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Protected: Christmas in Kentland 1942 (Gladys)

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Here’s the money (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
December 1, 1942 –

Dear Daddy –

Received the three money letters this morning and two others – Thanks – You certainly made two little boys happy – I was glad to get the gift but didn’t have quite the reaction Mark had. John was more quiet about his tho no less appreciative. Mark thought of more ways to spend his and had to take it to school to show off, then so he could stop at the P.O. on his way home and cash it. We had been looking for those letters since last Wed and the mail man came along just as Mark had started to school. He came dashing back in the house with his hands full of letters and so excited – He said “here’s the money.” Then I had to go to the door and sign for mine and David’s. David isn’t much interested in his – his main interest is in that bottle every 4 hrs. I couldn’t get his orange juice down him this morning. Now don’t think I am like some of those Mothers you used to get out of patience

[page 2] with when I do get the juice down he throws it right back up – so what’s the use? I’ll consult Dr. C. about giving Vit C by tablet.

Raymond Bower is home. I saw him in town yesterday but didn’t’ have time to talk to him so don’t know anything about his duties or where he has been.

It was cloudy yesterday and the wind was icy cold but I took David out for an airing. He was wrapped except for his face. I think he should get fresh air every day if possible and I think the walk to down does me some good too, since I haven’t much social life now.

You mentioned receiving the birthday cards. I sent a letter – mailed it the same time as the cards and that was why I didn’t write a note because had just written a separate letter but in the future I’ll write something if there is occasion for a card. I wish you would get your birthday box. Maybe if I had just sent a box of candy like Boonie did you would have rec’d it by your birthday.

I can’t give you a financial statement in this letter but will have the bank statement by tomorrow and after I get the allotment and add the gift I got today will give a full report.

[page 3] Clara Molter is here today cleaning some. She ironed the chair covers and has washed the kitchen walls and venetian blinds and is about to get through out there. It is after 3 P.M. and I suppose she will soon want to go home but it was a load to get that much done. I cleaned up the basement somewhat last night. It was so dirty. I don’t know whether this coal is dirtier or whether it was because there had been any cleaning done down there for so long. I do wish we could have finished closing off the furnace room and gotten a little more finishing done, but what’s the difference – since things are as they are now? That will be something for us to do when you come back. I am about to make a slight change in the den. Since I have to use it for a nursery in the day time it is so crowded and hard to keep the rug clean, think I’ll take the rug up and move a few things out. Will let you know what I do when and if I do anything. I won’t spend much money whatever I do but think I can make the necessary improvements without much expense.

[page 4] You should be getting the Enterprize. Bart has been sending it for several weeks. He also has written you – said he gave you all the gossip he could think of. I am short on that kind of news. You should be getting letters regularly – I send them all by air mail and use this thin paper so won’t exceed the ½ oz. Just hope you get our Christmas box. As I said before it isn’t much but as good as we could do with restrictions being what they are. If I had know about the mosquito cream, sardines, & crackers I could have included them in the Christmas box. I’ll try and get sardines if I can. Clara said she got some at the Grab – it Here store, so I’ll try there.

Arlene said they sent you a letter with some pictures and also a pen & pencil set but you have never mentioned receiving anything from them. She called today for your address. Their baby is almost a month older than David but much larger. However he was larger when he arrived – and David isn’t doing bad. He weighed 10-3 this morning and is 10 weeks old. He is making a more rapid gain now than he did at first. To be 6 – 3 ¼ when we came home 8 weeks ago I think he is doing OK.

Will try to dig up some news next time – Thanks again for the gifts

& Love – Mother

©2013 copyright owned and written by Deborah Sweeney

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