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Aileen Easterly #3

April 4, 1946 envelope

April 4, 1946 envelope

Letter transcription:

April 4, 1946, p. 1

April 4, 1946, p. 1

Los Angeles, California
April 4, 1946
Thursday afternoon 3:00

Dear Gladys:

I am so ashamed to think I haven’t answered your letter dated Feb. 20th – I haven’t written to anyone except Mother, and that was just a note each day since I’ve come home.

Was in the hospital two weeks, came home on the 28th of Feb. It was just 7 weeks ago today that I had the operation – am so happy that much time has passed. I won’t go into a lengthy account of it because I know how boring the stories of operations can be to others. I had two tumors, each the size of an orange, my uterus and appendix removed. Everything else was in perfect condition for which I was very thankful. The doctors and nurses were amazed because I didn’t have pain, etc., that most patients have with such an operation. Three things in particular, for instance, I urinated from the very beginning, passed gas naturally (had no pains whatsoever) and didn’t have to take laxatives. Those three things helped considerably or so they told me. What do you think Jake? However, I was awfully weak for the first 10 days – didn’t care to read or didn’t want any company. I often sent Tom home after a 10 minute visit – all I wanted to do was lie there and rest and sleep.

We had engaged a lady to care for me the first two weeks after I came from the hospital, but the minute the landlady heard of it she insisted upon nursing me. Tom cooked my breakfast and she prepared my lunch and dinner – it really worked out beautifully that way because I still couldn’t stand to have too many people around. The landlady was in and out during the day. We live in a double apartment (one bedroom) so we really couldn’t accommodate someone all the time.

April 4, 1946, p. 2

April 4, 1946, p. 2

[page 2] The doctor thinks I’m getting along very well. I take 9 vitamin, and liver and iron tablets a day – should gain weight and look normal soon. I lost 10 pounds – before the operation I weighed 125, now weight about 119. I have to report to the doctor next Thursday and perhaps he will release me then. Of course I will not go to work immediately – intend to take my vacation and then ask for a month on my own time. Will possibly go back to work around June 1st, really don’t want to go back at all – am going to give it some thought.

We are still planning on our trip East during the month of May, provided my doctor approves. Tom’s vacation is scheduled April 29th to May 26th inclusive. We are both looking forward to the trip and hope we won’t be disappointed by not being able to go.

Received a letter from Mother this morning saying my sister had x-rays taken and that she must be operated on immediately. The gall-bladder is in a very bad condition and has two large stones – they are afraid it might rupture. Her children now have the mumps – everything seems to happen at once.

Well Gladys, I’ll try to write to you before Tom’s vacation and let you know our definite plans – would like to see you if we do make the trip.


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