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Midnight Train (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.
Aug. 27 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

It has turned cloudy & very cool. I did get a washing dry during a brief clear spell and a good breeze. Have to keep the washing done – can’t let it accumulate. Took Mark to Dr. Altier today to have his hand dressed. It is healing in good shape. Should be good as ever in another week. We took Juanita to the train about midnight last night. It was late. He heard an engine coming and started to get out of the car and an engine & caboose whizzed by so fast it left us speechless for a second but when Danny saw the train going by without stopping for him he began to cry. – We had a good laugh over it & Juanita told him it would come back so he was satisfied then. I was so sleepy this morning I could hardly get up. This train goes thru Robinson and that is 7 miles from where Juanita lives. She is the only one of our relatives that can make such good connections in coming our way – and I didn’t know that until she came.

Was looking over the paper for news items – Betty Lohr & her soldier friend (now Sgt.) were married Sat. night. He is still stationed in La. She is going to remain at home with her Dad & brother.

[page 2] Dr. Altier’s office woman said Ed Barce was home last night and went to Laf. today. She thought he was being sent there but didn’t know for sure – and said Betty is working in Laf. at the Aluminum Plant. I didn’t ask her how long – Betty never stayed at any job around here very long at a time – as you know.

The Russell Schultz have another baby girl – Yes, they haven’t paid for the last delivery –

Mr. Webster the band teacher is leaving, going to Middletown (near Muncie) – I’ll bet Al is frothing trying to get a new band instructor by next Wed. – that’s when school starts – Sept. 1.

John Funk has been admitted to Dental School. Under the university’s accelerated program he will graduate in May 46.

The Tuell’s (Mamma & Boys) are back in Kent – rented Nesbitt’s apartment – They have been in Logansport – I think they had sold their house.

I seem to be overlooking something I saw in the paper I wanted to mention – Maybe I will think of it later.

I asked Link to send in a load of stone for the driveway – I asked him for a bill after Holley delivered it this afternoon – Link said it was a load left over from some street work they are doing around town & N.C. – so our driveway is ready for winter. – The way it feels this evening winter is giving us a preview.

Mother is about the same today – not much change.
Love Mother

FOS1940s - Emma & Juanita

Emma Foster and her granddaughter, Juanita

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Victory Gardens (Gladys)

1943-04-28Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – No mail again today – the last I rec’d was dated Apr 6 – I mean the latest date – sometimes I get some back dates – but nothing has come so far this week. – – We are having a spring day with a few clouds that look like your – Have had quite a lot of rain this spring – That will make the victory gardens grow – as well as the weeds etc. The dandelions are in full bloom now. They are everywhere so why worry. I am still cleaning house and the ground is too wet to work in and it’s too early to set flowers out. The tulips are blooming and are very pretty (red). I was snapping my fingers to amuse David and he acted like he tried to snap his fingers. Mark wanted me to write that down in the baby book. I said no one would believe me if I told that but it’s true. If I wrote down everything Mark wants me to I wouldn’t have much time to write letters – David is developing I think about normal. Of course J. & M. think everything he does is unusual. Donnie Funk is still three or four lbs heavier but I think 18 lbs for a 7 mo old baby is heavy enough. He has been so well and as a good disposition so that makes him a pretty fine fellow – John & Mark have gone back to school and D. is sitting in his buggy by the desk doing things. Lucile & I are going to have Cosmopolitan Club Friday. I am going over there tomorrow to make cookies. She just called me & said Betty Lohr’s mother died. Mr. Steinbaugh was buried this morning. I wonder who will run the Democrat now.

Love Mother

Victory Garden WPA poster

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