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Smallpox Epidemic, Part LXXXIII

Indianapolis Journal - 1900-04-29 (Smallpox epidemic), p. 8Louis Thompson Has Smallpox

Another case of smallpox was reported to the Board of Health yesterday, the patient being Louis Thompson, living at No. 1716 Yandes street. He is employed by one of the gas companies, and the Board of Health fears that many people have come in contact with Thompson. He has been sent to the detention hospital and the other five members of the family placed under quarantine.

“Louis Thompson Has Smallpox,” The Indianapolis Journal (Indianapolis, Indiana), 29 April 1900, p. 8, col. 3; digital image, Chronicling America (http://chroniclingamerica.loc.gov/ : accessed 3 March 2015).

Smallpox Epidemic, Part LXXVIII

Indianapolis Journal - 1900-04-25 (Smallpox epidemic), p. 8Quarantine is Raised.

The Board of Health yesterday raised the smallpox quarantine on the following residences: F. Durand, 1125 Nelson street; Arthur Neiger, 807 South New Jersey street; Fred Roth, 1220 South Senate avenue; G. Peterson, 503 Dougherty stree, and H. Kellermeyer, 330 East Minnesota street.

The patients are yet at the contagious pavilion at the City Hospital.

“Quarantine is Raised,” The Indianapolis Journal (Indianapolis, Indiana), 25 April 1900, p. 8, col. 4; digital image, Chronicling America (http://chroniclingamerica.loc.gov/ : accessed 3 February 2015).

Smallpox Epidemic, Part LXXIV

Indianapolis Journal - 1900-04-19 (Smallpox epidemic), p. 3Mayor’s Cabinet To-Day

The mayor’s cabinet will meet this morning in Mayor Taggart’s office. It is expected the Board of Health will give some information on the smallpox situation. It was also said yesterday the mayor will discuss the elevated track question before the members of the cabinet.

“Mayor’s Cabinet To-Day,” The Indianapolis Journal (Indianapolis, Indiana), 19 April 1900, p. 3, col. 5-6; digital image, Chronicling America (http://chroniclingamerica.loc.gov/ : accessed 3 February 2015).

Smallpox Epidemic, Part LXXII

Indianapolis Journal - 1900-04-17 (Smallpox epidemic), p. 6TO THE DETENTION HOSPITAL

Hereafter All Smallpox Patients Will
Be Taken.

The Board of Health will insist that all persons suffering with smallpox shall be removed to the isolation hospital. City Attorney Kern gave an opinion to the board that smallpox patients can be compelled to go to the hospital. The health officers will now make it compulsory with the patients to be taken to the hospital, where they can be better cared for and lessen the danger of the disease spreading.

Case at Bedford.

Special to the Indianapolis Journal.
BEDFORD, Ind., April 16. – Dr. Freeland, secretary of the City Board of Health, was called just before noon at attend Ernest Giles, of this city, and found him suffering from a well-developed case of smallpox. He returned last Friday from the Memphis races, where he contracted the disease. A large of number of people have been exposed and the house has been quarantined, as also the family of H. G. Salyards, of the Kahn Tailoring Company, of Indianapolis, who resides in the same place. Seven other citizens who roomed in the building and had been exposed were sent out to the clubhouse, three miles from the city, this afternoon after being vaccinated, where they will be under quarantine until all danger is over.

“To The Detention Hospital,” The Indianapolis Journal (Indianapolis, Indiana), 17 April 1900, p. 6, col. 1; digital image, Chronicling America (http://chroniclingamerica.loc.gov/ : accessed 3 February 2015).

Smallpox Epidemic, Part XLV

Indianapolis Journal - 1900-03-08 (Smallpox epidemic)Health Board Wants $2,000.

The Board of Health held a meeting yesterday morning and after allowing monthly bills, decided to ask the City council to appropriate $2,000 for a contagious disease fund. The members of the board say that department is allowed but a few hundred dollars for contagious diseases, which is all used in the general run of business and in the event of a smallpox epidemic or even a case or two of smallpox the board is embarrassed financially. The members believe the board should have the money in case it is needed at any time.

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