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Thanksgiving Week

1965-11-29-gry-p-1 Letter transcription:

Nov. 29-1965

Dear David and Bonnie –

I am writing again in Wilmington. Will spend the night here and then go home in the morning. We have had a full week. Last Tuesday we went back to Kentland—stopping in Kankakee to shop and eat. It was about 4 PM when we reached Kentland, so after a short siesta I went to the office and after we had dinner I was ready to fold. Wed. we started preparing food for the homecoming. John came home about 2:30. Lea & Bob came in time for dinner. Mark, Shirley & children arrived later in the evening. Lea & Bob left to go to Bob’s parents in the afternoon (Thurs). M. & S. stayed until Fri. afternoon. John left to return to Champaign after church

1965-11-29-gry-p-2[page 2] Sunday. Dad & Aunt Ruth & I went to Clay City to attend the Alumni Tea. None of the Yegerlehners were there, so we went out to see Clarence. Aunt Clara is not well. She had an operation for cancer last summer and also had cobalt treatments. In Sept. Clarence and Clara visited Aunt Ruth & Clara seemed fine. They had stopped to see us, but that was while we were away. Aunt Ruth was quite surprised to see how thin Clara is. Uncle Clarence told Dad she isn’t able to retain her food much of the time. We went on down to see Ralph & Faye. Faye said she is quite upset over Clara’s condition. Evidently from what Faye told us the cancer wasn’t all removed. I have never seen Clara as thin as she is now. Just a shadow of her former self.

1965-11-29-gry-p-3[page 3] Duane has a church in Rockford, Ill. now. He was in Shelbyville, Ind.

We stopped in Brazil to see Vic & Beulah. They told us Marie had been married recently. I called her and she and her new husband, Mr. Shewmaker, came to Vic & Beulah’s to see us. All in all we had a very nice day, except for seeing Aunt Clara in such a poor condition.

Today I made statements and mailed them as we were ready to leave town. Aunt Ruth folded them and stuffed envelopes. I ran the amount on the adding machine and when I showed Aunt Ruth how much it amounted to, she said she could see why I would spend a day making them. (Not that we will collect one third of the amount.)

1965-11-29-gry-p-4[page 4] Mrs. Myers didn’t get to spend Thanksgiving with us. She was upset and couldn’t eat. I went to see her the next day and she was feeling much better. She was looking in a Sears catalogue and wanted to order a bathrobe. I told her not to buy anything until after Christmas. I found one that I thought was quite pretty at Ashton’s, so bought it for her for Christmas. I was wondering what I would give her—now I have that taken care of. I think she is going to have to go to a nursing home because I think she shouldn’t be alone. I think she is thinking that way herself now. I have had a full day, so think I will soon take a bath & retire.

Love Mother

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Smallpox Epidemic, Part LXXXVII

Indianapolis Journal - 1900-05-02 (Smallpox epidemic), p. 2THREE SMALLPOX CASES


Five New Victims at Brazil – Striking
Divorce Annulment at Kokomo-
Suicide of an Aged Woman.

Special to the Indianapolis Journal.
ELWOOD, Ind., May 1. – This city is just now experiencing a smallpox scare of considerable proportions, and many people are preparing to leave in the fear that a quarantine will be declared. Persons who are visiting here are hurrying to get out. One of the three cases in a boarding house, and fourteen persons were exposed before the nature of the disease became known. Another is Jacob Groves, a saloon keeper, who was at his place of business until a few hours before he was taken ill.

Many persons have been exposed, and a wholesale vaccination has been ordered.

Five Cases at Brazil.

Special to the Indianapolis Journal.
BRAZIL, Ind., May 1. – Five cases of smallpox were discovered here by the health officer, Dr. Glasgo, this afternoon. The patients are thoroughly broken out, and all the physicians called in consultation agreed on the disease. The infected houses will be quarantined.

“Three Smallpox Cases,” The Indianapolis Journal (Indianapolis, Indiana), 2 May 1900, p. 2, col. 3; digital image, Chronicling America (http://chroniclingamerica.loc.gov/ : accessed 3 March 2015).

Smallpox Epidemic, Part LXI

Indianapolis Journal - 1900-04-07 (Smallpox epidemic)MALIGNANT SMALLPOX

It Caused the Death of a Little Child
At Saline City.

Special to the Indianapolis Journal.
BRAZIL, Ind., April 6. – The little son of Attorney E.G. O’Brien, residing at Saline City, died this morning of malignant smallpox, after having been ill only twenty-four hours. Drs. Griffith, Finch and Gantz attended the child, and they all agreed that the disease was virulent smallpox.

Two more cases are reported in the town, but it is believed the patients will recover.

“Malignant Smallpox,” The Indianapolis Journal (Indianapolis, Indiana), 7 April 1900, p. 2, col. 5; digital image, Chronicling America (http://chroniclingamerica.loc.gov/ : accessed 3 February 2015).

Smallpox Epidemic, Part LII

Indianapolis Journal - 1900-03-16 (Smallpox epidemic)New Case in Clay County.

Special to the Indianapolis Journal.
BRAZIL, Ind., March 15. – To-day a case of genuine smallpox was reported from Posey township, four miles west of here. The patient is William Myers, and he is reported to be quite ill. The quarantine of Clay City, Clay county, which has been in force for over a month, was declared off to-day.

“New Case in Clay County,” The Indianapolis Journal (Indianapolis, Indiana), 16 March 1900, p. 2, col. 4; digital image, Chronicling America (http://chroniclingamerica.loc.gov/ : accessed 6 December 2014).

Smallpox Epidemic, Part XXXIX

Indianapolis Journal - 1900-02-25 (Smallpox epidemic)Case of Smallpox at Staunton.

Special to the Indianapolis Journal.
BRAZIL, Ind., Geb. 24. – Smallpox has broken out in a new locality in Clay county. Last night the young son of Elijah Latta, living at Staunton, four miles west of Brazil, became violently ill, and the attending physician has pronounced it a case of genuine smallpox of a more severe type than that prevailing at Clay City. The town has been quarantined and the excitement is intense.

“Case of Smallpox at Staunton,” The Indianapolis Journal (Indianapolis, Indiana), 25 February 1900, p. 5, col. 5; digital image, Chronicling America (http://chroniclingamerica.loc.gov/ : accessed 6 December 2014).

Smallpox Epidemic, Part XXII

Indianapolis Journal - 1900-02-06 (Smallpox epidemic), p. 5SPREAD OF THE PEST.

Rigorous Measure Taken Against
Smallpox in Clay County.

Special to the Indianapolis Journal.
BRAZIL, Ind., Feb. 5. – Dr. Hurty, secretary of the State Board of Health, was here to-day and served the notice issued by the State Board of Health on the County Commissioners to at once take action to stop the spread of smallpox in Clay county. In compliance the commissioners appointed the deputies to meet and act with the local health boards. Several new cases have developed and County Commissioner David Keller is confined to his bed with the malady. Auditor Stigler issued a call for the County Council to meet and appropriate funds to cover the expenses attendant on this action.

“Spread of the Pest,” The Indianapolis Journal (Indianapolis, Indiana), 6 February 1900, p. 5, col. 4; digital image, Chronicling America (http://chroniclingamerica.loc.gov/ : accessed 6 December 2014).

Smallpox Epidemic, Part IX

Indianapolis Journal - 1900-01-24 (Smallpox epidemic)STATE BOARD INDORSED.
Resolutions Adopted by the Marion
County Medical Society.

The Marion County Medical Society held its regular monthly meeting last night and there was some discussion of the smallpox situation in the State. Dr. Cline offered the following resolution, which was adopted, to be presented to Dr. J. N. Hurty and the members of the State Board of Health:

“Resolved, That the Marion County Medical Society extends to Dr. J. N. Hurty and the State Board of Health its hearty approval of their efforts to prevent the spread of the prevailing epidemic of smallpox throughout the State.”

Dr. Loren Hyde read an interesting paper on “Anesthetics: Chloroform or Ether. Which is Preferable?” This subject opened a lively discussion and it seemed to be the voice of the surgeons present that in certain cases chloroform was the proper anesthetic while in other cases either should be used.

New Cases in Clay County.

Special to the Indianapolis Journal.
BRAZIL, Ind., Jan. 23 – Five cases of smallpox are reported from Ashboro and vicinity to-day, and some new cases have developed in Clay City, notwithstanding the quarantine. The secretary of the City Board of Health, Dr. Glasgo, has given orders for everyone to be vaccinated at once to prevent the spread of the disease to this city. Seven hundred tubes of virus have been purchased by physicians here.

Dr. Modesitt Is Doing His Duty.

To the Editor of the Indianapolis Journal:
The imputation of some newspaper correspondents that the health officer here, Dr. Modesitt, is disregarding the quarantine order, needs to be refuted. I think I reflect the opinion of 99 per cent, of the citizens when I say the charge is untrue. The doctor has five assistants of sterling character, and, together, they are doing their best to prevent the spread of the disease (co-called smallpox.) Every house where it exists, or where it is supposed to exist, is promptly quarantined, and every suspected case kept in. Every person known to come from infected neighborhood is closely scrutinized and questioned, and if suspected is given order to go in and stay in till further orders. Dr. Modesitt is to[o] well known in this county for any of the citizens to believe he would neglect so important a trust. No safer man could be found for the position.
Clay City, Ind., Jan 23.

“State Board Indorsed,” The Indianapolis Journal (Indianapolis, Indiana), 24 January 1900, p. 8, col. 4; digital image, Chronicling America (http://chroniclingamerica.loc.gov/ : accessed 6 December 2014).

Dynamite Explosion

Heller, David & Fred Miller - Clay City Reporter, 1890-06-27, p. 2David Heller and Fred Miller, of Brazil, were killed by an explosion of dynamite, last Friday. The two men were torn to pieces in a horrible manner, and the Times states that “the only way the two dead men could be told apart was by their clothes and difference in their size. Both are married men and leave families.”

Clay City Reporter (Clay City, Indiana), p. 2, col. 1

Miller, Viola - Clay City Reporter, 1890-06-27, p. 2


Frederick Miller, one of the men killed by an explosion of dynamite, at Brazil, last Friday, was the father of Miss Viola Miller, who was killed last summer by a piece of terra cotta cornice falling upon her.

Clay City Reporter (Clay City, Indiana), p. 2, col. 1


Frederick Miller was buried at Cottage Hill Cemetery, Brazil, Indiana. His tombstone is quite spectacular and non-traditional. His daughter Viola was also memorialized on the same stone. Find A Grave


Home Again (Gladys)

1943-04-05Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – Monday and home again. We stopped in Brazil on the way home to see Dave & Marie. It was a grand day – we were home about 6:30. We can’t drive so fast now so can’t make it in 2 hrs. Ruth & Romaine stayed here last night then took a bus into Chi [Chicago] this a.m. Romaine wanted to shop in the Loop today. They can get a train out of Chi this evening. We had a very nice visit but no family dinner. Faye having just come home from the hospital and then Fri Ralph had a back injury and was unable to be up so we just visited with everyone and dispensed with the usual dinner. Ruth & Floyd were down for the week-end and they were with us for Sunday dinner, but none of the rest. We went into Town. Sat and saw several people. Everyone was anxious to see David and he had a nap just before we started out and was at his best. He stood the trip fine and seems none the worse for the long ride today. So far John hasn’t taken measles so will hope he won’t. Was afraid he would take them before we could go to C.C. or while there. Mr. Zell told us when we came home we missed a show – a troop of colored soldiers camped Sat. nite in the pasture across the road – I said I was glad I was away but I know Mark would have enjoyed seeing them. It is very sunny today but windy. Mother is going to visit in T. H. a while then come back to stay. We got to see Dolores while home. She goes back Thurs this week. No mail from you today.

Love – Mother

2 letters came Fri.

Yegerlehner home, E. Dunlop Street, Kentland, circa 1943

Yegerlehner home, E. Dunlop Street, Kentland, circa 1943

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Clay City (Gladys)

1943-04-03Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – Writing from your old home town. We are getting ready to go to town – Ruth, Romaine & I. The two grandma’s are going to stay with David. We stopped in Brazil yesterday & saw Marie but David was down at his mother’s farm working so I intend to go back past their place tomorrow so they can see David A. Ralph hurt his back yesterday and is down in bed, unable to move. Faye is just getting over her operation, but Dolores is home and that is a help. Haven’t seen all the family yet but intend to before we go back. Clarence & Duane came last night – Wilma & Clara came today – Wilma had to attend the high school banquet last night. The boys are with Duane today. Your Mother had Carolyn’s baby bed set up for David. We brought one along but didn’t have to set it up. Floyd & Ruth are here this week-end too. They showed the pictures they took of us in Jan. The baby took [?] are good. They are going to take more tomorrow. By the way the uniform Mark had on is supposed to be a Navy uniform – so if it doesn’t look like it I can’t help it. I must get this finished so we can go to town.

Love – Mother

Modern view of Yegerlehner farm

Modern aerial view of the Yegerlehner farm (Image courtesy of Google earth)

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