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April Fool’s Day (Gladys)

1943-04-01Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – The first day of Apr and Mark has been busy all morning before going to school trying to get everyone fooled – However he didn’t really fool us much. I told him to run out and kill a snake by the garage and he fell for it. It rained last week but the sun is shining bright this morning. After school yesterday we raked the front yard and I sowed some grass seed. Couldn’t get any vigaro to put on – there just isn’t any this year. There is a Victory Garden fertilizer but it is not to be used on lawns – so that is that. I got the seed on just in time for the rain. I am going to Wilmington to get Ruth M. this afternoon or would work in the yard this P.M. – but the boys can do the raking after school. – Mail just came but no letters from you today – Maybe one tomorrow – Had a letter from your Mother and she had yours of Mar 14. Kenneth is in camp in Ark. – is in the band. He will get along where ever he goes. I hear David – just took a nap before his bath time. He sat in the buggy and watched up work in the yeard. He likes to be out of doors – So do I since such a long winter. I hope it stays warm for our trip. I am tiried of wearing heavy clothes. Mother is going to stay in T. H. a short while and then she is coming back here to live. She wants to do some visiting before she comes to stay. Jim wrote that Thelma has the mumps. He is getting more time off now and sees her quite often – but has to cross the bay every time he goes to see her. He is trying to find work for her in Richmond. He is in Camp Perry near Williamsburg now. Ed Barce is still stationed in Kokomo. I left the car at Sondergrath’s for a going over before making our trip.

Love – Mother

E. Dunlop Street, Kentland

Yegerlehner home, E. Dunlop Street, Kentland, circa 1943

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Measles certificate (Gladys)

1943-03-16Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – Still having typical March weather. It rained last night and the ground is so soft can’t be walked on. Maybe we will have good garden weather this spring. I went to a garden meeting yesterday. A man from Purdue spoke. There is volumes I don’t know about gardens, but I want to give it a try this summer. Mr. Zell is using all the space north of their house to the corn field for a garden and intends extending it back to Bills’ lot. He said Mark & I could have enough space for our garden. I am going to take Mark to Dr. M. this afternoon to get a certificate to go back to school. Every child who has had the measles has to get a certificate from the Dr. before they can go back to school. Mark seems to feel pretty good. Has been working on models while loafing this week. John hasn’t shown any signs yet of taking measles. I sent a letter out to your folks yesterday to tell them I had yours of Feb 26. Just hope we get to go down in Apr. No letters today. I think there are three yet to come you have mentioned. I would send you stamps but you would probably get others first. Since it took so long for you to get what I did send. The notice for your lodge dues came but I haven’t paid it yet. May do that while in C.C. I saw Hilda Barce and she said Ed is in Kokomo – Recruiting Sta. She said to tell you hello for them. I haven’t seen Ed for a long time but he comes out once in a while. He gets home pretty often. He says he wishes he could be sent out. – About time for John to come for lunch – and he is always so hungry. David is taking a nap. Weighed 16 ½. Has a coming appetite no teeth yet but plenty of pep. Isn’t gaining so fast now – takes too much exercise to get overfat.

Love Mother

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Protected: Christmas in Kentland 1942 (Gladys)

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It’s too darn hot (Roscoe)

In 1942, Roscoe and Gladys would not have been familiar with Cole Porter’s musical “Kiss Me Kate.” The musical did not premiere on Broadway until 1948. Roscoe’s letter reminds me of the song “Too Darn Hot.”

Letter transcription:

Dec. 14, 1942

Dear Mother,

It’s almost too hot to write but I’m doing it anyway. Here while back when I was writing about hot it just hadn’t started yet and besides that breeze don’t seem to know how to blow anymore. It’s about like that Sunday we spent at Norfolk only hotter if one gets out in the sun and too the humidity seems to be high – Towels don’t dry and unless clothes are hung in the sun they don’t dry and even then it may take some time to get a heavy towel dry.

Seems as if we might be having a little domestic trouble last night. One of the boys started snoring and one of the others got up and went over and poked him and woke him up and he didn’t like it very well. Guess one can do things like that at home but the wife poking isn’t like a stranger. The fellow said I was going um puf – – – but that didn’t bother him so I wasn’t

[page 2]disturbed. Thanks. Seems a shame to awaken one fellow so the other can go to sleep. Hope nothing comes of the whole situation. Don’t believe I would wake anyone even if I couldn’t sleep all night long.

I only got one letter written last night besides yours and that was to the folks. Seems I wasn’t in the mood and when that happens I just as well not try. The next letter I’m going to write will be to the Krulls but I’m not in the proper frame of mind just yet. Getting temperamental don’t you think. May not that – could be just the weather.

A November Reader’s Digest just came into our possession and I’ve practically finished it in the last day or two. Nov. isn’t very late – guess you have the Dec. and possibly the Jan. by now. Or has the subscription run out? It’s up to you now if you

[page 3] want to renew it. We seem to get them here Ok, but a little old but what’s the difference. It sprinkled just a little this A.M. We don’t know if that is the beginning of the rainy season – which is supposed to start sometime this month or whether it’s just another sprinkle. We could stand some rain but I’m afraid when it starts will be wishing for sunshine in a big way.

J. Edward Barce, circa 1960

J. Edward Barce, circa 1960

I never did hear from Ed. Barce while at Moffett Field. I wrote him a letter but didn’t get an answer and of course I didn’t know his address. I didn’t write H. Reinhart either. I just supposed that he probably was gone and the letter would have to be forwarded. Don’t you think that’s a pretty good excuse? The best I can think of on the spur of the moment. It’s a little hard to write when there isn’t much to write about as you will note I’ve been doing the past few days, but writing home is different. I’d be glad to get a letter from you even if

Henry W. Reinhart, circa 1960

Henry W. Reinhart, circa 1960

[page 4] you only wrote the date etc.

Of course, more is appreciated but I know it must be hard for you to compose each day. Even John’s letter was appreciated and about the only thing he told me was that you didn’t have meat for dinner that day. It’s hard for them to write much on V-mail because their writing is large and those pages are small. Hope you have the money letters by now. Seems as if that those letters were the only ones missing from your list when your last letter came.

There was no mail this A.M. but this P.M. delivery may be better to us. We hope. So Solong

Love Daddy

P.S. No mail this P.M.

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Over the past year a lot has happened (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
Dec 6 – 1942

Dear Daddy –

Sunday afternoon and while David takes a nap I will start a letter. John has gone to a special band practice and Mark is looking at funny papers. We had another snow yesterday and it covered up the soot and smoke on our week-old snow. It was just the right kind to cling to the trees and live wires. It was tied up country traffic a lot. Cocoa Foulkes said this morning they could get only about 1/3 of the farmer’s products into the plant. They boys came home after Sunday School and I went to Church. The first time since last August. They had a special service today. We have heard a lot on the radio today about “Dec 7” (41). Looking back over the past year a lot has happened in our family.

You mentioned Dr. M. in one of your letters – Well, I saw Mrs. M. on the street one day this week and she said the Dr. said anytime we needed him to call. The baby doesn’t take orange juice very well – as a matter of fact he has gotten so he can’t retain it so I went down to his office and talked

[page 2] to him about it and asked him about giving tomato juice or tablets. Mark was in the car with the baby and when I went in and found the office empty took the baby in. He asked me what I was feeding him and when I told him dextri-maltrose he proceeded to tell me in not too diplomatic terms that Karo is the only baby food. Well I would have put him on that but they had already started him on D.M. before I knew it and since it agrees with him what difference does it make whether I use K. of D.M. I hope you didn’t talk to people like that – I remember what Dr. R. said when he put John on D.M. – he said “Mead Johnson makes only baby food, and in his opinion they knew more about what is good for babies than a Co. than doesn’t specialize – – so much for that.

The older boys have been to the youth fellowship and are back again. Had to coax Mark to go, then he came back and said he was glad he went. After they came home John made the remark that Mark is good looking. Right away Mark was interested and asked for my confirmation. I told him if he would eat and fill out he would be, so now he says he is going to start in the morning at breakfast with a large bowl of cream of wheat, and eat a lot.

Jack Benny, Phil Harris and the cast of the Jack Benny Show (Image courtesy of Wikipedia)

[page 3] Tonight Jack Benny announced that Phil Harris & his band have joined the Merchant Marines and this was their last night on the show. In case you didn’t hear the show, Phil was telling about his physical. They told him to go over to the Dr. and get a shot. He went to the Dr. & said, “OK Where’s the bourbon?” By the way, Dr. M said to tell you he wished you were back here. He isn’t the only one.

Ed Barce was here to get your address today. He thinks he is going to be sent out soon. He has been in Rennsalaer this week and was able to come home every evening. You will probably be hearing from him soon.

Now that we have weather cold enough to keep the pond frozen we have the usual traffic of skaters. Mark has been over a time or two but doesn’t stay long – says he gets cold. We saw a sleigh so past this afternoon. It was a large one with a dozen or more in it. This must seem very foreign to you at present with your hot sunshine and general summer weather. I am thinking about the big slush we will have when this snow melts. It will be very wet. Of course it will have to warm up quite a lot for such a thaw. I got the car out of the garage yesterday but was afraid I would get in a snow bank backing out.

The Hufty's ambulance in which the grand trip to Lafayette was made. (Photograph courtesy of the Hufty family)

The Hufty’s ambulance in which the grand trip to Lafayette was made. (Photograph courtesy of the Hufty family)

[page 4] I have gossiped along and not really said much. The bank bal. at present is 786.55 – that includes Dec allotment – Birthday gift & Christmas gift. I have been buying bonds regularily – but will have to buy two this month since I missed Sept & Oct – bought 2 in Nov. The boys each have one and thought I add to David’s 10⁰⁰ and get him another one. John & Mark are now saving 25¢ stamps and have 4 each in their books. They buy a stamp a week from allowance. Mark has practically spent his 5⁰⁰. I allowed him to spend out of his 10⁰⁰. I suggested they each put 5⁰⁰ out of their ten in stamps & they agreed. He was simply reeling with delight at the idea of spending 5⁰⁰ as he pleased. John bought a special needle for the phonograph and a reed for his sax and I think he has the rest of his money. By the time I do a little Christmas shopping I will lop the bank bal. down some, but will try to hold it down to a “loud roar.” I am going to send to Sears tomorrow for Mark’s tool chest and I think I’ll also him a new suit. – Mon morn – busy as usual – John said this morning – “Mother, what do you do all morning?” – Meaning it seems to me you would have time to bake a cake – I didn’t this A.M. 4 letters came and I have to read them. I did that while giving D. his 10 A.M. bottle. So glad you have at last learned about the grand trip to Laf Sept 22. Also glad you got your Mother’s box – Do hope you get the three I sent – the one Ruth M. & Ruth Y. sent. Have baby clothes in Bendix and must got take out –over-

[page 5] am going to a Christmas Tea at Nellie’s this P.M. Clara Molter is going to stay with Baby

Love Mother

Thanks for the space [?]

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November 16, 1942 (Gladys) Part I

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
Nov. 16, 1942

Dear Daddy –

Two letters today so that bring my mail up again (in 9 days). All letters in order according to dates. Today we are having another high wind. I was going to take the baby out today for the first in the Johnson buggy but it is getting cloudy. I will wait until about 3:30 or 4 to see how it is then. I just had to go out and take some clothes off the line. The wind had whipped them around so. It feels warm out and much like rain. In case you don’t get those other letters Lucile is getting ready for a new baby and has a buggy and loaned it to me until she needs it in the early spring. I sent you a Nov. & December calander off my desk and will send you a complete one for 1943 as soon as I can get one. I have one from Mennens on the back of an O.B. chart but thought I could find a better small one than that. Today is Buddy Krull’s birthday. I baked a cake & decorated it. Mark took it to the restaurant as soon as he finished his lunch. Thanks to the mixer I can now make a cake I can send to someone for a gift. Wish I could send you one but that is out of the question now. Maybe I’ll make one and we will celebrate for you here. We will think about you especially on the 25th (as if we don’t all the time). I think you know you are in our thoughts and conversations

James L. Foster in his sailor uniform. Photograph courtesy of Gerry McCarroll.

James L. Foster in his sailor uniform. Photograph courtesy of Gerry McCarroll.

[page 2] all the time. Had a letter from Jim this morning. Said he was asking for a leave to begin Dec. 30 until Jan. 9. The boys often mention what Jim said last Christmas. Do you remember? Said you  & he would be in uniform this Christmas. Ed Barce had a few days leave and came out to see us Sat. nite. He has finished at Norfolk and is waiting for orders. I think he is in Indpls [Indianapolis] at present. He drives a station wagon and takes other (comm.) officers around. He was wearing a blue uniform and it looked very good on him. Which reminds me to tell you to keep looking at yours from time to time (and air it once in a while). Maybe this is unnecessary advice but you might moth or mold. I took your clothes out of the closet and even with spray and moth bags the little “fellars” had gotten in and eaten two or three holes in those green pants (if you remember) and a black pr. but not too bad to be mended.

Mother went home last Fri and so far we have been getting along fine. I had been doing most everything before she left anyway. I am feeling fine and have been trying to take care of myself and rest enough. I am still taking shots but think I’ll start on something orally. I am going to see Dr. C. I think Sat and he will probably write a prescription for me. John is going to

Silvester and Jessie Schiele

Silvester and Jessie Schiele (Roscoe’s maternal uncle)

[page 3] play with the band to broadcast and intend to make an appointment for him with Dr. A. I told you all this before but just in case you don’t get my last letter repeat this. I also told you I had a letter from H. W. Reinhart, Ylc CUB Two Moffett Field – Calif. He wants to hear about you so you write to him. Had a letter from Ruthie and they were in Hannah. Floyd had to have his blood test but she didn’t say anything about whether the Co. would be able to keep him or not. They are coming over sometime because Floyd sold all his shop equip. to Mr. Zell and will bring it over. Also had a letter from Aunt Jessie. Just a hello note – said they are intending to come down to see us soon. I had forgotten all about the microscope but will keep it – as you say. Sometimes I wonder if I am forgetting something important but hope I am not. Keeping a baby clean & fed is a large order but it is better to keep busy under the circumstances. Don’t worry about the furnace. We are taking care of it. I am keeping the Ins. paid because you know those notices come and I won’t forget any of that and the bank takes care of the rent so that is that. David is kicking and trying to go to sleep to. He showed a definite demonstration of temper last night. He was in his basket and I was writing to you and he was crying. I reached

[page 4] over and patted him – but didn’t take him up – well you should have heard him – I took him up and he stopped as quickly as he had started. Maybe I shouldn’t have taken him up. I often wonder what you would say about one thing and another regarding his care. Maybe we spoil him just a little, but that is another natural thing under the circumstances (do you agree?) He isn’t too spoiled because he sleeps a lot. I am afraid the weather is against our going out, looks definitely like rain.

I do hope you get all those letters you listed even if the news is old you will enjoy them. I will put the radiogram in the scrapbook. I haven’t received a reply – only from you (that is enough for me).

John and Lovina (Schiele) Yegerlehner (Roscoe's parents, c1946)

John and Lovina (Schiele) Yegerlehner (Roscoe’s parents, c1946)

I thought your Mother would try to come up before the gas rationing but she will have to come this week – if she does. That is too much a trip with the baby now, or we would have gone down this week-end.

It will soon be time for the boys to come home from school. “My day” is so full I just go from one thing to another. I didn’t have much lunch for them so that means a good full supper. John gets so hungry. Mark does too by spells.

I must quit and do a few odds & ends. I hope you can read this – believe my writing gets worse.

Love Mother

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