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Randon Record – Will of Ellen Ellmer

Will of Ellen Ellmer (Image from Ancestry.com)

Will of Ellen Ellmer
Sacramento, California
Will Book A: 12-15
Written 10 November 1856; proved 22 February 1858

Will transcription:

The last Will and testament }
of Ellen Ellmer deceased }

I Ellen Ellmer, wife of John B.
Ellmer residing in the City of Sacramento in the
State of California do make this my last will and
testament as follows:

First: I will and bequeath unto my husband John B. Ellmer
all my right, title, interest and claim in and to the
following described real Estate situate, lying and being
in the County of Sacramento and State of California
to wit a portion of a Lot in the City of Sacramento bounded
and described as follows to wit: beginning at the South
west quarter of Lot number Seven (No 7) in the square of
said City bounded by Second and third and N and M Streets
in said City running with N Street thirty (30) feet easterly,
thence North at right angles Eighty (80) feet, thence Westerly
thirty (30) feet, thence to place of beginning Eighty (80) feet.
And I do will and desire that Lewis Sanders Jr who holds
the same in trust for me shall after my death hold the
same in trust for my said husband paying the rents and
profits thereof to him the said John B. Ellmer as long as the
legal title may remain in the said trustee and that he will
and shall at the request of the said John B. Ellmer
convey the legal title to him or to any other person to whom
he may direct.

Second: I also give and bequeath to my said husband
any and all other property whether real, personal or mixed of which
I may die possessed.

In witness of all which I have hereunto set my hand and seal
at the City of Sacramento this Tenth day of November A.D. 1856
In the presence of }
John S. Cochran }
Martha T. Cochran }                    Ellen Ellmer {seal}

I hereby consent to the making execution
terms and conditions of the foregoing will this day executed
by my wife.

Will of Ellen Ellmer (Image from Ancestry.com)

[page 13]

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal
at the City of Sacramento this Tenth day of November A.D. 1856.
J.B. Ellmer {seal}

At the request of the foregoing signers, viz. Ellen Ellmer
and J.B. Ellmer, we J.S. Cochrane and Martha T. Cochrane have
in their presence on this 14th day of November 1856, hereto
affixed our respective names as Witness to their respective
Signatures to the foregoing instrument or last will and testa=
ment and consent thereto.

John S. Cochran
Martha T. Cockran

State of California }
County of Sacramento } In Probate Court

In the matter of the Estate of }
Ellen Ellmer Deceased }

John S. Cockrane and Martha T.
Cochrane appeared in open Court and being duly sworn, each
testified that they were acquainted with Ellen Ellmer, the
deceased, that they were present and called upon to witness

her last will and testament, that the paper presented was
that will, that she published as her last will and testa=
ment, and the witness both set their proper names to the
same as witnesses. That said deceased was of sound
mind and fully aware of what she was doing.
Subscribed and Sworn to before me this }    John S. Cochran
22nd day of February A.D. 1858 Martha T. Cochran

JB Dayton Clerk
By J.S. Jameson D.C.

State of California } In Probate Court
County of Sacramento } February Term 1858
February Term 1858

Will of Ellen Ellmer (Image from Ancestry.com)

[page 14]

Estate of }
Ellen Ellmer deceased }

Now on this day come [?] for hearing
the petition of J.B. Ellmer, praying for letters of administration
upon the above Estate, and for the admission to Probate of
the will of said deceased: and proof being made to the
Satisfaction of the Court by the affidavit of James
Anthony now on file that notice to all persons interested
in said Estate has been duly published in the manner
required by Law, and no person appearing to contest said
will or application or having filed written objections
to the same. And it further appearing from the affidavits
of John S. Cochran and Martha T. Cochran, subscribing witnesses
to the said will that the same was executed by the said
Ellen Ellmer in her life-time, and that at the time of
the Execution thereof the said Ellen Ellmer was of Sound
mind and memory, and not under any restraint whatever,
It is therefore ordered and decreed by the Court that said will
be admitted to Probate as the last will and Testament of
Ellen Ellmer deceased, and that J.B. Ellmer, surviving
husband of said deceased be appointed administrator
with the will annexed of said Estate, upon his taking the
proper oath required by Law and executing and filing
in this Court a good and sufficient bond in the penal
sum of One thousand dollars to be duly conditioned
and approved as the Law requires.

And thereupon said J.B. Ellmer comes and presents his
bond as administrator with the will annexed of said
Esate duly conditioned and approved as the law
directs, with Elijah Swift and John Troutmann as
his Sureties, and he having taken the oath of office
as required by Law.

It is therefore ordered by the Court that said bond
be placed on file and noted of record, and that
letters of administration with the will annexed
be issued to the said J.B. Ellmer; thereby vesting
in him full power and authority to proceed in the

Will of Ellen Ellmer (Image from Ancestry.com)

[page 15]

Settlement of said Estate in the manner required by Law.
It is further ordered that said Administrator cause a notice
to be published in the Daily Union, a newspaper published
within this County, notifying all persons having claims or
demands against the said Estate to present the same to
him duly authenticated within ten months from the date
of such publication, said notice to be published at least
once a week for four successive weeks.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto
set my hand and caused to be affixed
the seal of said Probate Court, this
22nd day of February A.D. 1858.
Robert Robinson County Judge
Sac Co Cal

Attest JB Dayton Clerk
By J.S. Jameson Dep Clerk

“Filed Feby 8th 1858 and admitted to Probate
February 22nd 1858.
JB Dayton Clerk
By J.S. Jameson D.C.”

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My Path to Certification – Issue No. 7

Another month gone…not much writing done, but some serious research accomplished. Hopefully over the next month (and holidays), I will find a stretch of time to do some serious writing.

California State Capital, Sacramento, 2017

I’ve been chasing information for my proof argument instead of my KDP this month. Additionally, I am looking for a good document to transcribe for Part 4: Document Work (Applicant-Supplied Document). Two years ago at Jamboree, when the BCG had a table in the vendor hall with portfolios, I was able to talk to several certified genealogists at length. One of my takeaways was that most portfolios do not feature cases from the western United States. My family waited until the 20th century to migrate to California, providing me with little reason to learn much of California’s rich history and how to access the documents. However, I live and work in California. While volunteering at the library the past few years, I have helped many patrons with California-rich family histories. California has an estimated population of almost 40 million people, ranking her as the most populous state in the nation. Currently, only 15 certified genealogists live in California. There are fewer than 250 certified genealogists around the world, the vast majority from the United States. Hopefully, in the next few years, the number of certified genealogists in California will increase. While I would like to count myself in this group, I know several outstanding genealogists in California who are also working toward this goal as well.

For my document work, I want to highlight someone local, plus learn a little more about the people who founded my city/county. I live in a suburb of Sacramento. We have several small and old cemeteries, the resting places of some well-known historical figures. Elitha (Donner) McCoon Wilder was one of the surviving children of the tragic Donner Party. Our school district named an elementary school for her. Alexander H. Willard is believed to be last surviving member of Lewis and Clark’s expedition when he died in 1865. He, too, ended up in my town, buried next to another elementary school and the roller skating rink. Many of our early citizens (of European ancestry) came west during the gold rush and stayed on as farmers and ranchers.

William McGraw, c1870

One of the tasks I “completed” this month was tracing the ownership of several parcels of land for my proof argument. I used a combination of original land grants, county land deeds, and a county plat book to determine when my ancestor acquired and sold a particular 40 acre plot of land. Understanding the United States government’s system of townships and ranges and how land was divided and distributed during the 19th century is essential for genealogists. For example [Note: this is not the problem I am using for my proof argument], my ancestor William McGraw married a woman named Martha Higgins. I have no direct evidence of her parents’ identities. However, William purchased a parcel a land adjoining a parcel owned by Jonathan Higgins around the time of his marriage to Martha. The location of the land and the Higgins surname provide indirect evidence of a connection between William, Martha and Jonathan. This evidence would prompt me to research Jonathan Higgins further and determine if there is a connection between him and Martha. Without knowing the physical proximity of these people to one another, I might miss a valuable clue to their relationships and identities. Being a visual person, I also like to look at maps (and draw my own) to see how close people lived to one another.

Another project I have been working on this month is obtaining permission from living persons. Any information that I include about living people in any of the part of my portfolio, I must obtain permission from them. For example, I potentially wish to include some of my DNA research in one of the papers. I must obtain permission from everyone whose DNA I reference. Additionally, one element of the portfolio is a client report. Permission from the client must also be granted before inclusion in the portfolio.

Happy Holidays and happy hunting!

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Hearst Castle

[Postmark September 21, 1965, Lost Angeles, California]

Happy Birthday. We went to see this place this morning. Having a grand time.
Love – Mother & Dad

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Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2017/02/13/hearst-castle/

Sebastapol California

[Postmark September 16, 1965, Sebastapol, California]

Dear D. & B. This same view continues along Calif. coast. We have just come over a highway like the Million Dollar Hwy in Colorado but this time I wasn’t the least bit afraid. We are going D.A. Mercurio – 3490 Frei Road Sebastapol—just a few miles from where we are eating back now. We may make a trip over to Reno to see Wingfields, then down to L.A. to see Aileen & Tom. We really enjoyed the coast of Oregon. We took our time and picked up rocks & agates along the way. Our vacation has been very enjoyable. Happy Birthday in case I forget to send you another card. Love Mother

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Aileen Easterly #3

April 4, 1946 envelope

April 4, 1946 envelope

Letter transcription:

April 4, 1946, p. 1

April 4, 1946, p. 1

Los Angeles, California
April 4, 1946
Thursday afternoon 3:00

Dear Gladys:

I am so ashamed to think I haven’t answered your letter dated Feb. 20th – I haven’t written to anyone except Mother, and that was just a note each day since I’ve come home.

Was in the hospital two weeks, came home on the 28th of Feb. It was just 7 weeks ago today that I had the operation – am so happy that much time has passed. I won’t go into a lengthy account of it because I know how boring the stories of operations can be to others. I had two tumors, each the size of an orange, my uterus and appendix removed. Everything else was in perfect condition for which I was very thankful. The doctors and nurses were amazed because I didn’t have pain, etc., that most patients have with such an operation. Three things in particular, for instance, I urinated from the very beginning, passed gas naturally (had no pains whatsoever) and didn’t have to take laxatives. Those three things helped considerably or so they told me. What do you think Jake? However, I was awfully weak for the first 10 days – didn’t care to read or didn’t want any company. I often sent Tom home after a 10 minute visit – all I wanted to do was lie there and rest and sleep.

We had engaged a lady to care for me the first two weeks after I came from the hospital, but the minute the landlady heard of it she insisted upon nursing me. Tom cooked my breakfast and she prepared my lunch and dinner – it really worked out beautifully that way because I still couldn’t stand to have too many people around. The landlady was in and out during the day. We live in a double apartment (one bedroom) so we really couldn’t accommodate someone all the time.

April 4, 1946, p. 2

April 4, 1946, p. 2

[page 2] The doctor thinks I’m getting along very well. I take 9 vitamin, and liver and iron tablets a day – should gain weight and look normal soon. I lost 10 pounds – before the operation I weighed 125, now weight about 119. I have to report to the doctor next Thursday and perhaps he will release me then. Of course I will not go to work immediately – intend to take my vacation and then ask for a month on my own time. Will possibly go back to work around June 1st, really don’t want to go back at all – am going to give it some thought.

We are still planning on our trip East during the month of May, provided my doctor approves. Tom’s vacation is scheduled April 29th to May 26th inclusive. We are both looking forward to the trip and hope we won’t be disappointed by not being able to go.

Received a letter from Mother this morning saying my sister had x-rays taken and that she must be operated on immediately. The gall-bladder is in a very bad condition and has two large stones – they are afraid it might rupture. Her children now have the mumps – everything seems to happen at once.

Well Gladys, I’ll try to write to you before Tom’s vacation and let you know our definite plans – would like to see you if we do make the trip.


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Aileen Easterly #2

February 9, 1946 envelope

February 9, 1946 envelope

Letter transcription:

February 9, 1946, p. 1

February 9, 1946, p. 1

Los Angeles, California
February 9, 1946
Saturday morning 9:45

Dear Gladys:

Received your letter last night. Was so nice of you to answer immediately. Was curious to know what Jake would say, yet I knew the answer too. Thanks for listening to all my troubles.

This is just a note before I go downtown shopping. Everything has been arranged at the hospital and I will have the operation Thursday morning, February 14th. What a Valentine I’ll be. The doctor asked me to report to work Monday, February 11th just to pick up my order to enter the hospital – – I will stay home Tuesday and Wednesday to rest. Will go in the hospital Wednesday afternoon at 2:30.

My address at the hospital will be:

Mrs. Aileen Easterly
Good Samaritan Hospital
1212 Shatto Place
Los Angeles, California

I will be there two weeks or longer. Write me a little note there if you find time, will be glad to hear from you, I know.

I will write you as soon as I can again.

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Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2016/07/26/aileen-easterly-2/

Aileen Easterly

January 26, 1946 envelope

January 26, 1946 envelope

January 26, 1946, p. 1

January 26, 1946, p. 1

Letter transcription:

Los Angeles, California
January 26, 1946
Saturday morning 11:30

Dear Gladys:

Received your letter dated January 1 and enjoyed all the news immensely. So happy for all of you that Jake is home for good now. Wish he could have visited us while he was here on the coast, but S.F. is 500 miles from L.A. and that would have been so far out of his way. Too bad about the fire in his new offices – – do hope the repair job won’t take too long. The way conditions are these days with help and equipment so difficult to get, one never knows what to expect.

The new restaurant sounds interesting and it really is a pleasure to entertain that way occasionally. I manage to cook dinner every night from Monday to Thursday inclusive, but Tom works Friday night, and then on Saturday we have a big pot of some kind of soup. Sunday is our day out – – we usually try a new place, go alone or with friends, and we enjoy it, especially after putting in such a full week of hard work.

I’m sure your Christmas was exciting because of David – – I can just imagine how thrilled he was with everything. John and Mark will always wee that it is interesting for David. Christmas doesn’t mean so much unless there are children around to enjoy it.

We are having such beautiful weather – – I’m sitting in the kitchen next to the window with my back to the sun (window wide open too) and how I love it. I don’t feel at all well today, so perhaps the sun will pep me up a bit.

Well, I might as well tell you about myself now. You probably thought I was going to have a baby, but no such good luck for me. I think I told you about the bad case of diarrhea I had last May, well, I had another such attack in November. Our company doctor gave me a thorough physical examination, thinking perhaps it might be my appendix causing the trouble. The appendix apparently is alright, but he did discover a fibroid tumor the size of a grapefruit around the uterus. He said no doubt it had been growing for years and asked me when I first noticed any discomfort from it. I haven’t felt well for about three years, but thought I was going through the change. Sometimes I would skip a month at my periods and then I seemed to cramp continuously, almost every day. I’m at the point now where I feel so low both mentally and physically that I just make myself do things. And of course my job at the office hasn’t helped me any either. There are three of us in our division now (450 on our pay roll) and I’m sorta in charge, a little more prestige, but a great big headache. There are 4,000 in the company, but the other employees are on another pay roll because they are in the districts. Ours is the General Office. We even had to work New Year’s Eve and all day on New Year’s.

January 26, 1946, p. 2

January 26, 1946, p. 2

[page 2] Our Chief Surgeon said I should have the operation soon. I decided to help out at the office during December and January, the two worst months of the year. I have consented to the operation and will perhaps be in the hospital around February 6th or 7th. Our Chief Surgeon has been with our company for 25 years and is claimed to be the best in the City, so I have a lot of confidence in him. All hospitalization will be paid also my two months sick leave. After that I plan to take three months leave of absence on my own time without pay. If everything turns out as we have planned Tom and I will make a trip east perhaps during the month of June.

I am curious what Jake thinks of the operation – – does he approve. Maybe I have no alternative! The doctor said the tumor has kept me from getting pregnant. Is that true? I say that I have confidence in our doctor yet I ask Jake his opinion. Silly, isn’t it? That’s just like a woman.

I will be looking forward to hearing from you when you find time to write. I know how busy you must be, with all your family at home now.


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