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Military Monday – Spanish War

In 1898, the United States waged a war with Spain for ten weeks over the independence of Cuba. There were other reasons but Cuba was the main one. About 300,000 American soldiers were involved in the conflict. There were 345 casualties due to combat and 2,565 due to disease (mainly yellow fever). Another 1,577 soldiers were wounded. Compared to the Civil War, the Spanish American war was a fist fight.

Few families have Spanish War veterans in their ranks. The Schiele family had one and he was Silvester Schiele. Over the years, I have come across several subtle references to Silvester’s involvement including a reference by Roscoe in one of his letters. Silvester was Roscoe’s uncle, also known as Uncle Wes to those of you who have been following along. Lately, more military databases have come online due in part to the relationship between Fold3 and the National Archives. Ancestry has also posted many military databases.  I now have a clearer idea of Silvester’s service but I still have one more step. I need to order his pension file. Maybe I’ll do that soon!

Record of Service card

Record of Service

Pension card

Pension card

For more information on the Spanish American War, click here.

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Military Monday – Declaration for Original Invalid Pension

Yegerlehner, Christian - Declaration for original invalid pension, 1888

To be executed before a court of record or some officer thereof having custody of its seal

State of Indiana
County of Clay
On this 29 day of February, A.D. one thousand eight hundred and eighty-eight personally appeared before me, Clerk of the Circuit Court, a court of record within and for the county and State aforesaid, Christian Yegerlehner, aged 51 years, a resident of the ________of________county of Clay state of Indiana, who being duly sworn according to law, declared that he is the identical Christian Yegerlehner, who was ENROLLED on the 22 day of March, 1865, in company B of the 33 regiment of Indiana commanded by Ben H. Freeland, and was honorably DISCHARGED at Louisville Ky on the 21 day of July, 1865; that his personal description is as follows: Age, 51; height, 5 feet 3 ½ inches; complexion, Dark; hair, Dark; eyes Brown. That while a member of the organization aforesaid, in the service and in the line of his duty at Louisville, in the State of Kentucky on or about the — day of July, 1865, he contracted diarrhea by exposure and drinking impure water.

The above is the correct an informal affidavit on file.

Military Monday – October 29, 1942 (Roscoe)

1942-07 #5 - Kentland
Happy Memorial Day to all our veterans, past and present!

Letter transcription:

Oct. 29, 1942

Dear Mother,

Just finished chow and will try to get this written before it is necessary to draw out the candle. Imagine our surprise to wake up this morning and find the sun shining very bright and it sure was welcome after 4-5 days of almost continuous rain. Immediately after breakfast everyone who didn’t have work to do set out to do his laundry, and in a few hours clothes were flying on lines all over the place. About 10:30 it began to look like rain but it cleared up and hasn’t has remained clear all day.

During the damp weather the laundry in town wouldn’t take any clothes so that made an accumulation, so I just washed my shirts, pants & everything. I took the shirts and pants when they were slightly damp and tried to cold iron them with my hand and believe it or not they don’t look too bad. Lots of the fellows wash their own so not too many look spick & span. Many of the laundries don’t use any starch so those clothes that come from there don’t look too good. Anyway they don’t smell when we get thru with them. I had a shirt and a pair of pants come back from the laundry and the I don’t believe they ever saw any rinse water, so you can imagine the smell.

I think I told you last night you didn’t need to send those clothes. You might send the underware, the knit ones pants and shirts. Keep the others until I write for them.

It is now 5:30 P.M. and the sun is well up in the sky. There, at this time of year if I remember it is getting pretty well toward dark. However, it is cool

[page 2] here tonight almost need a sweater or windbreaker. I guess I told you I bought a windbreaker before leaving Calif.

We are just now waiting for the 6 P.M. news from San Francisco. It comes in pretty good. Dr. Beard from Indianapolis just stopped in. He was going for a walk said he hadn’t gotten any exercise during the rainy days. It was a little to cold to go swimming today. That is it was for me – Lentz and some of the boys went.

No mail so far today. We again have wild rumors of some but long ago we learn that the rumors are often untrue. So we just wait. I believe the 15th of Oct. is the latest. That was yesterday. Mine yesterday was the 12th. While a few days before that I got the 14th so you see what the mail situation is. The V-mail is much behind the ordinary regular air mail now.

I’ll finish later – stopped to listen to the radio and then went to play bridge – got beat tonite. While we listened to the news I just looked around. There was a fellow from Mich, one from Ky, one from Maryland and one other fellow from Ind. What a bunch way out here in kingdom come.

We went to bed last night about 8:00 PM and I got tired before morning so I’m staying up until about 10:00 tonight. No use getting bed sores. This mattress is powerful thin and there are no springs. Just 2 in. of mattress or canvass.

Well, no mail in camp today. Just happened to think – Have Agnes Molter get the income tax fixed up but that doesn’t come until Mar. and one the state tax get Davie don’t count travel money and don’t forget David’s deduction on the federal. I suppose you have thought of all that-

Lots of Love

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