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November 11, 1942 (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
Nov 11-1942

Dear Daddy-

Three letters rec’d today. One missing so it will probably come tomorrow or later. Boonie also got a letter and when I called him to tell him you had the box he said Jean was reading the letter to Ray Cummings. Said he was sending another box to you. That gives me courage that you will get your birthday box by the 25th. I couldn’t send much but you will know we thought about you and do think about you all the time. Of course we don’t get letters every day but that doesn’t keep us from waiting for the mail man every day. What I have been looking for is a letter saying you rec’d the radiogram and when you rec’d the two letters we send via clipper. In the letters sent clipper I explained about the Radiogram. We sent it just before we got word from you that you were getting news from us. If if was later maybe you enjoyed getting it. When & if the uniform money comes I’ll put same in bank. I haven’t the urge to spend money. I am like Mrs. Roberts – What do I want with new clothes now. I would rather wait until you come home, but of course I’ll get something so I can keep up “appearances.” I gave Mother the “coat.” She seemed to appreciate it very much. I would get a new coat if I could find just what I want. I would even buy a baby buggy could I find one. I looked at the one Zell’s have but it needs

[page 2] a lot of work done on it and I am not exactly in the mood to do that much. David has been on the “ornery” side this morning. He didn’t sleep his usual 10 till 2 period but keeps waking up. He is in a stretchy mood now but won’t be long until time to feed him. I am having a little difficulty getting John to wear his heavy coat to school but since he has such a short distance to go and isn’t out after he gets there I have let him wear his sweater, but I insist on Mark wearing his coat because of the distance to school & playing out at recess. It is very cool today. It was cloud yesterday but clear & cold now. I cleaned the bedspread yesterday but it wasn’t out long enough to get aired out so I put it out this a.m. to flip in the breeze. I am cleaning our room today. When I get that finished the “big” part of housecleaning will be done. I heard some shouting this morning so the hunters are at large again. Makes me think of the pheasant you got one year. Mark wanted to go out wandering around in the country after school but I told him he might get shot. Of course I won’t let him go. I called Servies [Rev. and Mrs. Voris Servies] this a.m. to find out if they were going to T.H. [Terre Haute] and they may be going soon if so Mother will go along. I decided it was too much of a trip for me to try with the baby. I am afraid it might upset him and too something might happen on the way. We won’t be able to go much longer tho, because gas rationing begins Nov. 22.

[page 3] A lot of people have asked me since you have been “out” where you are – some do not ask, others do – I told someone that was the $64⁰⁰ question – and I think Mark heard me because he was in Boonies and they asked him and he said that was the $75⁰⁰ question. They got quite a “kick” out of that. Just like anything else, there were rumors that you were one place or another but when people asked me I told them your destination was is a secret, so no rumors can start from me because my answers to such inquiries are negative. Bun Walkup called me this morning to get your address so you will get a Christmas greeting from them I suppose or maybe Iva J. will write to you. I do wish you could get all those letters missing. I have told you so much in them I can’t remember what you have rec’d just by the dates you mention. I want you to get the pictures too. I have quoted the bank bal. several times & what we owe. Maybe I’ll have a letter tomorrow saying you have the information you want. I am not very newsy today. Maybe after I go to town this evening I can write more.

Lot of Love
“and our boys”


You forgot to finish your last letter. The one in which you told about receiving the candy – you must have been excited.

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