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Sprained Ankle (Gladys)

September 7, 1945 envelope

September 7, 1945 envelope

Letter transcription:

September 7, 1945, p. 1

September 7, 1945, p. 1


Dear Daddy –

Yours of Sept. 4 & 5 came this a.m. with cks. which I will deposit today and which will boost our balance up to $578.31 (plus $47.00). Thanks – I do want to pay for the new burner if possible when it is installed. The furnace is going fine – that is we have a fire this morning and a washing going. No school today so the boys are here to help me. I told you in yesterday’s letter that Loughridge came out yesterday to find the trouble and the wire to the air had been cut so he spliced it and fixed things up.

Arlene had a wiener roast yesterday for Bobby’s birthday – however she didn’t mention it being his birthday – but it leaked out and he received gifts from all his guests. Earlier in the afternoon Arlene sprained her ankle. At the time it didn’t hurt, but as the time passed it got so bad she couldn’t put her weight on it. It got to paining her so terribly that we thought she might have a broken bone. It being Thurs. PM was a problem about getting a Dr. They wouldn’t even try to call M. because they said he wouldn’t do anything. They didn’t want to call Van because they wanted an X-ray. Bill tried to get Rumkorf but he said he was leaving for somewhere and that was that. Bill finally called Altier and he told him to bring her down. I stayed down there with Donna (the girl) until they got back. There was no break but the Dr. said it was worse than a break. The ligaments were badly torn and that she would have to keep off her foot two or three weeks. I told you she is 6 months pregnant and the girl she brought home from Wis. is homesick and wants to go back next week. She is going to have to find

September 7, 194,5 p. 2

September 7, 194,5 p. 2

[page 2] someone to help her. She told me the day before that she had been so terribly ill at the beginning of this pregnancy and that she had had to rest so much. She came near having a nervous breakdown early in the summer. I told her last night maybe it was a good thing this happened to her so she will get plenty of rest. She said she guessed the Lord was taking care of her so she would rest.

About the travel business. I haven’t given it much thought because of J. & M. being in school. I wouldn’t relish the idea of a trip but had thought if you just stay on & stay on David & I might come out However I think all these Drs. just like you are going to raise up in arms if something isn’t done, but fast. The only thing to do at the present time is to wait – but not too long before someone does something. It always looks darkest just before the dawn, to quote a proverb or something.

—Just stopped to hang up some washing. It seems hot out in the sun – I suppose we will have some warm days but it cools off in the evening. It is a good day to dry clothes, and since I am washing today that is quite important.

Your Reader’s Digest came today. I’ll send it with both local papers. If you don’t want me to send the papers or magazines just let me know. (Hope it won’t be necessary much longer).

I think the Bendix has stopped again, so will go hang out some more clothes.

—I went down to see Arlene and she was feeling better, tho still having some pain. Bill found a “maid” for them this morning, so that will help some. It’s the woman who did work for Mary & Bernard. Mary let her go – she was not pleased with some things and Arlene told Mary she couldn’t be so fussy in these times. Mary retorted “you sound just like Bernard.” Evidently Bernard had told her the same thing, but she let her go anyway. Mark is going to the Fair with Zells, but not until later this afternoon.

Love Mother

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This Coming Winter (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

Sept. 7, 1943
Lieut. R.S. Yegerlehner USNR
Navy 60
F.P.O. San Francisco Calif.

Dear Mother,

Your letter of Aug. 23 came yesterday telling of Mark’s injury. I suppose I can truthfully say never a dull moment for you. I could write words of sympathy for you but I don’t believe you wish to much of that and instead I’ll praise because I think you did the correct thing for in seeing a Dr. because in wounds of that type a tendon could easily be cut and would result in a stiff thumb but I’m sure Dr. Altier wouldn’t let anything like that pass. So I can truthfully

[page 2] say you scored again in doing what I think best.

A letter from Wayne W. came yesterday also – He was terribly worried because he hadn’t heard from me. I wrote him several weeks ago so he shouldn’t have to worry now. I think he is as “fussy” as he used to be.

I never did hear from Dr. Cole but I’m sure you are doing everything that can be done for your mother. Surgery would subject her to shock which would cause much more suffering and certainly it wouldn’t help under the circumstances. So please don’t feel that you are not doing everything that can be done.

[page 3] We still hear lots about how long our tour of duty out here will be but nothing is certain. I do believe however that our bunch will be relieved sometime this coming winter. We will probably freeze is that is the case because we have been in this hot for so long but I think I can stand a little cold. At least we are looking forward to relief but when I say winter that includes a considerably wide margin of time. We often discuss the possibilities among ourselves but that doesn’t help only it gives us something interesting to talk about.

You must have had a nice birthday party for John and I

[page 4] imagine D. will have one also. John & Mark will probably get as much kick out of it as D. I guess I should have said more kick. D. doesn’t seemed to have slowed down very much in his walking and getting around. John & Mark will probably make him all full of ego but that can be deflated if it goes too far so no need to worry on that score.

Well Dear I know you are doing the very best you know how with all your problems and I’m still all out for you so I’ll help by saying

Lots of Love

Russell Islands  Image by Kelisi at Wikipedia.com (Wikipedia Commons license)

Russell Islands
Image by Kelisi at Wikipedia.com (Wikipedia Commons license)

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Midnight Train (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.
Aug. 27 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

It has turned cloudy & very cool. I did get a washing dry during a brief clear spell and a good breeze. Have to keep the washing done – can’t let it accumulate. Took Mark to Dr. Altier today to have his hand dressed. It is healing in good shape. Should be good as ever in another week. We took Juanita to the train about midnight last night. It was late. He heard an engine coming and started to get out of the car and an engine & caboose whizzed by so fast it left us speechless for a second but when Danny saw the train going by without stopping for him he began to cry. – We had a good laugh over it & Juanita told him it would come back so he was satisfied then. I was so sleepy this morning I could hardly get up. This train goes thru Robinson and that is 7 miles from where Juanita lives. She is the only one of our relatives that can make such good connections in coming our way – and I didn’t know that until she came.

Was looking over the paper for news items – Betty Lohr & her soldier friend (now Sgt.) were married Sat. night. He is still stationed in La. She is going to remain at home with her Dad & brother.

[page 2] Dr. Altier’s office woman said Ed Barce was home last night and went to Laf. today. She thought he was being sent there but didn’t know for sure – and said Betty is working in Laf. at the Aluminum Plant. I didn’t ask her how long – Betty never stayed at any job around here very long at a time – as you know.

The Russell Schultz have another baby girl – Yes, they haven’t paid for the last delivery –

Mr. Webster the band teacher is leaving, going to Middletown (near Muncie) – I’ll bet Al is frothing trying to get a new band instructor by next Wed. – that’s when school starts – Sept. 1.

John Funk has been admitted to Dental School. Under the university’s accelerated program he will graduate in May 46.

The Tuell’s (Mamma & Boys) are back in Kent – rented Nesbitt’s apartment – They have been in Logansport – I think they had sold their house.

I seem to be overlooking something I saw in the paper I wanted to mention – Maybe I will think of it later.

I asked Link to send in a load of stone for the driveway – I asked him for a bill after Holley delivered it this afternoon – Link said it was a load left over from some street work they are doing around town & N.C. – so our driveway is ready for winter. – The way it feels this evening winter is giving us a preview.

Mother is about the same today – not much change.
Love Mother

FOS1940s - Emma & Juanita

Emma Foster and her granddaughter, Juanita

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A Little Childish (Gladys)

1943-08-25 (GRY)Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – It cooled off and rained after the intense heat yesterday – We put some clothes in the Bendix to show Juanita how it operated. She didn’t know about that type machine. It looked like the sun was going to shine when John started the Bendix and now it is cloudy again. Can’t tell what our weather will do next. Had a letter from Jim and he is all upset about Mother – says he can’t believe such a thing could happen to her – His attitude is a little childish I think. I don’t like to think of it either but know if she has carcinoma it didn’t get there in a few days. Maybe I have been around you long enough to look for a logical answer. Of course I can’t say how it started but something caused it. – The heat yesterday was so hard on her. A week from today school starts. David is going to miss J. & M. for a few days. They are both with him in the yard encouraging him to make noises. He got somewhat spoiled while in the cast. He has always had more attention than J. & M. had at his age. He has enough toys to amuse him and a play pen, play chair, etc. – but gets tired of everything but attention. He will no doubt learn to amuse himself when left alone. No letters today but two yesterday (Aug. 9 & 12). I want to take more pictures – but haven’t any film and can’t get any here. Have to take Mark to Dr. Altier to have his hand dressed Fri.

Love – Mother

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Thirteenth Birthday (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
Aug. 22 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

Another birthday for our John – 13 – He looks the part – voice changing – growing fast – face full of pimples and blackheads. At present he is listening to Radio Readers’ Digest. He likes to get it every Sunday evening. I baked & decorated a cake, made ice cream & had the Zell girls & Jimmy come to help eat them – they ate almost all the cake and so far no tummy aches. I gave John a dollar, your Mother gave him 25¢ – he rec’d the $2⁰⁰ you sent, the Zells gave him sox & a hankie, so he fared pretty well. Bobby is gone and so are the Krull children so they didn’t get in on the refreshments. I was feeding David his 3 P.M. meal, Mark was working on a block of balsa wood and his knife slipped and cut his hand around the base of his thumb. It bled so much I couldn’t tell at first the cut was so extensive but after trying to wash

[page 2] the blood away I saw it wasn’t just a stab – so thought I had better get him to a Dr. and see if it would be necessary to have stitches taken – I called Matthews, he was out of town for the day, called Hungess at Sheldon, he was out of town, called Brook & Pip was gone on a trip, called Goodland, Rumkorf had left for his vacation, but finally and at last contacted Altier – I took Mark down. He cleaned the wound and found it wasn’t so deep but required one clamp. He gave me sulfathiazole power to dress it with and I am to go back Fri. to have the clamp taken out. I had filed it with sulfanilamide powder as soon as I discovered how long & deep the cut – however would have put sulfa on it anyway. I would have pulled it together myself with tape had it been on the arm but since it was at the base of the thumb thought a Dr. should see it. I washed Mark’s hands & face and put him to bed about 8 P.M. He insisted he wasn’t sleepy but I imagine he is asleep now. He got sick after his hand bled so much, but was very brave and didn’t cry – you know it hurt to have it cleaned and a clamp put in. He kept insisting he is like Daddy and can take punishment without making a fuss.

[page 2] David is getting a “little” spoiled – he has had so much attention he doesn’t want to stay put in his bed or pen. He is always reaching for something he shouldn’t have and climbing out of things. The play chair he is in in one of the pictures I sent – with the table around it is just an invitation for him to climb out on. John said if he were an ordinary baby he would be satisfied to sit & play in the chair. I just got the taylor tot out for him to ride in and today he was turned around in it trying to climb out on the handle. He got fussy so I put him on the floor and he walked around his bed & pen enclosures. He has another tooth today – making 6 altogether and 4 since he was 10 mo. old – He will be 11 mo. tomorrow. He hasn’t gained any the past month but I didn’t expect him to.

Mother wouldn’t eat any supper today – She ate a little broth at noon & drank a little milk. I bathed her yesterday – she doesn’t feel like being bathed every day – and I was feeling her abdomen – There is a definite mass in the middle of her bowels. I am no Dr. but I could feel it. I didn’t tell her, of course, what Dr. Cole told me, but I think she is very despondent about her recovery. I do wish I could

[page 3] do more for her – but I feel so helpless about the whole thing – Dr. Cole says she is definitely too weak for surgery. I asked him if her condition would become painful, but he said it shouldn’t. She has a lot of gas at times and so far her bowels have moved freely. He said she might get a bowel obstruction. The past week the weather has been cool and she hasn’t suffered from the heat.

Mary Parttens called today and said they were going to kill a beef in about 3 wks. And we can have a quarter or more. Clara M. is giving us lima beans to put some in our locker – we are to have half of what she puts in. She is moving to the south side of town – has bought her a house – Henry Molter & family are going to move over here where she lived.

Mary P. said Ruthie hasn’t stood on her feet yet but 2 wks. Ago Dr. M. took another x-ray and her break seems to be in fairly good shape – I saw the first x-ray and both sides of the pelvic bone were broken. I wish I could draw a picture & show you how it looked. Mary said every Dr. & nurse who looked at it said it was the only one like it they had ever seen.

Enough about such things – John is waiting for me to finish so we can go to bed and I am ready to turn in – Have to run the car in first.

Love Mother

P.S. I pd. Your Masonic dues

YEG1943-05-24 #3

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