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Where’s Daddy? (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.

Dear Daddy –

No letters since Wed. If I thought it meant one thing I wouldn’t care but am almost afraid to build upon that idea. I will hope just as I have been all along.

It is windy today but not very cold. However it may get cold. The weather has been unusually warm for this time of the year. Some days the grey overhanging sky seems very bleak and I long for sunny days and to putter around in the yard.

David just awakened from his nap and Mark took him to the bathroom. He doesn’t show much tendency toward helping us train him. If we take him to the bathroom at the right time we save a diaper, otherwise it has to be washed. Mark & I were in the nursery with him and Mark said, “Where’s Daddy?” David was on the couch and got down as quickly as possible and went to the living room I such a hurry we followed to see where he was going.

[page 2] He went to the table and tried to get your picture. I gave it to him and he pointed to it and said “Da.” His picture & yours sit side by side but he seems to know which one to get when we say, “Where’s Daddy?” He understands so many things we say, we have to go around spelling things that concern him. I suppose he will soon catch on to the spelling.

John is listening to the opera and doesn’t want to be bothered. Mark and I are keeping David in the nursery, because you can’t concentrate on much when he is bothering around. Mark is entertaining him while I write. Now it isn’t as bad as it sounds, but he is a live wire.

Mark was so afraid he had been exposed to Rabies he was ill. Fri. morning he said he didn’t feel like going to school so I let him remain home. I tried to tell him he couldn’t get rabies from just touching Sammon’s dog, but he was too scared to

[page 3] be convinced. Buddy & Betty are having to take shots because their dog died from Rabies. Fortunately Mark hadn’t been around Krull’s dog recently. Tommy Britton seems to [be] very glib in telling stories. He was telling that Buddy had rabies. Dorothy was so angry with Tommy she said he was a little so and so and she would like to slap his face, etc., etc., etc.

– My nurse maid ran out on me and D. is up on the couch climbing around me and how long I can write before I stop and put him down is a question.

I saw Nick’s car pull in down at his Mother’s. I suppose he was bringing her back from her mother’s funeral which was held this morning in Rensselaer. Mrs. Ramp was visiting here with Mrs. K. when she died Thurs.

Dorothy Cobb Stevens’ husband is in the Navy and at present is in Base Hosp. #5. She doesn’t know where he is except in the S.W. Pacific. He had an operation recently for hernia.

The sun is shining faintly so think I’ll put D. out in his buddy and let M. watch him. Mark is out skating with Virginia.

[page 4] We baked a cake and cookies this A.M. – John mixed the cake before he went to take his music lesson. It is chocolate. That isn’t good for John’s pimples – he still has a few but we go lightly on the choc. most of the time. The Gym Class took some new exercises this week and John was sore for a day or two. They took a hike around Kent Pond. I told him it was a good thing for the class to do something like that, otherwise he wouldn’t and I think he needs more exercise than he takes.

Zells are still working on the upstairs. They are going to put a dormer in the front where that little decoration on the roof is. They will have quite a nice room when they get it finished. Mr. Z. had to take a physical but doesn’t know whether he will have to go because Purdue says the Co. Agents are to be deferred for occupation. However it is known that he has taken the exam and the stories are circulating. One story Dorothy told Lucile for positive was he had enlisted in the Navy. Lucile said she didn’t think he had but D. said it was so. Well the truth is he hasn’t enlisted and didn’t have any intention of doing so. When

[page 5] he talked about enlisting he was told he should remain on his job as it is considered very essential. He isn’t taking all the “gossip” very well. He says he wishes he had gone to Brookville and gone with that group and no one here would have known anything about it. He is registered at Brookville.

I haven’t seen Art Kenny. He has been home several days. His mother is very ill and he probably is spending most of his time with her, because he is on his way “out.” He says he will be in the South Pacific.

I haven’t heard from Jim but once since Christmas. I wrote him not long ago and told him to let me know if he is sent out. In that event Thelma would return home and I am sure would let me know.

I must get this finished so it can be mailed.
“Love Mother”

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That’ll Be The Day (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

Lieut. R.S. Yegerlehner
USN Base Hosp. #4
Navy 133
F.P.O. San Francisco Calif.
Feb. 2, 1944

Dear Mother,

Before mail time again today but I’m not expecting much since your two letters came yesterday. However there are several missing between the last two bunches.

I went to the P.O. just before starting this letter to get Mark’s M.O. and found that it didn’t open for about an hour so will have to make another trip later. I’ll try and finish this and then write his letter before going back.

Again bringing up the subject of what Tommy Britton told his mother. I’ve always wondered just how or what I’d do by

[page 2] way of informing you that I have arrived. I suppose it won’t be hard to figure that out once I’ve gotten on the USA soil again. It probably will be strange because things have changed but we should be able to get used to those changes if we were able to get used to the foreign situations.

Transportation across the country probably will be hard to get and that is going to seem like a long trip – but why am I writing all this? Well anyway it doesn’t matter if one wants to daydream now and then or should I say think ahead. As we say in New Zealand – That’s be the day.

As I wrote you often and long ago the term of duty out here

[page 3] is still a very favorite topic of conversation and everyone is vitally interested, however, much one might like this country.

That is a question on is often asked here – How do you like our country? If one meets a native before long that question is going to be asked, and of course they like an answered which is good. The average New Zealander thinks Americans are supermen. I mean those that haven’t learned. One could make lots of money selling buying Americans for what they are worth and selling them for their actual value. The “Bloody” Yanks do spend lots of money here and that gives the people a false idea, and incidentally don’t ever use the word Bloody in nice company because it’s considered definitely

[page 4] ungood.

You will note that I’m writing on this paper just a little funny but I don’t like to unfold it. I guess you can find the key to read it I’ll at least number the pages and that will help.

I’m sipping a coke while I write. Today is coke day so I bought a case. The price was up to 4 shillings but that isn’t too much to pay for a case. Cigarettes are down in price 6/2 2/6 and that makes them cost around 5 to 7 cents per pack.

When one rides on a tram here he has to tell them how far he is going because the fare is different for different distances. Seems logical doesn’t it? Tickets to service men are reduced – I don’t know how much.

I hope John reads lots about the country because I don’t know much about it and I’ll be able to learn something when I get back.

Well, I’ll write Mark now and get the M.O. later.
Love Daddy


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Sleeping Partner (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

Lieut. R.S. Yegerlehner USNR
Navy 133
F.P.O. San Francisco Calif.
Feb. 1, 1944

Dear Mother,

It’s really mail time but nothing as yet has shown up but it could be late. My last letter being Jan. 12 makes this a pretty long mail famine again.

We were looking at the ads in the paper today and their wording is different than ours and we get a real kick out of some of them. One I remember in particular was a business in which a partner was wanted. And instead of saying a silent partner they called it a sleeping partner. There were others which weren’t so funny but we were in a funny stage and laughed more than much about most of them.

The mail just came and your v-mail of 1-18 and 1-20 arrived. The one on the 20th told of Tommy B. saying I had called from San Francisco – He surely can stretch stories

[page 2] for that one reached for miles. Hope it isn’t for such a long time.

I didn’t get to send Mark’s money order today because I find they don’t sell money orders every day so I’ll get one the first day they sell them and it should still arrive in time.

It seems as if D. is still very much an active boy and giving his mother plenty of running to do. Maybe I don’t get the ruder side of life but I’ve never heard of him getting a real old fashioned spanking – Yes you have mentioned about slapping his hands. Maybe he is good enough that he doesn’t need any more severe punishment.

Some hours later – It seems I was detained by supper and a stage show which I wouldn’t class as too good but it was pretty good entertainment. I think I’ve told you all about those Tue. Evening shows before and they are about all alike. They make have a habit of singing old songs. A favorite I believe is “For Me & My Gal.” That one has been used every week since I’ve been here. Well time to turn in –

Love Daddy


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Mystery Temperature (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland, Ind.

Dear Daddy –

Yours of Jan. 6, 7, 8, & 11 came today. In fact I just finished reading them and thought I would answer while things are fresh in my mind. About that tax $6.60 – that was the first quarter last year gross – I quit paying after that. I talked to Agnes a few days ago and she told me not to file even Federal, so will just let it ride. Our present bank bal. is around $70.oo but all bills are paid. The first of Feb. the income will take care of ins. due (J., M. & D.) and current bills and we should have a good bal. Maybe enough for a bond. David got enough Christmas money to get a new bond. I think J. or M. will get it at school to give their school credit during the present Bond drive.

David flared up with a temp. yesterday but now it is gone. He has had a hang-on cough from the flue he had following our visit to Mutchlers and he coughs more now. He had a temp. all night.

[page 2] I put him in bed with me because I figured he would be restless. He had 101 2/5 rectally about 7 A.M. but now 9:45 he is normal. I have him established on the studio couch with a cover over him and toys around him which he keeps throwing on the floor. He doesn’t feel too bad because he laughs & plays. I put his house slippers on him. He pulled them and his sox off, but his feet & legs are covered with the spread. He ate a pretty good breakfast and had two B.M.’s on the toidey. I called the Dr. and talked to him about D. He told me to give him the same pills I gave him when he had the flu. I was going to ask him to come out but he seems so much better I don’t think it is necessary. However, I will watch his temp. closely and if it starts to rise will talk to the Dr. I can’t understand this. D. seemed perfectly well, I had been taking him out of doors, every day, then yesterday he shoots up a temp. and today it’s gone. I am glad it is but would like to know the cause.

Tell Bud Mulligan his aunt came to see me yesterday. She is staying at Zeva Simmons. Zeva works for Mrs. Knowlton.

[page 3] You remember her, don’t you? Jimmy’s mother. I don’t know where Jimmy is now, but Zeva had been to see his wife and daughter not long ago.

I heard that Link quite the stone quarry and is working at the factory. Irene is in the hospital yet – as I understand is taking a rest cure. I wonder when her mother will get to take a vacation – but guess that is none of my business.

It is warmer out today and the sun is shining. I have washing to do and should hang it out but when the trains over by 24 go past they throw out such a smoke screen the clothes have tattle tale grey when they are dry, so the basement is the safest place after all.

The Newton Co. E. is running pictures of service men and they have Art Kenny’s in this week – He is wearing the sailor uniform he had when he entered the service – you know he is now in the Marines – well to say the least the picture isn’t flattering – I wanted to laugh when I first saw it.

I told you in a v-mail about Tommy Britton’s mother calling me. She said Tommy told them you had called from

[page 4] San F. and was on your way home. I told her he was mistaken. He said Mark had told him. I know Mark doesn’t tell things like that. He was so mad when I told him what Tommy had said. He vowed very strongly he hadn’t told Tommy anything like that. Virginia admitted that Tommy told such tall tales they didn’t know when to believe him. I told her I only wished it were true.

J. & M. got their report cards so they should write you and give you their own reports – I gave them in previous letters but think they should write too.

There was a bulletin from the A.M.A. on socialized medicine. John read it over and is going to take it to school. I don’t know that I ever talked to him on the subject, but he was very strong in his opinion about such a thing. He thinks like the A.M.A. – it shouldn’t be.

I have put D. in his bed with toys to amuse him while I go start the washing and he is throwing things on the floor, and enjoying it.

“Love Mother”

P.S. Saw Irene after writing this so her rest cure must be over.

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Mixed Weather (Gladys)

1944-01-20 (GRY)Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – No mail today but yours of Jan. 10 came yesterday. We are having a little mixed weather, a little snow, a little sunshine and a little cloudy. It stays cold enough to keep the pond frozen. Mark skated last night. He got his report card yesterday – He had, Reading B, English B, Spelling A, Arithmetic D+, Social Studies B+, Health B+, Writing A-, Music A, Art B – I talked to him about that Arith. Grade. He came home at noon saying he made A on Arith. this morning. Tommy Britton’s mother called me and said Tommy told them you had called from San Francisco and were on your way home. I told her he had the wrong person in mind. She then said he told such big ones they didn’t know when to believe him. I don’t know who heard that story, but several people have asked me if you were back in the States. I suppose that is how some rumors get started. John brought home a volume of National Geographic from the library with pages of pictures, etc., about N.Z., so we should know all the books have on it. David is taking his daily nap. As near as I can get his weight it is about 24 lbs. He has a good appetite but runs off any excess fat. He is about the busiest little boy when he is awake and running around. Never seems to run out of pep.

Love – Mother

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Bad teeth and new shoes (Gladys)

1943-03-28Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – Sun. evening and Mark is doing his week-end homework – He won’t do much. He is too tired and can’t make much progress. It is sunny today with a little sharp wind. Took the baby out for an airing. Mark went over to Buddy’s to play so I walked over when it was time for him to come home. Nick said you might run into Eddie Dieter. He has his A.P.O. but I don’t remember it – it is four figures. Mrs. Washburn said they think Dr. Bill is in North Africa. Tommy Britton told Mark his Daddy has been discharged from the Army and is to do some kind of special work but I haven’t the details. Haven’t talked to Virginia lately. She was afraid for Davie to have measles because he has asthma so badly, so they gave He & Tommy Immune Globulin. Tommy was exposed at school but didn’t have them. Jack Byrnes children have scarlet fever. That is so strange. He said they hadn’t had them anyplace. Mrs. James & Jimmy came home today. She hated to leave Mary. She isn’t very well. I don’t know when her baby is due. Dorothy K. has two impacted wisdom teeth she has to have taken out. She is going to Laf. tomorrow to Dr. Donahue for a treatment. She will have to go to the hospital for the extraction later. I am planning to go along. Need a new pr of shoes – so do J. & M. & D. Our first shoe ticket is good till June 1. The point values on canned goods are being changed, also the ration has been taken off dried fruits – people weren’t buying and much fruit was spoiling. John has decided to practice on the piano and I am going to bed.

Love Mother

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High temp (Gladys)

1943-03-09 #1Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy – Had two letter from you today and one from Dr. P., but I had received one from you yesterday. He said he would send the box when he received word from you to send it. It is windy today and not so cold. Mark is still running a temp. but hasn’t broken out yet but probably will today or tomorrow (measles in case you missed previous letters). John is staying at Krulls & I am going to ask Dr. M. about giving David Immune Globuline. Mark feels pretty good and is being very good patient. He is so afraid he will hurt is eyes he is satisfied to have the room darkened. After I put D. to bed (after his 6 P.M. feeding) last evening I stayed with Mark a while. His temp got up to 103 in the afternoon and he was pretty quiet but his temp is down this a.m. and he keeps talking to me. He listens to his radio some but not all the time. Virginia Britton kept Tommy out of school, but I think he was exposed before she kept him home because there was a child broke out in the room and he evidently had temp several day previous to that, and Tommy was in school until the day this child broke out. Your notice for dues to the A.M.A. came yesterday but I think you said not to pay it. Also an announcement of Lake Co. Medical meeting to be held in Hammond. Mr. Monroe came this morning and oiled the furnace. He keeps the dates and comes every 60 days and looks things over. He hasn’t charged me anything yet but maybe he will when he get thru in the spring. He has worked on the drains twice. I asked him about the septic tanks & he said they wouldn’t need cleaning – or shouldn’t for several years. I’ll leave the news & gossip for the men around town to write. Don’t worry about the measles – I am sure Mark will get along OK the way he feels now. You know he stands diseases pretty good. I am going to keep him in as long as necessary.

Love – Mother

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More about babies and meat rationing (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
Dec 4 – 1942

Dear Daddy –

Yours posted Nov. 26 rec’d this morning – along with the Christmas greeting & picture card. I think your artist and poet are to be congratulated. Mark said, “Isn’t it beautiful?’ He was very indignant with Tommy Britton because Tommy told Mark his father is in New Caledonia. Mark said, “Tommy no longer than your father has been in the Army he couldn’t be in N.C. yet.” I saw in the paper that Eddie is stationed at Camp Grant in Illinois, so I told Mark and that calmed him down some. Personally, the positions could be reversed and I wouldn’t mind but they aren’t so we must make the best of things as they are. We are still “snowbound” and it has been on long enough it is losing some of its beauty due to the smoke & soot settling over it. It is bright and not quite so cold but still not warm enough to take the baby out and my throat is a little scratchy so must keep myself in too. I have been gargling and think I can hold it down.

I haven’t been anyplace except to see Dr. C. and did a little shopping on one trip down since. I went to that Club luncheon Sept. 22 so am planning to go to a Tea at Nellie’s next Monday. It is the Christmas meeting of the Music Club. I was on the Christmas meeting committee in the Literary Dept. and forgot all about the meeting until it was over but didn’t feel bad

[page 2] about that because I talked to the chairman sometime ago and told her not to count on me. In the first place they shouldn’t have put me on the program till later in the club year.

I saw Arlene yesterday and she had just mail[ed] a V-mail to you. You never mentioned getting their other letter with the pictures, so I suppose it was in the Oct 27 to Nov 11 gap. While I was there Louise took Donnie up. He is 3 mo old and can almost sit alone – weighs 15 lbs. David can do a lot of things we think good for a 2 mo old baby but he isn’t developing as rapidly as Donald but Donald is an unusually large baby for his age. John was watching David this morning and said he hear him coo. He smiles at us when we talk to him. Right now he is not in a very good humor but I think he will soon go to sleep – – he did.

Since you have started to receiving the Enterprize they should get to you regularly and you can get every detail that I can’t put in the letters I write. I imagine you read it pretty thoroughly.

I got a quarter of beef from Parttens – they didn’t want to sell any more and half a hog to be put in as soon as it is ready – to be butchered next Tues. Zells are taking the other half and I am going to let them use the locker while it lasts. However they won’t have much to put in because they are going to take

[page 3] their sausage home and Mrs. Z is going to can it and they will take their cured meat. Nick had been using the locker but hasn’t had anything in for a long time and I think he has his own now. I don’t know how they will manage rationing locker meat. Maybe we are on our honor to do our own rationing. I bought a chicken and on Sunday we had it baked – Monday sliced cold – Tues – chipped with noodles – and had an extra for Tues dinner – Clara Moulter helped me that day so I think we did well enough with that. I cut a sirloin steak in half at noon and we each had a piece – tho John & I could have eaten more – we get along. Meat rationing won’t bother Mark.

David’s bottle is warm and it is 10 P.M. – and I must get to bed – or I will be so sleepy in the morning I won’t want to get up. This 2 A.M. business gets to be a habit – but it makes me awfully sleepy when I should get up.

Sat morn – No letters this morning but hardly expected any today since I got one yesterday and that brought them up to date. John has gone to take his piano lesson. David had had his bath & 10 A.M. bottle and Mark is waiting to go to town so must sign off and get lunch started. I am enclosing the end off a blotter in case you haven’t a better calendar. Geo. Fulton is going to send one.

Love Mother

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