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Lena’s Postcards #99 – Balzora Scofield

[Postmark: Indianapolis, Ind., 23 February 1912, 2 PM]

Address: Mrs. J.W. Hackleman, R.R. No. 3, Connersville, Ind.

My Dear Lena: Heard from a
recent letter that you have a
new auto. Congratulations. How
does this blizzard seem in country
Wed. a.m. hundreds of women [?]
week had to walk through 14
or 15 in drifted snow, 10 to 15 [squares?]
to work. Only two car lines working
& they kept snow scrapers at work
on track all night  Y & F were lucky
in living on one of these lines.
Ill think I never seen a worse
blizzard. Love—Bal.

Headline from the front page of the Indianapolis News, 1912-02-22

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Lena’s postcards #88 – Jen

[Postmark: 5 April 1912, Indianapolis, Indiana, 4 PM]

Address: Mrs. John Hackleman, Connersville, Indiana R.R.

Dear Lena: How are
you? Hope you
both are enjoying
life. Suppose you have staid at home
most of the winter I
have it has been too
cold to go very much
Hope you will have a
pleasant Easter, Jen

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Lena’s Postcards #56

Indianapolis, Indiana, 20 September 1923, 8PM

Addressed to:
Mrs. J.W. Hackleman,
923 Fayette St.,

Dear Sister: Etta with May 4 weeks, here 2. She went back 15th. She fears May cannot be here long, and will be there indefinitely. Etta & May are very blue. I had lumbago 7 weeks ago. It was severe 2 weeks. All over now. Get on well enough “Catching” but my mann [?] is short and plain
With all love,

Written on the front of card: Dr. Brown is a friend, in Sons of the Revolution, Sept. 20, 1923

Ida May (West) Ice was Eugene’s sister-in-law. She was in failing health and she died less than two months later on 11 November 1923.

The Reverend Dr. Lewis Brown was a long-time friend of Eugene’s.  Using a 1911 Indiana Sons of the American Revolution directory and the 1923 Indianapolis city directory, I was able to narrow down Dr. Brown’s first name. Otherwise, trying to comb through columns of Browns in census records and directories would have been very tedious work.

Indianapolis - 1923 Directory (Lewis Brown)

1923 Indianapolis City Directory (Image courtesy of Ancestry.com)

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Lena’s Postcards #33

Postmark:Indianapolis, Indiana, January 10, 1913, 11:00 PM

Addressed to:
Mrs. John Hackleman
R.F.D. Indiana

My Dear Sister Lena:
This is a bear a greeting for your birthday, and the wish for another good year to you and yours. We have just passed a great crisis, but Etta is now so much better. Much love to all
Your brother
Indianapolis, Jan. 10. 1913

Eugene B. Scofield (watermark)

Eugene Scofield

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Lena’s Postcards #31

Indianapolis, Indiana, December 22, 191?, 2:00 PM

Addressed to:
Mr. & Mrs. J. W. Hackleman
Rural Route

A Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year to you! Our compliments will arrive later,
Charles, Grace & the children

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Lena’s Postcards #19

December 27, 1912, Indianapolis, Indiana, 630 PM

Addressed to:
Mrs. John W. Hackleman

Dear Sister: Etta has been very near the danger line. Is now much better, and sat up much Christmas and yesterday. Got your card Thanksgiving but have been over loaded with many things
Love to all

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Lena’s Postcards #18

December 23, 1912, Indianapolis, Indiana, 830 PM

Addressed to:
Mrs. J. W. Hackleman

Your card received but did not think we would go away from home this Xmas. Indications are for snow & cold. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas & thanking you for the invitation to come
Sincerely yours,
Grace U.

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