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Hives (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
Aug. 9 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

Back from Laf. I didn’t get the letter I wrote yesterday mailed so will put this in with it. This a.m. yours of July 29 – 30 & 31 came and Mother’s too. It was very encouraging to have your letters about her. I felt so discouraged about her when I wrote yesterday – but I feel she is at least holding her own. I took D. to see Dr. Cole today & talked to him about her. He said to bring her down but I told him she couldn’t stand the trip – he said he would come up to see her Thurs. or Sun. He said to keep the cast on David two more weeks then bring him down & would cut it off – he seemed to think it would be all right – said to keep just some protection around the crack. I told him David does about everything, pulls up, stand, sits etc. He shakes his bed until the bolts fall off –

[page 2] John’s bus didn’t come in until 5:45 so Arlene & I had plenty of time to shop. She went along to see Dr. C. and help me with David & shop. She is 5 months along now and has only gained three lbs. She was so pleased about it – hopes she won’t get so large this time.

I shopped some today – bought two prs.  of shoes & 1 pr house slippers – I wanted to shop for shoes while I wasn’t in a hurry and found a black pr. & brown pr. that just suited my taste and fit. So many people wait until the last day to use their coupon and then rush the stores. I was in Laf. the last day the 17 coupon was good and all the shoe stores & Depts. were full with people standing waiting. Had to get J. & M. some school pants – school start Sept. 1 – and they had to have pants. John got a new pr. of shoes before he went to Grandma’s – he outgrew two pr. so Mark took them – that means he will have enough to last him several months. I didn’t neglect David. I bought him a new suit to wear when he gets the cast off his leg – He has new suit, shoes & sox for the occasion.

[page 3] I enjoyed your letters so much today – especially the 30th & 29th – of course I always enjoy all of them but you answered the 7 you had rec’d from me in the 29th & the 30th was a resume. Please don’t worry about the picture comment – to show I didn’t mean it I sent some of myself in the last bunch I sent. I have part of a roll taken & want to take the rest tomorrow, if there’s sunshine, and I suppose there will be. There was lots today – It has been awfully hot today – We would go into the air conditioned stores, then out again – and you know what happens – just like going into an oven.

I have to write your Mother that John arrived safely, etc. – also want to send Ruthie M. a note – I can’t think of anything else – oh yes – while in Laf. I had a coke then later ice cream – due to the intense heat we felt like we needed some cooling – and I got hives – They would raise up like mushrooms & just itch – at first I didn’t know what was the matter – I said there aren’t any bugs in town to bite me – I had one welt on my hand and on observing it decided I was having hives – My system is a little on the allergic order now – so will have to watch my eating –

Love – Mother

YEG1943-06 Dunlop Street house

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Valentine’s Day (John)

1943-02-14 (John)Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy,

Today is valentine’s day and it was about 4 below & I don’t enjoy the cold but you would probably like some of it.

At school I entered an essay contest. I’ve written mine but I haven’t gone over it and copied it.

Last Sunday we heard that shoes are rationed. Three pair per person per year. I don’t think that will affect me very much.

We kind of kid Mother about her war dinners but they’re allright. They don’t occur every day either. Just a couple or three times a week. Mother got a package ready to send out to you. We took it to the post office but they wouldn’t take it because it weighed 12 lbs. and they are supposed to weigh no more than 5 lbs. David A. weighs 15 lbs 5 oz. He looks like little stuffed pig.

Everything thing is allright at home.

Your loving son,



Shoe rationing began on February 7, 1943.

Shoe ration cards from the National WWII Museum http://www.nww2m.com/2013/02/featured-artifact-shoe-rationing/

News Audio Clips from early 1943, including February 7th. https://archive.org/details/1943RadioNews

Shoe rationing

“Shoe Rationing,” Tipton Tribune (Tipton, Indiana), 8 February 1943, p. 3, col. 3.

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