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Smallpox Epidemic, Part LXXVI

Indianapolis Journal - 1900-04-24 (Smallpox epidemic), p. 3City News Notes

Elmer Wright, living on Sherman drive, whose children were some days ago found to be afflicted with smallpox, now has the disease. Dr. Ridpath said his attack was very severe and he things the other three members of the family will also have the disease.

“City News Notes,” The Indianapolis Journal (Indianapolis, Indiana), 24 April 1900, p. 3, col. 7; digital image, Chronicling America (http://chroniclingamerica.loc.gov/ : accessed 3 February 2015).

Smallpox Epidemic, Part LXXI

Indianapolis Journal - 1900-04-16 (Smallpox epidemic), p. 3SUNDAY AFTERNOON CALLERS

Quarantined Before They Could Leave
Because of Smallpox.

The seventh case of smallpox within a week was reported to the Board of Health last night, the patient being Walter Grider, living at 2117 Chestnut street. Grider was compelled to go to bed yesterday and when physicians were called the disease was immediately diagnosed as smallpox. Grider is married and during the afternoon his brother and wife called at his home. The health officers placed them under quarantine before they could leave. An aged couple living in the rear of the house occupied by Grider are also under quarantine.

The health officers are greatly worried over this case because Grider has been walking about the city for several days while his body has been broken out with eruptions and many people have been exposed to the disease. Dr. Clark, secretary of the Board of Health, said last night he is afraid there will be more cases of the disease as a result of the great number of people who came in contact with Grider. The city is now feeding about fifty people who are under quarantine as a result of smallpox. Grider will be removed to the isolation hospital this morning and every precaution will be taken to prevent the disease from spreading.

Smallpox in Irvington.

Dr. M.J. Spencer, superintendent of the City Dispensary, was called yesterday to the home of E. Wright, on Sherman Drive, Irvington, where he found one child with smallpox and two more just coming down with it. Dr. Ridpath was advised and he will look into the case this morning. The family was directed not to go out and a quarantine will be established this morning. The quarantine is one which will have to be maintained by the county, it being outside of the city limits. There are five children and two adults in the family.

“Sunday Afternoon Callers,” The Indianapolis Journal (Indianapolis, Indiana), 16 April 1900, p. 3, col. 6-7; digital image, Chronicling America (http://chroniclingamerica.loc.gov/ : accessed 3 February 2015).

Smallpox Epidemic, Part XLVIII

Indianapolis Journal - 1900-03-11 (Smallpox epidemic)SIX IN ONE FAMILY

Smallpox in the Home of James Rice,

Drs. Ferguson and Ridpath yesterday visited the home of James Rice, living on Sherman drive, just south of Washington street. Rice is colored and has a family of seven, all but one of them being afflicted with smallpox. The disease has been in the family for some time. The worst case is that of the oldest daughter, who has been employed in a family on the North Side. She has been sleeping at home nights. Once of the children also attended public school No. 2 and was sent home by the teacher who noticed eruptions on her face. A strict quarantine has been established, the expense of which will be born by the county, it having no pesthouse and having refused a short time ago to co-operate with the city in maintaining its pesthouse. The father is the only member of the family not afflicted.

Six Cases in One Family.

Six new cases of smallpox were reported to the State Board of Health, yesterday, from Noble county. The cases are all in one family and two of them are of the confluent form. The disease is supposed to have been contracted in Allen county.

“Six In One Family,” The Indianapolis Journal (Indianapolis, Indiana), 11 March 1900, p. 3, col. 3; digital image, Chronicling America (http://chroniclingamerica.loc.gov/ : accessed 6 December 2014).

Smallpox Epidemic, Part X

Indianapolis Journal - 1900-01-25 (Smallpox epidemic)SMALLPOX SITUATION.
Rumors of a Case at Alliance Investi-

Dr. J. N. Hurty, secretary of the State Board of Health, received word yesterday morning of three deaths which have occurred from smallpox. Two of the deaths occurred in Washington county and one in Posey county. Another patient, smitten with the disease, is reported dying in Owen county.

Dr. Hurty said yesterday he had received a report of a new case of smallpox in Worthington, Owen county, and he was inclined to believe that an investigation would show that it was not the only case there.

The health officer of Clay City reported yesterday that all the cases which had been quarantined were doing well, and that the quarantine regulations were being generally observed.

Dr. Ridpath, secretary of the County Board of Health, was sent to Alliance, a small town six miles northwest of this city, yesterday to investigate a supposed case of smallpox, but on his return last night reported that the patient was attacked with a case of blood poisoning.

A telegram received by the State Board of Health yesterday from Bloomington states that there were five cases of smallpox among the students of the Indiana University. Dr. Hurty will make an effort to get official returns from that city.

Veterans Will Be Vaccinated.

Special to the Indianapolis Journal.
MARION, Ind., Jan 24. – As a precautionary measure against smallpox it has been decided to begin a general vaccination at the Soldier’s Home. Surgeon A. D. Kimball, assisted by Dr. Scott, began on the colored members in barrack No. 1, which has several new acquisitions lately. The home authorities will prepare for any emergency, and, if necessary, will establish a rigid quarantine.

“Smallpox Situation,” The Indianapolis Journal (Indianapolis, Indiana), 25 January 1900, p. 4, col. 7; digital image, Chronicling America (http://chroniclingamerica.loc.gov/ : accessed 6 December 2014).