Aileen Easterly #2

February 9, 1946 envelope

February 9, 1946 envelope

Letter transcription:

February 9, 1946, p. 1

February 9, 1946, p. 1

Los Angeles, California
February 9, 1946
Saturday morning 9:45

Dear Gladys:

Received your letter last night. Was so nice of you to answer immediately. Was curious to know what Jake would say, yet I knew the answer too. Thanks for listening to all my troubles.

This is just a note before I go downtown shopping. Everything has been arranged at the hospital and I will have the operation Thursday morning, February 14th. What a Valentine I’ll be. The doctor asked me to report to work Monday, February 11th just to pick up my order to enter the hospital – – I will stay home Tuesday and Wednesday to rest. Will go in the hospital Wednesday afternoon at 2:30.

My address at the hospital will be:

Mrs. Aileen Easterly
Good Samaritan Hospital
1212 Shatto Place
Los Angeles, California

I will be there two weeks or longer. Write me a little note there if you find time, will be glad to hear from you, I know.

I will write you as soon as I can again.

©2016 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
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