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Haircuts (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.

Dear Daddy –

Rec’d five letters Mon. but none yesterday or today. It always helps to write the daily when mail had been rec’d. I am sitting on the couch and so is David – He likes to tease me by getting close to the edge. I’ll say, “David, you will fall” – and he just looks at me and grins. I talked to Lucile and she is going to bring Jimmy Ed out after his nap and I am going to cut his hair. She went with Ed to Monticello Monday to visit a few days but came back home. There are a few typhoid cases there and quite an epidemic in Peru and surrounding country. As close as Reynolds there is eight cases and has been one death. If it gets closer I am going to talk to Dr. M. about taking shots. I think Mrs. Roberts said they there were

[page 2] taking shots, so it must be around there too – I suppose if it gets worse or closer the school will take some action.

I didn’t know how cold it is out of doors until I started out with D. The wind was so sharp I came back in. He didn’t seem to mind. He usually is glad to ride but I think the wind took his breath a time or two. At present he is throwing things on the floor. Something just hit my poor leg. I don’t know how I am going to break that habit of his. His impulses seem so spontaneous and he enjoys throwing things. I know the last isn’t any excuse for allowing him to continue. When I started to write I had a few things in mind I thought would make an interesting letter but the interference on the couch with me has broken my train

[page 3] of thoughts. I brought a bunch of books up from the basement and have been trying to read to him. He likes the pictures but reading doesn’t interest him yet. He likes to play with roller skates. I tied a heavy cord to one and he pulls it around.

There is some kind of program children’s concert at Purdue the 18th that John wants to hear, in fact a number of his class want to go so I promised to take our car and take four besides John & I. I think I’ll let them out at P. and go on into town and shop. David will soon need a new pr. of shoes & other things. He is growing so fast. The little suits he had last fall look like he is poured into them. I have a few I thought he could wear in the spring but I am afraid they won’t do. I believe I’ll try my hand at some sewing, if I can find the right materials.

[page 4] Paul Yost is back. He and Betty Barce are being married. I don’t know many of the details except he flew back to have more time with his bride. I knew she wrote to him but didn’t know it was this serious. She has been working in Laf. since the family moved back to Fowler. I haven’t heard anything about Ed recently. I don’t believe he gets much publicity from here – either paper.

Lucile has been here and gone. I cut Jimmy’s & David’s hair. They both squirmed a lot but D. was worse than J.

It seems to be getting colder today. We are wishing for a good snow but it doesn’t look very promising now. It has been so dry a good snow would be very welcome.

I must get this finished and go get a few groc. & paper. No paper delivery now so we get ours from the drug store.

Love – Mother

©2015 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2015/11/27/haircuts-gladys/