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Wordless Wednesday – Schiele Brothers

SCH1890s - Schiele brothers (watermark)

Schiele Brothers

Back row: Nathan, Silvester, Charles, Andrew
Front row: William, Reuben, David

Photograph was likely taken around 1897, and before 1899. Location of the original photograph is currently unknown.

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First President of the Rotary (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

Lieut. R. S. Yegerlehner USNR
Navy 60 F.P.O. San Fran
July 13, 1943

Dear Mother,
Yesterday your letter of June 24 came and one from Ruth Y. of June 22. I thought possibly the pictures of D. would be in this one but then I remembered that you said you would send them next week. It has been a week since I received that letter from you but this letter was only 2 days older than the one in which you told of the pictures.

I don’t know if I told you that Uncle Wess had sent a Rotary news week of their own club in Chicago. Well, it had an

[page 2] item in it about the first president of Rotary and it gave a short account of his life. Well I “sorta” get a kick out of having my friends read it and then claiming him as my uncle. I’ll have to write him and give him the low down.

My ambition got the better of me yesterday and I constructed that long talked of rat trap and we have a rat this A.M. to prove the merits of the trap. It’s a type of gang plank where the rat walks out to get a piece of cheese held by a wire beyond the balance point. So Mr. Rat walks out and takes a dip in

[page 3] a 5 gallon can filled about half full of water. We heard it trip two other times but I guess the rat was too nimble. With a little rearranging I believe I can make it 100% instead of 33⅓% as it now is.

I wrote some time ago about changing the allotment but I think I’ll just leave it as is and send what extra money I have home ever so often. As far as I can see it’s just as good one way as the other and if it is left as is you will always get your $200 but if the mail would get crossed as it did with the uniform, your 200 might stop and

[page 4] the new fail to start. If one of the checks I send home gets lost we can always get the numbers and check it that way. I think I’ll continue that way for a while at least and in the next week or 10 days will be able to send a check. That is as soon as a pay day arrives. The amount of the check I can’t say because I don’t know how much there is there. I’ve written all that before but just a little alteration in plan.

You said something about the hot weather in your letter. At Noumea the wind would blow but here it’s always calm and that makes the heat a little more severe. Yes I’ve had practically 14 month of hot weather now beginning at Norfolk Va.

Well, must be on the move
Love Daddy

Russell Islands  Image by Kelisi at (Wikipedia Commons license)

Russell Islands
Image by Kelisi at (Wikipedia Commons license)

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Sunday’s Obituary – Reuben Jacob Schiele

Schiele, Reuben - Obituary, 1931 (cropped)REUBEN JACOB SCHIELE

Special To The Tribune

BRAZIL, Ind., Oct. 21. –Reuben Jacob Schiele, aged 75, a prominent farmer of near Clay City for many years, died last evening at the home of his daughter, Mrs. B. O. King, at Terre Haute, of obstruction of the bowels. The deceased was born in Ohio, but had spent most of his life in Clay county. He is survived by the widow, Mrs. Lana Schiele: two sons and a daughter, William and Oliver Schiele, of Clay City, and Mrs. King, of Terre Haute; also a brother, and four sisters, Sylvester Schiele, of Chicago; Mrs. James Hixon, of Brazil; Mrs. John Yearlinger, of Clay City; Mrs. Charles McQuery and Mrs. John Swartz, of Barrington, Ill.; also 11 grandchildren and one great-grandchild. The funeral will be announced later.

“Reuben Jacob Schiele,” Terre Haute Tribune (Terre Haute, Indiana), 21 October 1931, p. 2.


Reuben Schiele was born 27 June 1857, Medina County, Ohio. He was the eldest son of Michael Schiele and his first wife, Mary Magdalena Miller. He moved with his parents to Clay County as a young boy. On 8 June 1880, Reuben married Lanah Markley. They were the parents of four children: Ida E., Edith M., Oliver L. and William J. Reuben was a farmer like his father.

Schiele, Reuben J. - Clay co. history, p. 401

Schiele, Reuben J. - Clay co. history, p. 402

William Travis, A History of Clay County Indiana (Chicago: The Lewis Publishing Company, 1909), 401-402.

Reuben is buried with his wife Lanah at the Maple Grove Cemetery, Clay City, Indiana.

Schiele, Reuben & Lanah - gravestone

Photograph courtesy of Jon Rice

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Military Monday – Spanish War

In 1898, the United States waged a war with Spain for ten weeks over the independence of Cuba. There were other reasons but Cuba was the main one. About 300,000 American soldiers were involved in the conflict. There were 345 casualties due to combat and 2,565 due to disease (mainly yellow fever). Another 1,577 soldiers were wounded. Compared to the Civil War, the Spanish American war was a fist fight.

Few families have Spanish War veterans in their ranks. The Schiele family had one and he was Silvester Schiele. Over the years, I have come across several subtle references to Silvester’s involvement including a reference by Roscoe in one of his letters. Silvester was Roscoe’s uncle, also known as Uncle Wes to those of you who have been following along. Lately, more military databases have come online due in part to the relationship between Fold3 and the National Archives. Ancestry has also posted many military databases.  I now have a clearer idea of Silvester’s service but I still have one more step. I need to order his pension file. Maybe I’ll do that soon!

Record of Service card

Record of Service

Pension card

Pension card

For more information on the Spanish American War, click here.

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Wordless Wednesday – Best Friends

Click to enlarge

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Lovina (Schiele) Yegerlehner (l.) with her best friend Lucinda (Mutchler) Steiner (r.), circa 1930s

Photograph from the private collection of Deborah Sweeney

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Final Estate Notice

Schiele, Michael - Final estate notice, 1914-12-31


Notice is hereby given to the creditors, heirs and legatees of Michael Schiele, deceased, to appear in the Clay Circuit court, held at Brazil, Indiana, on the 25th day of January, 1915, and show cause, if any, why the final settlement accounts with the estate of said decedent should not be approved; and said heirs are notified to then and there make proof of heirship, and receive their distributive shares.

December 21, 1914
LUTHER & LUTHER, Attorneys for Estate

Notice of Final Settlement of Estate,” Brazil Weekly Democrat (Brazil, Indiana), 31 December 1914, p. 5, col. 6.