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More about babies and meat rationing (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind
Dec 4 – 1942

Dear Daddy –

Yours posted Nov. 26 rec’d this morning – along with the Christmas greeting & picture card. I think your artist and poet are to be congratulated. Mark said, “Isn’t it beautiful?’ He was very indignant with Tommy Britton because Tommy told Mark his father is in New Caledonia. Mark said, “Tommy no longer than your father has been in the Army he couldn’t be in N.C. yet.” I saw in the paper that Eddie is stationed at Camp Grant in Illinois, so I told Mark and that calmed him down some. Personally, the positions could be reversed and I wouldn’t mind but they aren’t so we must make the best of things as they are. We are still “snowbound” and it has been on long enough it is losing some of its beauty due to the smoke & soot settling over it. It is bright and not quite so cold but still not warm enough to take the baby out and my throat is a little scratchy so must keep myself in too. I have been gargling and think I can hold it down.

I haven’t been anyplace except to see Dr. C. and did a little shopping on one trip down since. I went to that Club luncheon Sept. 22 so am planning to go to a Tea at Nellie’s next Monday. It is the Christmas meeting of the Music Club. I was on the Christmas meeting committee in the Literary Dept. and forgot all about the meeting until it was over but didn’t feel bad

[page 2] about that because I talked to the chairman sometime ago and told her not to count on me. In the first place they shouldn’t have put me on the program till later in the club year.

I saw Arlene yesterday and she had just mail[ed] a V-mail to you. You never mentioned getting their other letter with the pictures, so I suppose it was in the Oct 27 to Nov 11 gap. While I was there Louise took Donnie up. He is 3 mo old and can almost sit alone – weighs 15 lbs. David can do a lot of things we think good for a 2 mo old baby but he isn’t developing as rapidly as Donald but Donald is an unusually large baby for his age. John was watching David this morning and said he hear him coo. He smiles at us when we talk to him. Right now he is not in a very good humor but I think he will soon go to sleep – – he did.

Since you have started to receiving the Enterprize they should get to you regularly and you can get every detail that I can’t put in the letters I write. I imagine you read it pretty thoroughly.

I got a quarter of beef from Parttens – they didn’t want to sell any more and half a hog to be put in as soon as it is ready – to be butchered next Tues. Zells are taking the other half and I am going to let them use the locker while it lasts. However they won’t have much to put in because they are going to take

[page 3] their sausage home and Mrs. Z is going to can it and they will take their cured meat. Nick had been using the locker but hasn’t had anything in for a long time and I think he has his own now. I don’t know how they will manage rationing locker meat. Maybe we are on our honor to do our own rationing. I bought a chicken and on Sunday we had it baked – Monday sliced cold – Tues – chipped with noodles – and had an extra for Tues dinner – Clara Moulter helped me that day so I think we did well enough with that. I cut a sirloin steak in half at noon and we each had a piece – tho John & I could have eaten more – we get along. Meat rationing won’t bother Mark.

David’s bottle is warm and it is 10 P.M. – and I must get to bed – or I will be so sleepy in the morning I won’t want to get up. This 2 A.M. business gets to be a habit – but it makes me awfully sleepy when I should get up.

Sat morn – No letters this morning but hardly expected any today since I got one yesterday and that brought them up to date. John has gone to take his piano lesson. David had had his bath & 10 A.M. bottle and Mark is waiting to go to town so must sign off and get lunch started. I am enclosing the end off a blotter in case you haven’t a better calendar. Geo. Fulton is going to send one.

Love Mother

©2013 copyright owned and written by Deborah Sweeney

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