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Dr. Matthews & Dr. Cole (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
June 16 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

The 100⁰⁰ ck finally came – two letters May 12 & 13 came today. At that time you were not getting any mail but in the bunch of letters that came Mon. you had been getting some.

Mark and I went to Laf. with Arlene & Rosemary yesterday – I wanted to have Dr. C. look at Mark’s throat. He said it was in good shape – healed fine. I never saw Dr. C. look so haggard. He looked like he hadn’t had any sleep the night before. He always asks about you and usually talks some. Yesterday he did inquire about you but he didn’t say much else. He looked like he could

[page 2] hardly move.

Marie Steinbaugh is in the hospital for an operation on her breast. I suppose she had the same thing I had. However, it started paining very bad all at once and she went to see Dr. M. She said she wouldn’t go to any hospital but St. E. so Matthews sent her to Arnett. I think Dr. M. didn’t like it because I took Mark to Laf. for his tonsillectomy. I had been taking D. to Dr. M. for his shots. Its such a job to take a baby to Laf. and Dr. C. is so busy. However I went in & talked to Dr. M. about it and he said that it was perfectly alright for me to do that. I had to take D. in for his last shot last week and Dr. M. wasn’t very friendly – didn’t even ask about Mark – but this is the way I looked at the situation – I didn’t want to have it done in Matthews office because I would

[page 3] have to bring him home the first night and I didn’t want to do that. So if I offended I am sorry, because Dr. M. has been very nice to us. So much for that.

We had a session with the telephone co. this morning. The phone has been going blank while using it. So many times that has happened lately and this morning it wouldn’t even work. I sent John over to Zells to call in and it was supposed to be working. I made a call & while talking out it went – that time I went over to Zells and called in and asked them to please fix our phone. Then the service man got busy and at present it is in working order.

Now that the other check is here I will pay off the Ins. loan. I’ll have to write in and get the exact amount first, but that won’t take long.

Mark is building models this morning. We worked in the garden last nite and a good

[page 4] thing – It has rained so much the boys couldn’t do much weeding but yesterday evening it had dried off just enough so Mark and I got rid of a crop of weeds. Then last night it rained again so it’s too wet to do anything today. John should be mowing today, but he is waiting for the grass to dry some.

I saw Hilda Barce in Laf. yesterday. She said Ed isn’t in Kokomo now, but is on the move. Going from one recruiting station to another. Judge came Mon. and got the books you had, Ed had loaned you. He said he would bring them back.

Mother & David are out in the yard. He is getting sleepy. I just looked out and he is trying to climb over the side of the buggy.

It’s our chow time so must go see what we can collect together. I think I’ll have to use some meat stamp today – but we have plenty –

Love Mother

YEG1943-06 David #1

© 2014 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2014/08/13/dr-matthews-dr-cole-gladys/