Sunday Afternoon (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
Jan 24 – 1943

Dear Daddy –

Sunday afternoon and not much doing. John is improvising at the piano. Mark is upstairs dallying around, David is asleep. Mother is trying to fix the fire and I decided to write. It is more like spring today than the weather we have been having. The snow is gone only in places where the sun doesn’t shine directly on. It is very soft underfoot as you can imagine after all the ice and snow that has been on for so long. I took Jimmy Ed’s buggy back home so can’t take David for a ride until I get another. We got the proofs of his pictures today and they are very good. As soon as we get them finished – and the rest

[page 2] of ours finished will send the folder you want. I had mine taken yesterday too but don’t like the results so will have another sitting. John & Mark had theirs taken today so don’t know yet what results will be.

Yesterday when I took the buggy back it was about 5 P.M. and Lucile was asleep – When she came to the door she looked like she was still needing sleep. She wanted to know how long before David slept through the 2 a.m. bottle – when I told her he was about 3 mo. she didn’t take it so well. She said she is trying to break Jimmy Ed now (3 weeks). She said “you didn’t try to break David, did you.” I said “no I just let him do it on his own.” Jimmy Ed had a better start than David and I felt it meant more to him to have that 2 a.m. than for me to get that sleep – Everybody to their own opinion. However Jimmy Ed

[page 3]didn’t sleep thru. She let him sleep after his 6 P.M. bottle and he didn’t awaken until 11 – for the next and she thought he would go thru until 6 – but at 2:45 had to be fed.

At this writing I am still having some sinus trouble – but by the time you get this will probably be all over it (I hope). This has hung on for several weeks. I had been going to Ade but the trips every other day were too hard on me. I went down to Dr. M. He has a motor that pumps salt water thru the sinus and I have had that done several times but can’t say whether it has helped me or not. I still have a yellow drainage all the time. I don’t stop up but the drainage keeps coming whether I do anything or not. I have been using some Glucofederin and that cleans my head out good but hasn’t so far checked anything. I wrote you a letter telling you about Dr A. opening and washing it out once. I suppose it

[pge 4] will gradually get less & less – as it isn’t as bad as it was.

–I went down to Funks a while this afternoon and took David. They thought David looks older than Donnie – tho Donnie is at least 4 lbs heavier. I think they look about the same as far as expressions are concerned but Donnie can hold on to things better. They were getting ready to go to Carl’s for dinner – and were taking both children along. Rosemary is to have her baby in April. Mary & Bernard’s girl is beginning to stand alone but I think Donnie is about as big as she is. Arlene had seen a picture in the paper showing some tall corn grown in New Caledonia. It was being inspected by an Army man. She cut the picture out to use for her topic – New Caledonia at Literary Club in Feb.

I started to tell you about taking Sulfa – Dr. M. told me to take sulfadiaizine three or four day s and maybe it would help to stop this sinus condition – Well I had taken it for 3 days and I had started to itch – then

[page 5] I was talking to Alma W. and she has been getting sinus treatments from Dr. R. at Goodland and he had given her a prescription for Paredrine Sulfathiazole Suspension – I had some samples and thought I would try it. Well, the diazine had got me started and putting the thiazole drops in my nose was the proverbial straw – I was worse – just stopped me up so I couldn’t breathe – After waiting a while I used Glucofederin and that cleared me up so I could get my breath thru my nose again. Now I know I can’t take sulfa long enough to get results. Now don’t worry about me I am getting along and thought I would just relate the above since I didn’t get a bad case of allergy from the diazine. I probably would have if I had kept on taking it another day.

The boys (J & M) have gone to the Sunday evening meeting and we have The Quiz Kids tuned in – they now broadcast on Sun evening instead of the original Wed. I may get some wise answers in this. However I hardly feel that clever

[page 6]Mon morn Jan 25 – I didn’t get this finished in time for the boys to take to the box last night – Had 3 letters this morning – Well you can do some more showing pictures in the near future – I hope – I hope they get to you before they are a month or two old. Our baby is doing things. I tied the handles of the basket together with a rattle suspended for him to watch and he kicks it. Also he braces his feet against the handles. Had quite a time this morning before bath time. He laughs now and I discovered a ticklish spot while bathing him. I was doing an extra good job under his arms and he laughed and giggled. He laughs for Mark when he talks to him and that makes Mark very proud.

I must go boil bottles & mix formula – so it will be ready for the next feeding – and look in on the young man. He is in his bed in the den and keeps his covers kicked off if not watched. I will be glad when spring comes and he won’t have to be covered all the time – More cold weather today From spring yesterday to 10 above today.

Love Mother

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7 thoughts on “Sunday Afternoon (Gladys)

  1. davidmadison1942

    I’m still ticklish there! I remember when I was growing up that mother always said she was allergic to sulfa.

    I feel bad for Lucille Johnson!

    Love the photos of little moi 🙂

      1. currentdescendent

        That’s a good question, so I just looked it up on my 23andme report. It’s not listed on there. But it still could be. But my son has all my same antibiotic allergies as me, so funny.

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