Measles certificate (Gladys)

1943-03-16Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – Still having typical March weather. It rained last night and the ground is so soft can’t be walked on. Maybe we will have good garden weather this spring. I went to a garden meeting yesterday. A man from Purdue spoke. There is volumes I don’t know about gardens, but I want to give it a try this summer. Mr. Zell is using all the space north of their house to the corn field for a garden and intends extending it back to Bills’ lot. He said Mark & I could have enough space for our garden. I am going to take Mark to Dr. M. this afternoon to get a certificate to go back to school. Every child who has had the measles has to get a certificate from the Dr. before they can go back to school. Mark seems to feel pretty good. Has been working on models while loafing this week. John hasn’t shown any signs yet of taking measles. I sent a letter out to your folks yesterday to tell them I had yours of Feb 26. Just hope we get to go down in Apr. No letters today. I think there are three yet to come you have mentioned. I would send you stamps but you would probably get others first. Since it took so long for you to get what I did send. The notice for your lodge dues came but I haven’t paid it yet. May do that while in C.C. I saw Hilda Barce and she said Ed is in Kokomo – Recruiting Sta. She said to tell you hello for them. I haven’t seen Ed for a long time but he comes out once in a while. He gets home pretty often. He says he wishes he could be sent out. – About time for John to come for lunch – and he is always so hungry. David is taking a nap. Weighed 16 ½. Has a coming appetite no teeth yet but plenty of pep. Isn’t gaining so fast now – takes too much exercise to get overfat.

Love Mother

©2014 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
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