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Mystery Temperature (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland, Ind.

Dear Daddy –

Yours of Jan. 6, 7, 8, & 11 came today. In fact I just finished reading them and thought I would answer while things are fresh in my mind. About that tax $6.60 – that was the first quarter last year gross – I quit paying after that. I talked to Agnes a few days ago and she told me not to file even Federal, so will just let it ride. Our present bank bal. is around $70.oo but all bills are paid. The first of Feb. the income will take care of ins. due (J., M. & D.) and current bills and we should have a good bal. Maybe enough for a bond. David got enough Christmas money to get a new bond. I think J. or M. will get it at school to give their school credit during the present Bond drive.

David flared up with a temp. yesterday but now it is gone. He has had a hang-on cough from the flue he had following our visit to Mutchlers and he coughs more now. He had a temp. all night.

[page 2] I put him in bed with me because I figured he would be restless. He had 101 2/5 rectally about 7 A.M. but now 9:45 he is normal. I have him established on the studio couch with a cover over him and toys around him which he keeps throwing on the floor. He doesn’t feel too bad because he laughs & plays. I put his house slippers on him. He pulled them and his sox off, but his feet & legs are covered with the spread. He ate a pretty good breakfast and had two B.M.’s on the toidey. I called the Dr. and talked to him about D. He told me to give him the same pills I gave him when he had the flu. I was going to ask him to come out but he seems so much better I don’t think it is necessary. However, I will watch his temp. closely and if it starts to rise will talk to the Dr. I can’t understand this. D. seemed perfectly well, I had been taking him out of doors, every day, then yesterday he shoots up a temp. and today it’s gone. I am glad it is but would like to know the cause.

Tell Bud Mulligan his aunt came to see me yesterday. She is staying at Zeva Simmons. Zeva works for Mrs. Knowlton.

[page 3] You remember her, don’t you? Jimmy’s mother. I don’t know where Jimmy is now, but Zeva had been to see his wife and daughter not long ago.

I heard that Link quite the stone quarry and is working at the factory. Irene is in the hospital yet – as I understand is taking a rest cure. I wonder when her mother will get to take a vacation – but guess that is none of my business.

It is warmer out today and the sun is shining. I have washing to do and should hang it out but when the trains over by 24 go past they throw out such a smoke screen the clothes have tattle tale grey when they are dry, so the basement is the safest place after all.

The Newton Co. E. is running pictures of service men and they have Art Kenny’s in this week – He is wearing the sailor uniform he had when he entered the service – you know he is now in the Marines – well to say the least the picture isn’t flattering – I wanted to laugh when I first saw it.

I told you in a v-mail about Tommy Britton’s mother calling me. She said Tommy told them you had called from

[page 4] San F. and was on your way home. I told her he was mistaken. He said Mark had told him. I know Mark doesn’t tell things like that. He was so mad when I told him what Tommy had said. He vowed very strongly he hadn’t told Tommy anything like that. Virginia admitted that Tommy told such tall tales they didn’t know when to believe him. I told her I only wished it were true.

J. & M. got their report cards so they should write you and give you their own reports – I gave them in previous letters but think they should write too.

There was a bulletin from the A.M.A. on socialized medicine. John read it over and is going to take it to school. I don’t know that I ever talked to him on the subject, but he was very strong in his opinion about such a thing. He thinks like the A.M.A. – it shouldn’t be.

I have put D. in his bed with toys to amuse him while I go start the washing and he is throwing things on the floor, and enjoying it.

“Love Mother”

P.S. Saw Irene after writing this so her rest cure must be over.

©2015 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
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Wedding Details (Gladys)

Letter transcription:

Kentland Ind.
Jan. 6 – 1944

Dear Daddy –

Three letters today, including the wedding details, which were from your descriptions, simple. However, it doesn’t require an elaborate ceremony to make a lasting marriage. Does it? It is a bright sunny day. Makes a person wonder how it can be heavy and overcast one day and in a few hours so clear and bright. It was so grey and overcast yesterday it was somewhat depressing. I think I’ll take David out for a breath of fresh air after he gets up from his map. It was below freezing early this a.m. but the sun has been shining so bright all day I think the temp. will be up enough to take him out. He is over his cold, but still has a hang-on cough. Dr. M. said if he didn’t get over it he would give him a whooping cough shot. I remember you used to use that treatment for coughs that resisted treatment. However, I am holding out hoping the cough will leave. About the only time it bothers him is after he sleeps a while. The

[page 2] rascal woke me at 4 a.m. – I had to take him up, change him & get him a drink. He was wide awake and wanted to play but you know his mother well enough to know I wanted shut-eye. I put him in bed with me but soon discovered that was not the way for me to go back to sleep, so put him back in his bed and we both went back to sleep.

John had to give a report on dehydration in Ag. today and worked on it all evening. When he has something to do he goes right after it and if I may say so with pardonable pride, does a pretty good job. Having watched his father at work on M.S., M.D., etc., I can’t help but see more than a little similarity.

The account of your meeting Bud (Geo.) Mulligan is in the paper this week. I mentioned a conversation with his aunt in my letter yesterday. In looking thru the paper I see that Jack Sullivan is one of the latest fathers to be inducted. Eddie Steinbaugh was married to an Army nurse at Chanute Field, Monday this week. Jack Dye’s picture is in the paper this week. He lost a leg in action and has been discharged.

Washburn’s celebrated their golden wedding this week and Albert Thompson’s celebrate their 60th.

David is awake now and ready for some fresh air. He is playing the piano now. Maybe he will be a musician.

Mark slipped and fell down stairs last nite.

[page 3] No damage done. John said it is a good thing Mark can fall relaxed. I told them if John had fallen like that he would have broken bones until he would have to be in a cast from head to toe. Never a dull moment.

Love Mother

©2015 copyright owned and transcribed by Deborah Sweeney
Post originally found: https://genealogylady.net/2015/09/22/wedding-details-gladys/