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Listening to the Radio and Reading (Roscoe)

September 23, 1945, p. 1

September 23, 1945, p. 1

Letter transcription:

Sept. 23

Dear Mother,

There was no mail today but I did receive the three yesterday so that isn’t so bad. I forgot to say anything about the work on the davenport – Really that sounds like a pretty good high price to pay for a remodeling job and I believe if you could get it into the Den and then see what will happen in the next few months, we maybe can use $100 at a pretty good advantage in places other than on it. That is my feelings right now but you do as you think best.

I’ve spent the entire afternoon listening to the radio and reading. Most of the fellows here went to a football game so I took the convoy duty for a (jg) so he could go. I’d rather just sit and listen. The crowd was about 60,000 and the only way we had of getting there would be street car and I don’t like that way of getting around.

I’m hoping that something will come thru this week – I mean in the way of orders. This is really getting monotonous. I heard a little scuttlebutt that on the 15 of Oct. the points would be dropped to 55, and that would be a big help,

September 23, 1945, p. 2

September 23, 1945, p. 2

[page 2] and that reminds me about what you wrote about Bill F. and what he could do. I still don’t believe I’d like that kind of help right now because they sometimes like to throw too much power around and it might back fire.

The show last night was “I Love a Band Leader” with Phil Harris. That was the first time I had seen him and I was rather disappointed in his looks. He should be on some tooth paste program because of that pseudo smile or rather it appeared to be pseudo. The show wasn’t bad, however, Rochester was good. I suppose I’ll go tonite for lack of something more exciting to do.

You must have made pretty good time getting home last Monday. I was just about getting to Liberty, Mo., when you got home but I guess I wrote that before. It just didn’t seem possible we could have gotten there that fast. The Dr. that was with me and went on to Maryland isn’t back yet. Commercial air is most difficult to obtain and naval air probably doesn’t do in the area he went to. He probably will get by OK but if many more do that it will cause all these leaves to be cut short.

Well, Dear, I’ll have to get to the office so solong,
Love Daddy

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Over the past year a lot has happened (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
Dec 6 – 1942

Dear Daddy –

Sunday afternoon and while David takes a nap I will start a letter. John has gone to a special band practice and Mark is looking at funny papers. We had another snow yesterday and it covered up the soot and smoke on our week-old snow. It was just the right kind to cling to the trees and live wires. It was tied up country traffic a lot. Cocoa Foulkes said this morning they could get only about 1/3 of the farmer’s products into the plant. They boys came home after Sunday School and I went to Church. The first time since last August. They had a special service today. We have heard a lot on the radio today about “Dec 7” (41). Looking back over the past year a lot has happened in our family.

You mentioned Dr. M. in one of your letters – Well, I saw Mrs. M. on the street one day this week and she said the Dr. said anytime we needed him to call. The baby doesn’t take orange juice very well – as a matter of fact he has gotten so he can’t retain it so I went down to his office and talked

[page 2] to him about it and asked him about giving tomato juice or tablets. Mark was in the car with the baby and when I went in and found the office empty took the baby in. He asked me what I was feeding him and when I told him dextri-maltrose he proceeded to tell me in not too diplomatic terms that Karo is the only baby food. Well I would have put him on that but they had already started him on D.M. before I knew it and since it agrees with him what difference does it make whether I use K. of D.M. I hope you didn’t talk to people like that – I remember what Dr. R. said when he put John on D.M. – he said “Mead Johnson makes only baby food, and in his opinion they knew more about what is good for babies than a Co. than doesn’t specialize – – so much for that.

The older boys have been to the youth fellowship and are back again. Had to coax Mark to go, then he came back and said he was glad he went. After they came home John made the remark that Mark is good looking. Right away Mark was interested and asked for my confirmation. I told him if he would eat and fill out he would be, so now he says he is going to start in the morning at breakfast with a large bowl of cream of wheat, and eat a lot.

Jack Benny, Phil Harris and the cast of the Jack Benny Show (Image courtesy of Wikipedia)

[page 3] Tonight Jack Benny announced that Phil Harris & his band have joined the Merchant Marines and this was their last night on the show. In case you didn’t hear the show, Phil was telling about his physical. They told him to go over to the Dr. and get a shot. He went to the Dr. & said, “OK Where’s the bourbon?” By the way, Dr. M said to tell you he wished you were back here. He isn’t the only one.

Ed Barce was here to get your address today. He thinks he is going to be sent out soon. He has been in Rennsalaer this week and was able to come home every evening. You will probably be hearing from him soon.

Now that we have weather cold enough to keep the pond frozen we have the usual traffic of skaters. Mark has been over a time or two but doesn’t stay long – says he gets cold. We saw a sleigh so past this afternoon. It was a large one with a dozen or more in it. This must seem very foreign to you at present with your hot sunshine and general summer weather. I am thinking about the big slush we will have when this snow melts. It will be very wet. Of course it will have to warm up quite a lot for such a thaw. I got the car out of the garage yesterday but was afraid I would get in a snow bank backing out.

The Hufty's ambulance in which the grand trip to Lafayette was made. (Photograph courtesy of the Hufty family)

The Hufty’s ambulance in which the grand trip to Lafayette was made. (Photograph courtesy of the Hufty family)

[page 4] I have gossiped along and not really said much. The bank bal. at present is 786.55 – that includes Dec allotment – Birthday gift & Christmas gift. I have been buying bonds regularily – but will have to buy two this month since I missed Sept & Oct – bought 2 in Nov. The boys each have one and thought I add to David’s 10⁰⁰ and get him another one. John & Mark are now saving 25¢ stamps and have 4 each in their books. They buy a stamp a week from allowance. Mark has practically spent his 5⁰⁰. I allowed him to spend out of his 10⁰⁰. I suggested they each put 5⁰⁰ out of their ten in stamps & they agreed. He was simply reeling with delight at the idea of spending 5⁰⁰ as he pleased. John bought a special needle for the phonograph and a reed for his sax and I think he has the rest of his money. By the time I do a little Christmas shopping I will lop the bank bal. down some, but will try to hold it down to a “loud roar.” I am going to send to Sears tomorrow for Mark’s tool chest and I think I’ll also him a new suit. – Mon morn – busy as usual – John said this morning – “Mother, what do you do all morning?” – Meaning it seems to me you would have time to bake a cake – I didn’t this A.M. 4 letters came and I have to read them. I did that while giving D. his 10 A.M. bottle. So glad you have at last learned about the grand trip to Laf Sept 22. Also glad you got your Mother’s box – Do hope you get the three I sent – the one Ruth M. & Ruth Y. sent. Have baby clothes in Bendix and must got take out –over-

[page 5] am going to a Christmas Tea at Nellie’s this P.M. Clara Molter is going to stay with Baby

Love Mother

Thanks for the space [?]

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