Military Monday – Spanish War

In 1898, the United States waged a war with Spain for ten weeks over the independence of Cuba. There were other reasons but Cuba was the main one. About 300,000 American soldiers were involved in the conflict. There were 345 casualties due to combat and 2,565 due to disease (mainly yellow fever). Another 1,577 soldiers were wounded. Compared to the Civil War, the Spanish American war was a fist fight.

Few families have Spanish War veterans in their ranks. The Schiele family had one and he was Silvester Schiele. Over the years, I have come across several subtle references to Silvester’s involvement including a reference by Roscoe in one of his letters. Silvester was Roscoe’s uncle, also known as Uncle Wes to those of you who have been following along. Lately, more military databases have come online due in part to the relationship between Fold3 and the National Archives. Ancestry has also posted many military databases.  I now have a clearer idea of Silvester’s service but I still have one more step. I need to order his pension file. Maybe I’ll do that soon!

Record of Service card

Record of Service

Pension card

Pension card

For more information on the Spanish American War, click here.

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2 thoughts on “Military Monday – Spanish War

    1. Genealogy Lady Post author

      Most likely a drummer. They had an important role in the old style fighting. They kept the rhythm for shooting as well as helping the wounded after the shooting ceased.


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