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Hakone Japan

1964-01-30-gry-2-envelopeLetter transcription:

1964-01-30-gry-2-p-1Jan. 30, 1964

Dear David,

I mailed you a letter from Atami, but received yours when we arrived at Fujiya Hotel. Now please be careful with your habits at the new address. I know you are good friends but a good way to spoil a good friendship is to become too friendly, so be careful not to presume on your reputation. You wouldn’t have cared for the drive we just had – we came thru 10 Province Pass. We came thru rain, snow, fog & maybe a little sleet. We were to see Mt. Fuji en route (weather permitting – it didn’t permit). There are some people traveling around but this isn’t their busy season. On the train we saw a lot of green things but in spring and summer it must be beautiful. We will be here two days, then go to Hong Kong. It isn’t exactly warm here but when we get to Indonesia I know we will be in warm zone again. By this time you should have received several cards and letters because I have been very faithful in my writing to you. I have used most of the labels for others I made before we started. I didn’t intend to write to everyone often. There are a lot of hotels in this area. I can hear a group of people in the hall, so we will have someone besides ourselves here this evening. When we went to Nikko I think there was one other couple besides two single men in hotel. We have discovered that a lot of Japanese people can read and write English but is hard at time to make them understand what we say. Even our guides have difficulty at times. I don’t even try to speak to them in their language because I think I would pronounce – according to the books we have – words so differently than should be, they couldn’t get what I would be trying to say. The little maid in the Miyato Hotel I mentioned in another letter got along with us in conversation very well. I promised to send her a pr. of knit house slippers. She was so pleased she told me to let her know when we checked out so she could take our bags down for us. We were not supposed to tip but Dad gave her one and she seemed very pleased. She was really a nice person. I told Dad I thought I would take her home with me. Dad has just about finished L. Nizer’s My Life in Court. We have a beautiful view from our bedroom window, shrubs, trees, a walk down the side of a mountain, a mist if falling and water is hanging in drops on trees. There is fog but I can see the outline of mt. top.

1964-01-30-gry-2-p-2[page 2]  We should get a good rest here before we move on – although we aren’t tired. I just hope weather permits us to travel to point where Mt. Fuji is visible. When we were in Kyoto it seemed like we walked miles and miles on those tours but after a little soreness in the back of my legs I was ready for more walking. We didn’t have any tours yesterday so went out on our won. I looked for missionaries in Prayer Calendar in Kyoto. A Mr. James Robert Camp was listed – also Doshisha University. We went to the University in a taxi and made inquiries but no one seemed to know anything about him. At least we tried. I know when we get to Malacca we will find someone. There are several listed in Prayer Calendar for Hong Kong, so will see who we can find there. Dr. & Mrs. Mathews also gave us some names of people they thought we should see while there. – Remember my admonition.

Love Mother

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A Nice Visit (Gladys)

September 30, 1945 envelope

September 30, 1945 envelope

Letter transcription:

September 30, 1945, p. 1

September 30, 1945, p. 1

Kentland Ind.
Sept. 30, 1945

Dear Daddy –

It’s past 3 o’clock (peace time) and our company has gone home. Ruth & Earl came at noon. I didn’t know what time they would get here so we didn’t wait dinner for them and we were just about thru but we had a roast & gravy so there was plenty for them. They brought a watermelon and we cut it for dessert. They left for home about half an hour ago. I thought we were to set the clocks back tonight so we didn’t have ours back and got up and went to church at 8:15 – I wanted to go early to get the Sunday School things in order and maybe it was a good thing I did because some of the children came early and someone needed to be there to keep order. I am sleepy – I fought mosquitoes until past midnight and then David got me up early so I didn’t get the benefit of the extra hour. I went to bed two or three times before I got rid of the mosquitoes.

Ruth & Earl had quite a nice visit on their trip home. They got to see a lot of the relatives. Ruth & Floyd were down home for the week-end so got to see them. Mom forgot David’s birthday last week, so she sent a card and book by Ruth.

It is cloudy and cold and raining a little. I am glad we have the coal – which I hope lasts until we get the oil installed. We heard over the radio today that the Standard Plant at Whiting was settling their strike. Just hope it all gets settled. I would hate to get an oil burner & no oil.

Arlene asked me to come to come down last night, since she was alone with the children.

September 30, 1945, p. 2

September 30, 1945, p. 2

[page 2] Her “maid” is still with her. She married Shorty Davis but he lives in a trailer and I imagine she would just as soon work some place as stay in a trailer all day. She hasn’t said anything about leaving Arlene and Arlene is planning to go up to the lodge for a week and leave the children with Francis. John Funk was at the lodge working for Bill and he got sick and Bill had to go up so he wants Arlene to go up there for a week. Arlene was down to see Dr. Cole Fri. and said she invited the Coles to the lodge for a vacation. She said after she extended the invitation she thought about Rosemary who is due to go to the hospital anytime. She didn’t want to withdraw the invitation and she didn’t want to take the Dr. away from Rosemary. Arlene also told me that Bernard’s baby had been in the hospital 10 days under Van Buskirk’s care and that they had brought him home and are going to take him to Cole now – they aren’t satisfied with his condition. He still has a rattle – he almost had pneumonia.

Mrs. Mathews asked me as we were leaving church when you were coming home. She said she was hoping you would get home before winter.

David is full of pep this afternoon. He wants to push chairs around and has his little chair going around in circles. He has a hard time when he has to stay in.

Love Mother

Mon. morn – Yours of Sept. 26 came today but yours of the 27 came Sat. so I don’t feel like I have the latest news. Maybe the next one will be in this evening. I’ll go see when I mail this. Still raining and raining. At least it is warmer and that is something. Clarence Simmons came to see me this morning. He wanted to know if you wanted to get “out” and if so they need a Dr. in Mulberry & they would get the Procurement Board to let you come there.

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Pearl Harbor Day (Gladys)

1943-12-07 (GRY)Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy –

Today being the second anniversary of Pearl Harbor much has been said on the subject over the radio. Today was Literary Club Christmas meeting at Mrs. Mathews. I didn’t go. Went to Music Club yesterday, and plan to go to Laf. tomorrow, so thought I had better stay home this afternoon and do a few things. David is up from a too short nap – walking around looking for something to amuse himself. He was bothering the coffee table but I got him away from there. He knows he should leave it alone but doesn’t always do that. I just cleaned the mirror door and hear him there now, and know it will be smeared again. Just so he doesn’t pound on it with something hard I allow him to play there. John wrote you a v-mail last nite. Mark wrote one several days ago but didn’t mail it – I’ll try to get it in today’s mail. It is nice and sunny out today. Yesterday it was cold and cloudy and I thought winter had started but it’s warmer today. No letters now for over a week but I keep looking. I see Jimmy and Martha chasing a little Pekineese (Poor dog).

Love – Mother

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