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Thanksgiving Week

1965-11-29-gry-p-1 Letter transcription:

Nov. 29-1965

Dear David and Bonnie –

I am writing again in Wilmington. Will spend the night here and then go home in the morning. We have had a full week. Last Tuesday we went back to Kentland—stopping in Kankakee to shop and eat. It was about 4 PM when we reached Kentland, so after a short siesta I went to the office and after we had dinner I was ready to fold. Wed. we started preparing food for the homecoming. John came home about 2:30. Lea & Bob came in time for dinner. Mark, Shirley & children arrived later in the evening. Lea & Bob left to go to Bob’s parents in the afternoon (Thurs). M. & S. stayed until Fri. afternoon. John left to return to Champaign after church

1965-11-29-gry-p-2[page 2] Sunday. Dad & Aunt Ruth & I went to Clay City to attend the Alumni Tea. None of the Yegerlehners were there, so we went out to see Clarence. Aunt Clara is not well. She had an operation for cancer last summer and also had cobalt treatments. In Sept. Clarence and Clara visited Aunt Ruth & Clara seemed fine. They had stopped to see us, but that was while we were away. Aunt Ruth was quite surprised to see how thin Clara is. Uncle Clarence told Dad she isn’t able to retain her food much of the time. We went on down to see Ralph & Faye. Faye said she is quite upset over Clara’s condition. Evidently from what Faye told us the cancer wasn’t all removed. I have never seen Clara as thin as she is now. Just a shadow of her former self.

1965-11-29-gry-p-3[page 3] Duane has a church in Rockford, Ill. now. He was in Shelbyville, Ind.

We stopped in Brazil to see Vic & Beulah. They told us Marie had been married recently. I called her and she and her new husband, Mr. Shewmaker, came to Vic & Beulah’s to see us. All in all we had a very nice day, except for seeing Aunt Clara in such a poor condition.

Today I made statements and mailed them as we were ready to leave town. Aunt Ruth folded them and stuffed envelopes. I ran the amount on the adding machine and when I showed Aunt Ruth how much it amounted to, she said she could see why I would spend a day making them. (Not that we will collect one third of the amount.)

1965-11-29-gry-p-4[page 4] Mrs. Myers didn’t get to spend Thanksgiving with us. She was upset and couldn’t eat. I went to see her the next day and she was feeling much better. She was looking in a Sears catalogue and wanted to order a bathrobe. I told her not to buy anything until after Christmas. I found one that I thought was quite pretty at Ashton’s, so bought it for her for Christmas. I was wondering what I would give her—now I have that taken care of. I think she is going to have to go to a nursing home because I think she shouldn’t be alone. I think she is thinking that way herself now. I have had a full day, so think I will soon take a bath & retire.

Love Mother

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Home Sweet Home (Roscoe)

Roscoe finally received his long awaited orders on March 22, 1944. He journeyed by train, arriving in Kentland, Indiana, on March 24th. He enjoyed about three week’s leave before he was required to report for duty at the Great Lakes Naval Hospital, on April 13th.

Obviously no letters were written during this time. However, Gladys made note of David’s first meeting with his father in the baby book.

Baby Book, March 23, 1944

March 23 – 1944
David is 18 months old – weighs 25 1/2 lbs – 33″ tall.
March 24 – Daddy came home and David saw him for the first time. David thinks Daddy is “OK.”
Cutting lower left and upper left first molars.
David is wearing thumg guards, but still puts his thumb in his mouth when he gets the guards off.
Apr. 9 – Easter Sunday and David’s Christening Day. Vic, Beulah & Carol Jean came for dinner and spent the afternoon with us. David found several Easter nests with the help of John and Mark.

YEG1944-03-24 - Roscoe & David (18 mo)

Roscoe and David, March 1944

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