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A Pin Broke (Gladys)

Letter transcriptions:

Kentland Ind.

Dear Daddy –

Yours of Feb. 3 & 4 came yesterday & Mark birthday letter too. Son John has been using this (my) pen and it feels like it is about past its useful days. I don’t know whether I can straighten it or not.

We had some furnace trouble today. A pin broke. Mr. Monroe came to fix it and we had to take all the fire out of the furnace to get down to the retort. I finally had to quit and come upstairs to take care of D. I sent John down and in a few minutes it was fixed and John got

[page 2] the fire started again. Yesterday we got more coal but the coal room door was left open – the coal wasn’t dampened – and as I have told you before no coal is oil treated this year – well the furnace room floor and most of the rest of the basement was black and I mean jet black. I went down tonight and cleaned up some of it. Had to – it tracks upstairs and there is enough dirt from the furnace without dragging it up from the basement floor. I had just given the house a pretty thorough cleaning before the coal was delivered – I just finished washing the kitchen and last week washed & ironed the slip covers. I feel like I need to go over every

[page 3] inch of the house with the sweeper.

The roads being impossible in some places yet today, there was no school so I left D. with J. & M. and attended Literary club. Mrs. Ade read the play, “Tomorrow the World.” I heard a sketch from that play on the Quiz Kids Sunday evening. One of the current Quiz Kids is an actress in “Tomorrow the World.”

I saw Dr. Dinwiddie’s wife today (you know he is a dentist from Lowell – Mrs. D. is Bill Strole’s daughter). He is across now and she is living here with Stroles. Dr. D. was at Ft. Leonard Wood for more than a year before he was sent out.

Raymond Bower is home again on leave. He gets back quite often – but I suppose every time

[page 4] he gets back from a voyage he gets a leave. I asked him why he didn’t go to N.Z. and bring you home. Silly question, but makes conversation.

I heard that Red Parr got his greeting from the Draft Board and someone else from the P.O. I suppose Clarence Lucas.

I am enclosing two snow scenes so you can get an idea about how the snow drifted and what a heavy snow from the way the evergreens look. It is warmer now and if it keeps on like this our snow will be a slush. The streets downtown are terrible and boys all over the place with sleds trying to get run over. Someone hooked a sled on our car. I slowly stopped the car, opened the door and said in no kind or uncertain terms “get off and stay off.”

Love – Mother

YEG1944-02 - Mark in snow

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Pearl Harbor Day (Gladys)

1943-12-07 (GRY)Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy –

Today being the second anniversary of Pearl Harbor much has been said on the subject over the radio. Today was Literary Club Christmas meeting at Mrs. Mathews. I didn’t go. Went to Music Club yesterday, and plan to go to Laf. tomorrow, so thought I had better stay home this afternoon and do a few things. David is up from a too short nap – walking around looking for something to amuse himself. He was bothering the coffee table but I got him away from there. He knows he should leave it alone but doesn’t always do that. I just cleaned the mirror door and hear him there now, and know it will be smeared again. Just so he doesn’t pound on it with something hard I allow him to play there. John wrote you a v-mail last nite. Mark wrote one several days ago but didn’t mail it – I’ll try to get it in today’s mail. It is nice and sunny out today. Yesterday it was cold and cloudy and I thought winter had started but it’s warmer today. No letters now for over a week but I keep looking. I see Jimmy and Martha chasing a little Pekineese (Poor dog).

Love – Mother

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Valentine’s Day Card (Gladys)

Letter transcription:
Dear Daddy – I suppose you will get this by St. Patrick’s Day – I didn’t get it in time for you to get it by Feb 14 but hope you get it. Went to Literary Club today. Arlene gave a paper on New Caledonia. I took my necklace and other shells for display. Also the cat-eyes. I said I was going to take the shells & Mark thought I meant what you had sent him. I soon explained the kind I would take to club. It was warm out today and if I had a buggy would have taken David for an airing. Arlene and I are planning to go see Lucile tomorrow if the weather is still nice. I am going to try and find a buggy if the weather will stay warm enough to get out. The ground hog surely saw his shadow today if that means anything but we will have weather whether he does nor not. I tried to get some sardines but couldn’t find any so can’t send you any more just now. The new regulation doesn’t apply to Navy – Marine or Coast Guard – so will send a box soon as I can get what I want to send. Going to Arlene’s tonight to Jr Woman’s club (guest). I am a little past that age group. It is about time to go –
Love – Mother (Inside)

Card transcription:
With only happy wishes
And faith that they’ll come true
This greeting brings affection,
My Husband Dear, to you;
And, on each day you’re serving
The deepest pride is mine,
Because, for now and always,
You are My Valentine!

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