Hives (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
Aug. 9 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

Back from Laf. I didn’t get the letter I wrote yesterday mailed so will put this in with it. This a.m. yours of July 29 – 30 & 31 came and Mother’s too. It was very encouraging to have your letters about her. I felt so discouraged about her when I wrote yesterday – but I feel she is at least holding her own. I took D. to see Dr. Cole today & talked to him about her. He said to bring her down but I told him she couldn’t stand the trip – he said he would come up to see her Thurs. or Sun. He said to keep the cast on David two more weeks then bring him down & would cut it off – he seemed to think it would be all right – said to keep just some protection around the crack. I told him David does about everything, pulls up, stand, sits etc. He shakes his bed until the bolts fall off –

[page 2] John’s bus didn’t come in until 5:45 so Arlene & I had plenty of time to shop. She went along to see Dr. C. and help me with David & shop. She is 5 months along now and has only gained three lbs. She was so pleased about it – hopes she won’t get so large this time.

I shopped some today – bought two prs.  of shoes & 1 pr house slippers – I wanted to shop for shoes while I wasn’t in a hurry and found a black pr. & brown pr. that just suited my taste and fit. So many people wait until the last day to use their coupon and then rush the stores. I was in Laf. the last day the 17 coupon was good and all the shoe stores & Depts. were full with people standing waiting. Had to get J. & M. some school pants – school start Sept. 1 – and they had to have pants. John got a new pr. of shoes before he went to Grandma’s – he outgrew two pr. so Mark took them – that means he will have enough to last him several months. I didn’t neglect David. I bought him a new suit to wear when he gets the cast off his leg – He has new suit, shoes & sox for the occasion.

[page 3] I enjoyed your letters so much today – especially the 30th & 29th – of course I always enjoy all of them but you answered the 7 you had rec’d from me in the 29th & the 30th was a resume. Please don’t worry about the picture comment – to show I didn’t mean it I sent some of myself in the last bunch I sent. I have part of a roll taken & want to take the rest tomorrow, if there’s sunshine, and I suppose there will be. There was lots today – It has been awfully hot today – We would go into the air conditioned stores, then out again – and you know what happens – just like going into an oven.

I have to write your Mother that John arrived safely, etc. – also want to send Ruthie M. a note – I can’t think of anything else – oh yes – while in Laf. I had a coke then later ice cream – due to the intense heat we felt like we needed some cooling – and I got hives – They would raise up like mushrooms & just itch – at first I didn’t know what was the matter – I said there aren’t any bugs in town to bite me – I had one welt on my hand and on observing it decided I was having hives – My system is a little on the allergic order now – so will have to watch my eating –

Love – Mother

YEG1943-06 Dunlop Street house

©2014 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
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1 thought on “Hives (Gladys)

  1. davidmadison1942

    “he said he would come up to see her Thurs. or Sun.” Well, THAT doesn’t happen any more. 😦

    “He shakes his bed until the bolts fall off –” LOL 🙂

    “We would go into the air conditioned stores, then out again…” I a little surprised that AC in stores was so common at that time.


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