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Mark’s Bug (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.
Oct. 8 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

No letters today but have up to Sept. 29 this week. Mark’s bug must have bit me. When I went to bed last night I couldn’t rest because of discomfort in my bowels. About 12:45 the explosions started and kept up until 4 a.m. – When I got up I was so weak I had to call John to help me and had to lie down. I began taking the white stomach medicine and didn’t eat anything ally day. Alma W. was going to Laf. with me but since I was unable to go she came out and took care of D. Got lunch for J. & M. – went home & came back after noon. She wanted to do the washing because it was such a nice day so I told her how to operate the Bendix and she took the sheets down & put in one tub. I had done a tub yesterday so there wasn’t but one to do today. She thought the Bendix pretty nice. I chilled and had fever alternately all afternoon & slept lots. She put D. to bed and went home a little past 4 then J. & M. came home & took over. Alma had the same thing – the first part of the week. I ache all over but think by tomorrow I’ll feel better. John fixed me some tea & toast and I feel better after getting something in my stomach. There is an epidemic around & several children in the grade school were sick. I just hope David doesn’t get it but he certainly has had ample opportunity. I had been having so much trouble with his bowels being lose until I changed him to pasteurized milk. I think the canned milk was too rich for him. He had just one B.M. yesterday & I thought the situation was well in hand but this afternoon he had two loose stools and I thought he was getting what I had but up to bed time

[page 2] he was feeling fine and ate a good supper. John fed him and got along pretty good. He was covered with cereal but was undressed for bed anyway so the cereal was removed with his clothes. Alma took him out for an hour this afternoon. It was so warm out today. I kept him out most of the day yesterday. I like to keep him out of doors as much as possible this warm weather because it will probably turn cool in a few days. I took up the glad bulbs yesterday – They didn’t amount to much but I thought maybe they would do better next year. I had them by the garage and that soil isn’t very good for flowers.

Hard a card from Glen & Pauline and they were in Iowa the 6th Left here the 4th so I think they are making good time so far. I’ll be glad to get word they are safely home. Pauline said James L. wasn’t so good going back. I think he learned some tricks from David while here. He was such an inactive baby but had begun doing things.

I see in the paper that Gretchen Dixon’s husband has a medical discharge from the Army & has been in a hospital several weeks. Also Bus Daily has been discharged from the Marines & is home. Arlene called me this a.m. and said they think Louise’s husband is going to be sent out – Louise is going to have a baby so can’t work for Arlene this winter. Arlene was depending some on her but said now she would look seriously for someone else. Arlene is almost 7 months now & isn’t feeling so good. This help situation gets worse & worse.

Had a letter from your Mother today and she said she would like to come up. She had a chance to come with Geo. Wolf once not long ago – He said he would be down there again soon and she could come then but I don’t know when that will be. Had a letter from Ruthie and she said a letter Floyd wrote in the spring had been returned. Must have been about the time I sent one that was returned. She said she was going to keep it as evidence that he had written. Ruthie is working & after taxes, etc., are taken out nets $20⁰⁰ wk.

I must write to your Mother yet so will call this a letter.
Love – Mother

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Point Rationing (Gladys)

1943-02-14Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – Valentine Day and about 4 below. Last Sunday it was so warm we went out and took pictures but you can bet we didn’t flip around in the yard today. A little snow but not much but a cold wind. I got a box ready to send yesterday but I couldn’t send it because it’s too heavy. There is a 5 lb limit – so will have to break it down into two, so will try to get it mailed tomorrow. The band mothers are having their annual dinner for the band tomorrow night. It is a little early but they said we would have to have it before point rationing starts. I am not certain about everything that will be rationed but I know canned goods will be. I haven’t studied “point rationing,” but will before it starts. The second books will be issued next week. Have been trying to ration our meat before meat rationing starts. I don’t know how they will ration people with lockers. Glad we have one. Brands have a waiting list about a mile long. Paid for the half hog I had put in – it was $20 – also pd locker rent & processing – Mr. B. forgot to put the rent on when I paid him in Sept. – so withal pd. out about $45 for meat & locker but that will last us months. Bobby came up today to bring the boys valentines. He is cute as ever. He said David looked different than Donnie. He still runs away sometimes then has to stay in the house the rest of the day but the next day it’s the same thing again. Jimmy S. came over last nite with valentines. I asked Irene if she got the desk from the office. She said Newell wouldn’t give it up. I wrote you she asked to rent or buy it – I told her she could use it if Newell would let her take it. He says he things he will be in Service by next June but I wouldn’t hazard a guess. There has been some talk lately about who will have to go next but nothing definite. Louise Glenn is here on a visit and came up this evening. She left Johnny at home with Franklin & his mother. Johnny is as large as most 3 yr olds and is about year & half. Hope you get the bones in good time. I put in two Sunday papers. Couldn’t get any film for you.

Love Mother

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