am going to break that habit of his. His impulses seem so spontaneous and he enjoys throwing things. I know the last isn’t any excuse for allowing him to continue. When I started to write I had a few things in mind I thought would make an interesting letter but the interference on the couch with me has broken my train

[page 3] of thoughts. I brought a bunch of books up from the basement and have been trying to read to him. He likes the pictures but reading doesn’t interest him yet. He likes to play with roller skates. I tied a heavy cord to one and he pulls it around.

There is some kind of program children’s concert at Purdue the 18th that John wants to hear, in fact a number of his class want to go so I promised to take our car and take four besides John & I. I think I’ll let them out at P. and go on into town and shop. David will soon need a new pr. of shoes & other things. He is growing so fast. The little suits he had last fall look like he is poured into them. I have a few I thought he could wear in the spring but I am afraid they won’t do. I believe I’ll try my hand at some sewing, if I can find the right materials.

[page 4] Paul Yost is back. He and Betty Barce are being married. I don’t know many of the details except he flew back to have more time with his bride. I knew she wrote to him but didn’t know it was this serious. She has been working in Laf. since the family moved back to Fowler. I haven’t heard anything about Ed recently. I don’t believe he gets much publicity from here – either paper.

Lucile has been here and gone. I cut Jimmy’s & David’s hair. They both squirmed a lot but D. was worse than J.

It seems to be getting colder today. We are wishing for a good snow but it doesn’t look very promising now. It has been so dry a good snow would be very welcome.

I must get this finished and go get a few groc. & paper. No paper delivery now so we get ours from the drug store.

Love – Mother

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Midnight Train (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.
Aug. 27 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

It has turned cloudy & very cool. I did get a washing dry during a brief clear spell and a good breeze. Have to keep the washing done – can’t let it accumulate. Took Mark to Dr. Altier today to have his hand dressed. It is healing in good shape. Should be good as ever in another week. We took Juanita to the train about midnight last night. It was late. He heard an engine coming and started to get out of the car and an engine & caboose whizzed by so fast it left us speechless for a second but when Danny saw the train going by without stopping for him he began to cry. – We had a good laugh over it & Juanita told him it would come back so he was satisfied then. I was so sleepy this morning I could hardly get up. This train goes thru Robinson and that is 7 miles from where Juanita lives. She is the only one of our relatives that can make such good connections in coming our way – and I didn’t know that until she came.

Was looking over the paper for news items – Betty Lohr & her soldier friend (now Sgt.) were married Sat. night. He is still stationed in La. She is going to remain at home with her Dad & brother.

[page 2] Dr. Altier’s office woman said Ed Barce was home last night and went to Laf. today. She thought he was being sent there but didn’t know for sure – and said Betty is working in Laf. at the Aluminum Plant. I didn’t ask her how long – Betty never stayed at any job around here very long at a time – as you know.

The Russell Schultz have another baby girl – Yes, they haven’t paid for the last delivery –

Mr. Webster the band teacher is leaving, going to Middletown (near Muncie) – I’ll bet Al is frothing trying to get a new band instructor by next Wed. – that’s when school starts – Sept. 1.

John Funk has been admitted to Dental School. Under the university’s accelerated program he will graduate in May 46.

The Tuell’s (Mamma & Boys) are back in Kent – rented Nesbitt’s apartment – They have been in Logansport – I think they had sold their house.

I seem to be overlooking something I saw in the paper I wanted to mention – Maybe I will think of it later.

I asked Link to send in a load of stone for the driveway – I asked him for a bill after Holley delivered it this afternoon – Link said it was a load left over from some street work they are doing around town & N.C. – so our driveway is ready for winter. – The way it feels this evening winter is giving us a preview.

Mother is about the same today – not much change.
Love Mother

FOS1940s - Emma & Juanita

Emma Foster and her granddaughter, Juanita

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A Beautiful Child (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
July 6 1943

Dear Daddy –

Yours of June 19 & 20 came today – the 23-24 & 25 came last week –

We had quite an electrical storm toady – just getting over now – the lightening struck a tree by Clara Molter’s house. I am going to send one of the boys down when it stops raining to see how she is. I imagine it scared her a lot. John was sitting in the living room & saw the tree fall and he was shaken for a while.

[page 2] I send a specimen of urine down to Dr. M. office this morning and then I went down about 11:30 to get a report – The urine was normal – Dr. M. had the idea Mother has chronic nefritis (I think I misspelled that again) but I told him I thought the trouble came from her bowels so he suggested I take her to the hospital for an analysis of her stool. I am going to call Dr. Cole and ask him about bringing her down. Will let you know when I get a report.

There is still enough electricity in the air to make the telephone ting once in a while.

While downtown this morning

[page 3] I saw John Krull – he is home on furlough and evidently from the odor when I passed him, had been absorbing as much as possible. He had been in Mick’s and was going out. Same old John.

We got a washing hung out when it started to rain now everything is dripping – Maybe the wind will blow them dry now. It is quite a bit cooler than it was before the storm. I’ll have to put some clothes on David. He is wearing a sun suit. He is singing now and entertaining himself in his bed. He was so glad to see the boys. He likes to watch the trains go by over by 24.

[page 4] Had a letter from your mother and she hadn’t heard from you for 2 weeks. Sometimes my letters are that long in coming while others make it in a week. 7-7-43 I didn’t get this finished yesterday. Took Mother down to St. E. and saw Dr. Cole – He is having her urine & stool examined and will give her glucose if she doesn’t get her strength from eating. I am to go Fri. and can get a report on findings then. She hasn’t been eating much but said when she was taking sulfasuxadine didn’t want to eat. She is so thin and weak. Will send you the full report when I get it.

David had gone to sleep. Just discovered this morning he could hit a higher note and was hitting it pretty high.

[page 5] yours of June 11 & 14 came today and seems you had rec’d some more pictures. David we think is a beautiful child but I agree with you Mark had him bested. Of course there isn’t a baby we have seen yet that can compare with D. I suppose that is natural.

You were right Hilda & Amelia didn’t work long and as I wrote you before Hilda took her children & moved in with her Mother. Rented her house here. I haven’t heard anything about Ed lately – since they are gone there aren’t any news items in the papers here.

About the money situation – so far we are getting by with a balance but I can’t buy

[page 6] any bonds. I assure you I am not spending any unnecessarily – I bought the bike and that is the only thing that has been spent that we could have done without, but it comes in very handy. The boys are running errands for people so much now that they have the bike, besides for us too. I used the travel money to pay for it. I hear the clock strike half past & and I have ironing to do and then David will have to have a bath & feeding about 11 – so must get busy – but will try to finish this little space. John is out mowing Link’s lawn. He left $1.25 to give him – he doesn’t know yet how much he is to get. Mark is still asleep but I want him to rest – he had almost too much vacation.

Love Mother

YEG1942-06-18 David

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Maybe Inspiration Will Come (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

Lieut R. S. Yegerlehner
Navy 60
F.P.O. San Fran Calif
June 18, 1943

Dear Mother,

This is one of those times when it seems there is nothing to write about but maybe inspiration will come.

To begin with our mail has definitely had the brakes slammed on and nothing came yesterday but the Apr. 29 issue of the Newton Co. E. As I’ve said before practically all of the news were old but some items weren’t issued before thru any other source. Again there was the usual home on leave boys, and J. Edward was one of those. I guess I shouldn’t be

[page 2] too jealous because it requires boys at home as well as out here, and maybe in due time we’ll all get our chance to get the much coveted leave.

I never did hear what happened to John Simons when he was in the hospital and I’ve often wondered how A.D. Washburn is getting along. Of course I wonder about others also but those two just happened to pop into mind. I often see Mrs. Dye’s name mentioned and wonder if her husband is still where he was when I was home. It seems the

[page 3] length of time out is generally greater when one has duty at a place like that before passing along. If that be the case it will work better in my case, but all those things remain to be seen. Guess maybe you begin to think that I think more of coming home than of the war but that isn’t true only one does like to think of home once in a while.

Well, I’m all out of anything to write so will try to do better next time

Lots of Love

Russell Islands  Image by Kelisi at Wikipedia.com (Wikipedia Commons license)

Russell Islands
Image by Kelisi at Wikipedia.com (Wikipedia Commons license)

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Allotments (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

June 17, 1943
Lieut R. S. Yegerlehner USNR
Navy 60 F.P.O. S.F.C.

Dear Mother,

I was correct yesterday when I anticipated no mail would come and it didn’t, but we have had lots of mail-less days so we can’t feel too badly.

Day before yesterday I did all the big gardening and this A.M. I noticed the various seeds were peeping up thru the soil. They sure start fast and I’m afraid just keep growing to tops. Even at that the lettuce should be OK. I’ll report on that in a week or so.

A day or two ago I wrote

[page 2] that I thought I would change the allotment but I’ve “changed up” my mind for this reason. When I get back I’d probably have to change it again because of living conditions and I would have to have these stopped and that might mean a month for you without funds. So when I get paid and have any excess I’ll just send it to you and keep out of the red tape of having the allotment changed. You see two allotments are all that is allowed to any one person s I can’t add another without dropping one

[page 3] that is already in affect. Of course I can do nothing at all until I can get paid and I don’t see any progress in that line as yet. I do hope you have enough funds to go on and from the last word you gave me it seemed you were getting on OK, but with not much of a surpluss. I’m not scolding I’m worrying whether you can get along OK.

By the time you get this it will probably be 4th of July. Just doesn’t seem possible but my calendar surely doesn’t tell “fibs.” Having had all this

[page 4] summer weather it gets one all twisted regarding time.

Just paused to remove my shirt. The hot sweaty feeling is relieved somewhat by being bare and also helps the heat rash I have on my left arm. That stuff really is a nuisance around here but never is serious.

I often see in the paper where Ed Barce was home of the week end. That must be tough duty and I suppose he hits the bottle as much as ever. Another thing that surprised me was Hilda and Amelia working – bet it doesn’t last.

Well, guess I’ve gossiped enough.

Love Daddy

Russell Islands  Image by Kelisi at Wikipedia.com (Wikipedia Commons license)

Russell Islands
Image by Kelisi at Wikipedia.com (Wikipedia Commons license)

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Dr. Matthews & Dr. Cole (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
June 16 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

The 100⁰⁰ ck finally came – two letters May 12 & 13 came today. At that time you were not getting any mail but in the bunch of letters that came Mon. you had been getting some.

Mark and I went to Laf. with Arlene & Rosemary yesterday – I wanted to have Dr. C. look at Mark’s throat. He said it was in good shape – healed fine. I never saw Dr. C. look so haggard. He looked like he hadn’t had any sleep the night before. He always asks about you and usually talks some. Yesterday he did inquire about you but he didn’t say much else. He looked like he could

[page 2] hardly move.

Marie Steinbaugh is in the hospital for an operation on her breast. I suppose she had the same thing I had. However, it started paining very bad all at once and she went to see Dr. M. She said she wouldn’t go to any hospital but St. E. so Matthews sent her to Arnett. I think Dr. M. didn’t like it because I took Mark to Laf. for his tonsillectomy. I had been taking D. to Dr. M. for his shots. Its such a job to take a baby to Laf. and Dr. C. is so busy. However I went in & talked to Dr. M. about it and he said that it was perfectly alright for me to do that. I had to take D. in for his last shot last week and Dr. M. wasn’t very friendly – didn’t even ask about Mark – but this is the way I looked at the situation – I didn’t want to have it done in Matthews office because I would

[page 3] have to bring him home the first night and I didn’t want to do that. So if I offended I am sorry, because Dr. M. has been very nice to us. So much for that.

We had a session with the telephone co. this morning. The phone has been going blank while using it. So many times that has happened lately and this morning it wouldn’t even work. I sent John over to Zells to call in and it was supposed to be working. I made a call & while talking out it went – that time I went over to Zells and called in and asked them to please fix our phone. Then the service man got busy and at present it is in working order.

Now that the other check is here I will pay off the Ins. loan. I’ll have to write in and get the exact amount first, but that won’t take long.

Mark is building models this morning. We worked in the garden last nite and a good

[page 4] thing – It has rained so much the boys couldn’t do much weeding but yesterday evening it had dried off just enough so Mark and I got rid of a crop of weeds. Then last night it rained again so it’s too wet to do anything today. John should be mowing today, but he is waiting for the grass to dry some.

I saw Hilda Barce in Laf. yesterday. She said Ed isn’t in Kokomo now, but is on the move. Going from one recruiting station to another. Judge came Mon. and got the books you had, Ed had loaned you. He said he would bring them back.

Mother & David are out in the yard. He is getting sleepy. I just looked out and he is trying to climb over the side of the buggy.

It’s our chow time so must go see what we can collect together. I think I’ll have to use some meat stamp today – but we have plenty –

Love Mother

YEG1943-06 David #1

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Jack Pot (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
June 14 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

I hit the jack pot this morning – 8 letters – May 23 to June 5 – Still some missing – and the one with the 100⁰⁰ ck among those – the 150⁰⁰ & 32⁶⁰ came in good time. I suppose the 100⁰⁰ will come if not you should notify the correct Dept. so in case it fell into other hands it can’t be cashed. Glad you got the seeds your Mother sent – I sent some Apr. 13. You should have rec’d them long ago. I hardly think I will send any canned chicken – I wouldn’t know where to find such. Unless we could get Marie to can some with their canner – if they still have it – You know they used

[page 2]  to can ducks when they would go duck hunting in Ark. I sent several cans of sardines in that last box I sent. Jack Byrnes said he had some things he wants to send you, so will try to get another box ready this week. I don’t know whether I can get sardines. We can get Salmon again but it takes points and is very expensive – Some brands are as high as .50¢ for what we used to get for 25. The limit on boxes is 5 lbs. so can’t put many cans in one box.

It was so hot & sultry yesterday – then in the afternoon it rained and cooled things off, but it is the same way today and is thundering now and looks like we will have a shower any time.

We have 6 qts. of strawberries to can – or make into preserves. I am going to use half rhubarb to stretch the berries. They are so high this year.

[page 3] Judge Barce called about some books Ed had loaned you. I didn’t think they were here, but looked & found them. He is coming this afternoon to get one. I got out all four volumes. He said there was just one he wanted. I told you before Hilda moved back to Fowler. She & Mary were working at the factory. Irene said both were making a total of 40⁰⁰ a week – Hilda said they couldn’t get along. They moved in with her mother. I heard that she & Ed were separated – He gets home quite often – is still stationed at Kokomo. I don’t care to write such things – I would rather write about more pleasant things.

I haven’t paid the ins. loan yet – I was waiting for the 100⁰⁰ ck. to come thru – I am afraid it would run our balance too low to pay it now – the loan is some over 200⁰⁰ because the int. is 14⁰⁰ or more.

[page 4] The rain came and what a soaker. I was going to cut off the spinach & lettuce and have the boys plant more corn & beans, but with the rain yesterday & now today again it will be a day or two before more planting can be done. I did want to get more tomatoe plants put out – The points on tomatoes are as high as peaches. However I am getting a little reserve on canned goods. I buy all our point will allow every month and find we still have enough to save back. Canned milk now takes a pt. a can but David has a ration book so we have plenty of points. I want to keep him on canned milk this summer yet. He turns around in his buggy & pulls up to his feet, holding on to the top. He pops up to his feet now when we put him down in the pen, like a jack in-the-box. Hope you get the pictures I mailed June 13 – They were good of all three boys.

Love Mother

1943 - David playing with lawn chair

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Rat Trap for the Chaplin (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

June 7, 1943
Lieut R.S. Yegerlehner USNR
Navy 60 F.P.O. San Fran.

Dear Mother,

Here it is 0845 and I have my morning chores all done and my weeks laundry all on the line drying – with good prospects of them being dry in pretty short order because the sun is shining nicely.

Last night at 2400 I was awakened by a messenger calling one of my “cell” mates to go on guard. Then I for some reason wasn’t able to go back to sleep so I began thinking of what I might write

[page 2] you out of the ordinary and try as I might no subject would come so you see even after concentrated effort I’m unable to do any better and I hope you will understand. This subject matter of weather and laundry is a bore even to me as I write it so often.

I’m certain now that v-mail is faster than air mail and you might say make up your mind but things change so to be on the safe side why don’t you make them half and half? And then they there will be no doubt.

By the way of repeating – about

[page 3] one month ago I sent two checks one for 150 and one for 100 – the uniform money and then a few days later one for 32⁶⁰ for your travel. All were in separate letters and the first was unsigned which I forgot to do but you should have no trouble if Ed Barce had your power of att. fixed correctly.

I must go see Chappie today as he is having no results with his rat trap. He claims there are dozens in his tent every night – so we went into details on how to build one but so far no luck in catching them. I stopped by last evening

[page 4] and he had it all wrong according to my way of thinking so I’m going to suggest drastic changes. I’ll let you know the results later – you know the old saying “If you build a better rat trap the world will beat a path to your door.” Well visualize if you can a path thru cocoanut trees and other obstacles ad infinitum. But why worry about that because the improved version will probably not be so hot either?

Well, I’ve mixed rat traps, laundry, insomnia, mail and finances into one letter – hope you can wade thru without holding your nose or getting in over your boot tops –

Love Daddy

1943 - Russell Islands #5

Photograph likely from the Russell Islands when Roscoe was stationed there in 1943

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Snake Commando (Gladys)

1943-04-27Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – Another day without any mail – the last dated was Apr 6 and that came about 2 wks ago. Last week I got 4 Mar letters. Maybe air service has stopped for us and your letters are coming by boat. I’ll keep looking every day. – It is a windy day – looks like it might rain – Had a hard rain last night. Sure is good for lawns, gardens, etc – – We are cleaning house but I am going to take time out to go to Club this afternoon. Arleen Sondergrath is coming to stay with David. – She hasn’t any classes after 1:30 so she can come. I’ll be glad when Mother gets back – I won’t have to get nurse maids then. Mother is coming back in May – Thought the measles were all gone but they seem to be breaking out again. Angus W. has them now, so maybe John will get them yet. The band contest at North Manchester is Sat. and John is hopig he won’t get them till after that if he has to get them. Do hope they won’t catch up with D. – but since he had the immune Globulin may be won’t get them. One of the Zell girls found a nest of snakes so Mark took his hatchet and went snake killing – He calls himself the snake commando now. He really enjoyed himself working on those snakes. There seem to be several around this spring – – The youngest Zell girl is sick. Dr. M. thought she had a kidney infection yesterday. Hilda Barce & Amelia Virgin are working at the coil factory. Ed is still stationed at Kokomo – Recruiting station. Hope you heard from him?

Love Mother

Yegerlehner home, E. Dunlop Street, Kentland, circa 1943

Yegerlehner home, E. Dunlop Street, Kentland, circa 1943

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