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A Smelly Evening (Gladys)

August 30, 1945 envelope

August 30, 1945 envelope

Letter transcription:

August 30, 1945, p. 1

August 30, 1945, p. 1


Dear Daddy –

I just wrote Madelyn M. and told her I had forwarded her request to you. Thought I would start another letter to you. It is hot today – supposed to get to 90°. Last night we were sitting peacefully in the living room when we got the awful odor of skunk. I went out in the yard – John wouldn’t venture out – but I told him it wouldn’t be that close. I saw Irene out – she was smelling “Mike.” I told her if he had been around a skunk she couldn’t get that close to him. It finally cleared, but I was beginning to believe it would last all night.

The Ration Board sent me coupons for 35 lbs. sugar. I was surprised. I only had 3 -13 stamps to turn in. Lucile J. said she wouldn’t humiliate herself to ask for sugar. This Board hasn’t been too nice to some people. I guess we haven’t any complaints to make. I saw Harold P. yesterday and he is going to have a beef killed killed in Oct. so we will soon have meat. Hope we get our oil burner by Oct., too. I will be so glad to get that basement cleaned, but it’s no use as long as we keep burning coal. After we get the oil put in then it can be cleaned & kept clean.

August 30, 1945, p. 2

August 30, 1945, p. 2

[page 2] David is taking his nap and must have gone right to sleep. It was so warm this morning he just wore panties. He will soon get his sun tan deepened if this weather continues.

Mark told us that he promised Mr. Cole he would play in the band. He got his horn out this morning and wants to polish it. I made him practice his piano lesson, two or three times. He at present is out riding with Sammy Washburn on his bike (each boy on a bike).

The news about the Navy is good we think. I just wonder if after they get Japan signed, they will start demobilizing rather rapidly. We heard a lot about the subject last night. Of course, every time we hear anything coming on a newscast concerning the subject we sh everyone so we won’t miss a word.

Arlene was picking flowers this morning to take to the Country Club. The Funks (Wm.) and Casts were on the decorating committee. It’s celebrity day and I think there is a dinner tonight.

Fri. afternoon – Yours posted 27 & 28 came. You should have David’s picture (& ours) by now. The gold made good time if you got it Mon. I didn’t mail it until Sat. afternoon. I am waiting for the car. Sondergraths are working on it. Something wrong with the distributor. I am taking John back to Dr. Ade for recheck. Maybe he should have gone on the bus, but school is in session and it takes so long to go on the bus. The appointment was made for today by the office girl when I called for the first appointment. They do that as routine. Jimmy Ed was pretty bad last night. They were up with him all night. Also there was an electircal storm and that didn’t help matters any. It’s hot & humid today.

Love Mother

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Neighborhood News (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
June 26 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

Another hot sultry day. It looks like rain and once in a while there is a breeze but days like this makes Mother awfully weak. I stopped in to see Dr. M. and asked him about her and he said Bepron was a fine tonic and for her to keep on taking it. While I was there he asked me if I wanted to see the X-Ray of Ruthie Parttens – He showed it to me and was he mad – Mary wanted a bone specialist to see her a few days after Dr. M. had taken care

[page 2] of her and that insulted him but he told them to get someone else – they had Berkhiser from Chicago and he said everything had been done that could be – Dr. M. said he got so sick and tired of people spending their money on specialists. At any rate he says Ruthie is getting along first rate and the rumor that she wouldn’t walk again was rumor there was nothing to it. She is so lively they can hardly keep her in bed. I want to go over and see her but the car is in the garage today. Couldn’t start it yesterday so we pushed it and got it started and stopped at Sondergrath.

[page 3] Will report later on the trouble.

Had a letter from Ruth M. and she wants me to send J. & M. over for a week or so and then the rest of us come for the 4th but Mother doesn’t feel well enough to go any place now and as hot as it is I really would rather stay home with David. Zell’s are going away Wed. for a week and they want J. & M. to mow the lawn while they are gone. However if they want to go to Ruth’s I won’t keep them home. Ruth & Floyd are going to C.C. for the 4th & wanted us to got too so they could take some more movies of David, but I don’t want to go on such a long trip when it’s so hot, and I can’t plan to go

[page 4] any place while Mother doesn’t feel so well. She said for us to go ahead & go but I wouldn’t want to leave her alone.

Glenn called us yesterday. He talked and his wife talked – he talked to all of us. Had the baby by the phone and we could hear him. I wrote and told him Mother didn’t feel so well and I think he was pretty worried about her. He wanted your address; you may hear from them. His wife’s name is Pauline. The picture enclosed is I think good of David but John says David is better looking than the picture. However I think you can get a good idea what he is like because he laughs so much. After his bath he

[page 5] has curls but after a while they fall down. There are two teeth in front but one show plainer than the other. He is in his bed now singing a song. It is time for him to take a nap so he is in the nursery alone.

Parr’s were in town yesterday. Harlan is having a vacation but has to be back in Tuscola July 4 for work. He is very tan and so is Carolyn, more so than Dorothy & Nancy. They thought David was a pretty fine boy. Harlan still wants a boy. Dorothy said she thinks she has all she can do to take care of two girls.

[page 6] Dorothy Krull said yesterday that Bill Funk wants them to go on a vacation trip together. Dorothy said they would have to close the restaurant and she doesn’t know whether they will or not. I told her if they go to be sure Bill knows where he is taking them.

Had to stop and take baby clothes off the line – a storm was brewing and what a storm – this one took a good portion of the tree by Statons driveway – They have gone to Indpls. And will have to get the tree off their driveway before they can get in when they come back.

[page 7] Mrs. James & Jimmy went along and Bobby was sent home from Zells for misdemeanor so before the storm the neighborhood was rather quiet. It vibrates at times when things get going good.

After the rain started Mark put on his bathing trunks but he didn’t stay out long. It is cooler now since the rain – something we all appreciate. If this summer continues like this we have a lot of hot weather to look forward to. I had to repot a cactus plant – It was on the window sill and the strong wind blew it over and knocked the cactus out of the pot.

[page 8] The storm has let up and the Zell girls & J. & M. are out playing hide & seek. There is still a lot of thunder so maybe it will rain more.

Your mention of the shells makes me think of the box you sent from Noumea that didn’t come. The one that had the necklace you thought prettier than the one I rec’d. I doubt if it ever comes now – it has been so long.

I must get this ready to mail, so John can do to the P.O.

Love Mother

YEG1943-06 Dunlop Street house

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Father’s Day Gift (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.

Dear Daddy –

A real hot summer day & no sign of rain. We are going our usual Fri. washing – Mark weeded carrots this morning after baking class – he made a spice cake at 4-H this morning. We are going to sow some carrots & swiss chard this evening. I think we will soon have potatoes to dig. Ours did very good. I have about a tub full of spinach to clean – I cut it off so we could replace it with the chard. John helped with the wash work – his big job is to mow and he has that done for this week. He is good help in the garden if needed.

We had David’s picture taken this morning. The photographer who always takes Jimmy’s picture came here and took the picture. Dorothy Schurtter brought Stevie and had his taken too.

[page 2] I would have liked to gotten the picture to you for Father’s Day but it won’t make it by then – however you can consider it a Father’s Day gift – which is this coming Sunday. I have mentioned it before but you may not get the letter.

I sent in the ck to pay off the ins. loan. It was $243.91 – that inclues Interest $6.36. So we will be rid of any kind of payment of that policy after I pay the last prem. due this month. Now to get that loan off mine and cut down more interest.

I got a bottle of Bepron and Mother is taking it. I think it is helping her. She seems to have a little better appetite & not quite so weak. She stays up all day but goes to bed early. I think it is better for her to keep going as long as she feels like it. She doesn’t do anything but it’s better than for her to be in bed all the time. I am taking the tonic too. I feel good but think it will help to keep me feeling good.

[page 3]I see in the paper that Jerry Sondergrath’s have another girl – Judith Ann. That was one I didn’t know anything about until I saw the paper. One of Leo’s girls is working in the bank and the second girl works in the garage office. Mrs. S. told me the girls didn’t like to work in the office for their Dad, but those girls are taught to do what their parents want.

–Had to stop & feed D. – now I had to change his pants and stop working on the spinach – We have all been out on the terrace working on the spinach. Took David’s pen out so he would be better satisfied – He climbs around in his buggy so much we can’t work if he is in it. John doesn’t eat spinach so I let him quit helping – He is going to town to mail letters.

Love Mother

YEG1942-06-18 David

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April Fool’s Day (Gladys)

1943-04-01Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – The first day of Apr and Mark has been busy all morning before going to school trying to get everyone fooled – However he didn’t really fool us much. I told him to run out and kill a snake by the garage and he fell for it. It rained last week but the sun is shining bright this morning. After school yesterday we raked the front yard and I sowed some grass seed. Couldn’t get any vigaro to put on – there just isn’t any this year. There is a Victory Garden fertilizer but it is not to be used on lawns – so that is that. I got the seed on just in time for the rain. I am going to Wilmington to get Ruth M. this afternoon or would work in the yard this P.M. – but the boys can do the raking after school. – Mail just came but no letters from you today – Maybe one tomorrow – Had a letter from your Mother and she had yours of Mar 14. Kenneth is in camp in Ark. – is in the band. He will get along where ever he goes. I hear David – just took a nap before his bath time. He sat in the buggy and watched up work in the yeard. He likes to be out of doors – So do I since such a long winter. I hope it stays warm for our trip. I am tiried of wearing heavy clothes. Mother is going to stay in T. H. a short while and then she is coming back here to live. She wants to do some visiting before she comes to stay. Jim wrote that Thelma has the mumps. He is getting more time off now and sees her quite often – but has to cross the bay every time he goes to see her. He is trying to find work for her in Richmond. He is in Camp Perry near Williamsburg now. Ed Barce is still stationed in Kokomo. I left the car at Sondergrath’s for a going over before making our trip.

Love – Mother

E. Dunlop Street, Kentland

Yegerlehner home, E. Dunlop Street, Kentland, circa 1943

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